Il Volo Professional ~~ Pictures and What’s Coming Up

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Marie and Jeannette have kept us up to date on the latest with The Guys (thanks ladies!), and here are a few pictures and videos to enjoy.  There is also a brief synopsis of what is coming up from All About Il Volo.  Also, they have several fun, informal video interviews; head over to check them out!

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Wind Music Awards, 2015


Il Volo Perform At Wind Music Awards ~~


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 Il Volo ~ Standing Ovation and Two Awards on the WMA 2015 ~~ All About Il Volo


Fundraising with Soccer





Il Volo ~~ Great Performance On the Partita del cuore ~~ All About Il Volo



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Il Volo News and Links for June 6, 2015 ~~ All About Il Volo




9 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Pictures and What’s Coming Up”

  1. In the middle of this video, Gianluca says that Il Volo will be back in the U.S. in the autumn to tape a new PBS video! Yeah!

    1. Let me reply to myself to be clearer. Gianluca said they are taping their PBS special soon (maybe one of their summer concerts?) but they will be back to the U.S. in the autumn. I wish it was to tape a new show, but it isn’t exactly clear.

  2. Thank you for all the great pictures reviewing their events … We have had really great weeks enjoying all that they do and share with us through pictures, interviews and performances… The Charity Soccer game was truly a highlight of the week… All three did so well and the game was enjoyable to watch… Then just like in a Hollywood movie, Gianluca made that last goal in the final minutes of the game and Il Volo came to life right in front of us to share their love and joy for the game and each other with the world.

    It was also wonderful to watch our guys get a standing ovation in their beloved Italy… The audience singing along with them and loving them as we do in Il Volo Land… Then for them to get the second prestigious award Ambassadors of Italian music to the world… That was really the best honor of the night for them… They are so happy to be accepted in Italia and we so happy that it finally happened for them…

    1. It was certainly magical! And then he dedicated the goal to his grandfather…how can you not love these boys?

  3. just as a matter of interest, in answer to the picture showing Ignazio taking an exam, Martina from “All About Il Volo” answered: I quote: Gianluca has His own high school diploma (at Liceo Classico, which is a secondary school focusing on humanities). He did the final exam last year along with the people of his same age. Ignazio, ad probably even Piero are still studying privately and so they have to do exams every June to pass the school year. Ignazio has just done the last exam before the final one, so He will soon be able to get the High School Diploma.( in Italian is called Maturita which means maturity.) Gianluca was in time with the exams because in Italy students finish High School at 19. Ignazio and Piero are a little bit late due to their careers, but they will finish soon. They want to get the Diploma and one day attend University . Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are really great young men”. here is my comment: I hope if they have to give up Il Volo to go to University, it is after I am dead, I can’t live without them 🙂

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