Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Tour 2015; Trieste

Il Volo Facebook
Il Volo Facebook



Trieste is next on the list for Il Volo, a performance on the beautiful sea…..

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~~ Kelly



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Grande Amore, Ancora, No puede sur, Smile

By Il Volo Abruzzo via Elise D’Ospina





by Marco Palumbo



Concerto Trieste, July 11, 2015 ~~ Il Volovers Italy Official



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5 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Tour 2015; Trieste”

  1. Dear Kelly another of your wonderful posts I can’t get over how great the guys sound concert after concert this year and the crowds that are showing up what a great year for them I am so happy for all their success at home. Again thank you for the great posts.

  2. Kelly, thank you for this wonderful edition of their ongoing tour! The sunset over the water is beautiful in that one photo and I love the one of them looking backwards off the stage with the full crowd behind them. What a life these 3 live! And basically, their careers have just begun. Oh, where these three will go in their life time… and we are so fortunate to be riding along, watching them fly!!

  3. Thank you Kelly for this post ! 🙂 So grateful for it . 🙂 I think the Italian critics often say Grandmas are their only fans, but when younger people are exposed to beautiful music they feel the emotion and it touches their souls. Il Volo bring beautiful music to all generations ! Il Volo, are the greatest and will have fans of all ages, that are true music lovers ! 😉 Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca are the best idols for all fans, especially young, that fan could ever want to! The love they show to their fans, the care, attention…that’s why they are so special and make us proud of being an Il Volovers! We are as one big family. 😀 Just have to see and hear Il Volo once and you realize how beautiful their voices are and how talented they are in so many respects. The more you find out about them, you also realize what lovely, caring young men they are. So kind and generous to their fans and sharing much of their lives with them. I am happy for them, that they have success at home and Italians appreciate them, because home is home. 🙂 Each concert is a great experience, bravo boys,you’re getting better ! 🙂

  4. Thank you ladies — and everyone who comments on my posts. I always see your comments–even when it seems like I’m not here. 🙂

    I agree with you all. I was just telling Marie that I’m probably not going to survive the next concert I attend with any of my makeup intact. lol

  5. Kelly I always look forward to your posts which gives us a condensed Il Volo news and movements update. I also appreciate the hard work it takes as their movements seem to increase with every new concert!
    Kelly, did you look/listen to the song ‘Eternally’ from the PBS video? It is so beautiful and our Gianluca sings so sweet and gentle, yes all three sing this song so beautifully and at the end they look at the audience as if to say ‘Did you like the way we sing this wonderful song? Every time I play that video I end up crying, it is sooo beautiful. In case you have not heard it, Youtube, “Il Volo Eternally”
    Thanks again for keeping us updated all the time.

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