Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Tour 2015; Monte Carlo

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How are y’all doing traveling through Italy with the guys?  After a pretty good rest, they are off, to the Sporting Summer Festival in Monte Carlo, Monaco.  Sooo gorgeous!


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~~ Kelly




By Il Volo Abruzzo



Monte Carlo Photo Album ~~ All Things Il Volo







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Beautiful Day





O Sole Mio



Il Volo Polska Facebook Photo Album ~~ All Things Il Volo



Un Amore Cosi Grande



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Il Volovers Italy Official
Il Volovers Italy Official


Looks like a storm is brewing…  :S

5 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Tour 2015; Monte Carlo”

  1. Thank you Kelly! Our Boys are so worldly (Ignacio’s word) now and changing so fast into handsome young men, especially Piero. He goes without his glasses often and looks different and great. Been to Monaco three times and always wanted to board a yacht there but left my money at the casino! So, so beautiful.

  2. Kelly, thank you for the wonderful wrap up of their Monaco concert. What a BEAUTIFUL venue. The roses strewn all over the stage looks so neat, too.

  3. Roses, scattered on the stage, looked at the effect very nicely,but to me it seemed like an unnecessary waste….I love roses, for me, they belong to the garden, to the park, to nature in general, or in a vase on the table at home. I regretted these roses on stage.I would like to know what organizator to do with them after the concert? They ended up in the trash? My heart grieves..I do not like this kind of snobbery and waste with things.. But it was a beautiful concert ! 🙂 And guys were proper gentlemen toward fans. 🙂 Another great success for the boys,to be at this festival. 🙂 And tonight they will be in Saint Moritz, Switzerland, there is Jazz Festival,but I do not know if they are there privately or will also sing? Who knows.. 😀

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