Il Volo Profesional ~~ Live Tour 2015; Torre del Lago

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Hey Everyone!

The Guys are in the midst of their next concert — probably about finished with the the time difference — but here’s a quick look back at Torre del Lago, home of Puccini  (perfect for Piero, no?)

Torre del Lago Wikipedia

Also, a quick peek at an amazing moment for our LiJoy.  You all have probably already seen it, but I’m still excited for her!


Il Volo Facebook
Il Volo Facebook



IL Volo-E Lucevan le Stelle

Ele Crosses



Concerto Torre del Lago Augusto 12-13 2015 ~~ Il Vololovers Italy Official


My Way

Pamela Boldrini


Il Mondo

Pamela Boldrini



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Pamela Boldrini


Grand Finale

Ele Crosses


But this trumps everything else in my mind (she already said that I could use these)…

It is my understanding that he had to climb under and over and down things to get to her, but he was determined to give her a hug and make her feel special once he saw her in the audience.  Lucky woman and such a sweet, sweet man!



18 thoughts on “Il Volo Profesional ~~ Live Tour 2015; Torre del Lago”

  1. Hi friends,
    Some of our newer crew don’t even know me because it’s been months now that I’ve had to focus on family’s health conditions. I haven’t even gotten to look at flight crew blogs for far too long, including this one that I long to read and view.

    But tonight… Tonight, the night before my 85-year-old dad goes into very major surgery (please pray!), we had a party. No food. (Dad is on clear liquids today.) It was an even better kind of party! We arranged for the assisted living place where my Mom and Dad now live to turn on PBS at 6pm and watch IL VOLO: Live from Pompeii. A good contingent of the residents joined us in their easy chairs and wheel chairs. They watched with joyous attention. And some even joined me in clapping after each number. A few were my new best friends to share in this music and loving joy. 😉

    A year ago, my family joined me at IL VOLO live in concert in the town where I grew up. My parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, and I played L’amore e’…amare l’amore for them. It was sweet to see their love and to hear Mom say, They’re such respectful gentlemen!

    Two years before that, Mom healed from a lifelong health condition, in part because of the uplifting spirit and glorious harmonies of IL VOLO played daily in their home (IL VOLO’s very first album!).

    I have no idea how Dad’s surgery is going to go. 15 years ago my husband had major surgery and died after 67 days in ICU. I wish I’d had IL VOLO joy to carry me then, but Spirit was there with loving grace.

    IL VOLO is woven into the fabric of our lives. Dear Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio, tonight I prayed that your music would make my Dad’s cells dance and sing so heartily that he is filled with vitality. Whatever happens in his surgery tomorrow, you gave a room full of elderly folks and one very young 60-year-old grace and joy and hope. Not to mention a darn good time! Dad and all of us will have good dreams, mine including dancing to Piove and Volare!

    Thank you! Grazie from my Anema e core!

    In prayers for loving possibilities,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    P.S. I was begging for you to record Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te. Halleluia!! Thank you!

    1. Jeanine,very touching post, I wish your father everything the best , let the operation will be successful ! I am very sensitive to these things,my grandmother six years battled with serious illness,which destroyed her entire body and grandfather had an aggressive form of Alzheimer’s…all grandparents are in heaven…. I wish your whole family a lot of strength and God’s blessing ! Believe in good result,and try to keep an optimistic mindset, although it can be difficult…

    2. Jeanine, please know that I’m sending prayers to your beloved Dad and to you and your other loved ones! Hang in there…I know it’s not easy. Please keep us updated. Much love to you! <3

    3. My prayers are with your Dad, Mom and you. May the good Lord send his healing blessings upon you.

      1. Thank you so much, Myron! Dad came through the surgery physically very well. Now to recover from the effects of the anesthesia.

        So appreciate your kind prayers!

  2. Jeanine I am still prayers for your Dad & I fervently hope that with I Volo’s music mixed with everyones prayers that he will come through with flying colours.

    Lisa you are so lucky. My personal opinion there is other man on the face of the earth who has a heart of gold like Ignazio has. After Festival Park when I was in Toronto in the first row he came off the stage & gave me a wonderful hug & asked if I flew home & stood & listened while I told him I drove home & then he played with the cushion I had put on the floor before he went back on stage and I am wishing every day I am 20 years old.

  3. I just want to thank all of you at ‘Il Volo Flight Crew’ for all your postings that you work so hard to share with all Il Volo fans. Thank you so much!

      1. I found it and it’s terrific! Really shows their joie de vivre and love for each other!

  4. I found another nice video ,Il Volo – history of friendship and brotherhood with the soundtrack by the Elvis. Made by Martina from All About Il Volo.

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