Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Tour 2015; Taormina

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Hey Everyone!

I don’t know about you, but when I hear, “Taormina,” I always think of Il Volo.  Just as I would when I hear, “Sicily,” or “Abruzzo.”  It is just as indelibly linked to them, in my opinion.

According to their friend, Claudia, she described Taormina as a place that you feel immediately at home, even though you’ve never set foot.  Since Our Guys always seems to enjoy themselves there, I can’t doubt it!

 Taormina Travel Guide ~~; Gina

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Taormina Concert #1  ~~ All Things Il Volo

Taormina Concert #2 ~~ All Things Il Volo



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6 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Tour 2015; Taormina”

  1. Taormina is special because they allowed the boys to have their first fantastic concert In Sicily in 2014. My most favorite of their concerts. If you check back you see such pride and joy in their faces. As usual I do have to talk about Ignazio. He was superb singing “Quando L’amore Diventa Poesia”. I wish he could have kept it as his solo.
    Thanks Kelly for your endless work keeping us posted of Il Volo events.
    In a few hours it will be my first experience in trying to buy a ticket to their Dallas concert in 2016.

    1. Gina, you are so right about Taormina being special. I chose Taormina to be my first IL VOLO concert last year and I have had no regrets. I fell in love with Taormina and hope to retire their in the future. So excited for the 2016 tour. I myself will be att

      1. My computer decided I was done so it posted my comment before I had a chance to finish it. I started to say that I would be attending the concert in Mesa for sure and then I can’t decide where else to go.

  2. Myron could you please tell me the code or password that Stefan needs for the group discount for the hotel & is everyone meeting in a special room at 4.30 on March 25th & will the Il Volo boys be there at that time as well. I know we have months yet & you have lots to do but was just trying to understand what you posted

  3. I do not like pirates on today’s social media and Youtube canals, for this reason : they do not appreciate the work of artists .and especially not respect them. I am shocked that someone has posted Il Volo, completely, all songs from the new album on the web (YouTube), including the new single, which will be officially presented tomorrow ! Unfortunately many people today are bad and unprincipled. I support the boys 100%, I feel very sorry for them ! 🙁 Who really follows them, knows how many times Piero, a few months ago, placed photos at night from the studio, as well as Gianluca; we know, how many times the boys were in Bologna, full days, to record. For that it is not correct to them that their work is devalued in this way. I ignore today’s work of pirates and will wait for the official publication ! I could imagine that for boys it will be pleasure to publish it ( new song) themselves tomorrow, wanting to see our reactions, if we will like it or not, trying to have a direct feedback of their work…If fans do not understand all this… it is very sad and they lack the fairness, honesty and affection, then they aren’t true and honest fans ! But such is today’s times, people lack good education and respect. I felt the need to write this comment.

  4. Lydka I agree with you completely, I have not seen what these disreputable people have done by going ahead of Il Volo’s work to broadcast their music.
    Unfortunately we can’t stop so called fans from defaming others work. I have always felt that the Flight Crew fans are the solid true fans who appreciate & support the guys so unfortunately we have to put up with cheaters. I am glad you have joined out group & I hope that Il Volo will get to your part of the world not too far in the future.

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