Il Volo Professional ~~ Bits and Pieces of This and That…

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo


While we wait to see how things go at the Etihad Event tomorrow, I thought it would be a great time to catch up with the news that I wasn’t able to get out before.  It’s just a little bit of this and that…

~~ Kelly



Janis Rahner Blank posted in Piero Barone’s Romantica (Romantica di Piero Barone).

(from Facebook)

Janis Rahner Blank
November 5 at 5:19am

After Fedi Stylist provided Gianluca and Piero with new fashion sweaters, they posted pictures wearing them and said Piero: “Fall mode in Milan”…Gianluca: ” In the streets of Milan. Thanks Fedi Stylist.” And then the highlight of the day began as our guys answered our questions live from the Sorrisi studios. For the second time, I was lucky to have my question read and answered. And one more time, thenks to Rosa Parrone Raimondi for translating the guys’ answer for me. During the Q&A session the guys gave us some new info about their upcoming activities. Here are a few highlights: On Nov 27 they will be releasing L’Amore Si Muove Platinum Edition. It will include L’Amore Si Muove CD and Pompeii DVD. On Nov. 19th, they will make a guest appearance at the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel. They will sing “Creo en Mi” with Natalia Jimenez. It will air on Univision in the US at 8PM EST and PST and 7PM Central. They will return to Mexico and Brazil in December. “Per Te Ci Saro” will be their next single. There are no pland at the moment to release their book in English. They will come to the US in December for a promo tour and appearances on TV shows. They will return home for Christmas on December 24th. On November 14 they will go to Madris to tape a guest appearance on a TV show. Then they will go home and soon after go to Amsterdam and Germany. After Germany, home one day and then to Abu Dhabi for a week for the F1 race. Then to NY to continue promotion. Oh, and they added today in Rome to the signing schedule.
Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, you are not going to have a moment to breath but this is your life and we know that you love it. We’re excited for all this news and look forward to every busy day. And, as always, we end our message from all our hearts…WE LOVE YOU!!



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  1. Do we know when they will be in Rome? I thought I heard (from some source) they would be in Rome the Saturday after Christmas. I ask because I will be in Rome the Saturday after Christmas. 😉

  2. Our boys are going to be so busy and travel so much and in today’s sad events make me fear for their safety.

    I said a Christmas Prayer for you
    Because the season’s near.
    I didn’t ask for riches
    But for gifts so much more dear.
    I asked for joyful gatherings
    With your family all round,
    And for carols to inspire you
    With their old familiar sound.
    I asked for quiet moments
    In your heart on Christmas morn,
    For a special time to celebrate
    The Savior who was born.
    I asked for friends to send their best
    That you might know they care;
    I asked for peace and love and hope,
    And I know God heard my prayer.
    ~ Author Unknown
    ~ WITH MUCH LOVE ~ heart emoticon

    1. Gina, thanks for the beautiful prayer. <3 Christmas is a time for celebration, but many people have lost the true sense of what Christmas is about, and their focus is often only on shopping… It is time to bring back the true meaning of Christmas in our houses and to the world. It's not about material things and gifts… Let’s bring true love, compassion, true values into our hearts, souls and home. I am sending you all lots of love and light. <3

  3. Here in the San Bernardino area we are hunkering down. Christmas gatherings will be scary. The guy’s music will keep us focused on the good things. Joanie G

  4. Thank you, Kelly!
    Thank you , Gina! For the Prayer!

    And here is an old Irish Blessing!

    May the road rise up to meet you
    May the wind be always at your back
    May the sun shine warm upon your face
    And rains fall soft upon your fields
    And until we meet again, may
    God hold you in the hollow of His hand

    In Bocca Al Lupo! Good Luck!
    (In the mouth of the wolf!)

    After a little research it seems the expression goes all the way back to the beginning of Rome. Romulus and Remus were found, nurtured and raised by a wolf. She picked each of them up in her mouth and moved them to a cave on top of a hill to hide them from danger! And that hill was the beginningof Rome! Hence being in the “mouth of the wolf ” is a safe place to be!
    (credits to Wikipedia and various Italian websites)

    1. Lynn, thanks for the nice Irish Blessings and an explanation of “in bocca al lupo” . 🙂 We are talking “zlom väz ” ( break the ligament). I read, that in Italy, if anyone tells you ” in bocca lupo” and you want this incantation will works, you must react immediately and answer “che crepare” (that die).

  5. I read the post above and when I read that they were coming to Las Vegas for the Latin grammy show, I thought – hmm – do they realize that the boys and Barbara are going to meet with our officers when they are done with the show ? Well, we sure know the answer to that question.

  6. I just saw the promo for the salute to Frank Sinatra
    on Sunday night (8-9.30 Hawaii time, on CBS).
    It mention’s a few star’s names, and then it say’s
    “And More”So maybe the guys will be on the show,
    let’s hope.

    I want to thank Myron for mentioning the possibility
    of getting Meet and Greet tickets from the PBS station in Vegas. I called them right away , and got an E-mail from them last month, telling me they had a ticket for me. So Thank You Myron.

      1. Thanks, Marie!! And everybody! I’m working on a tablet and I have to convert to the desktop site and cut and paste is not working for me until I figure out what I’m doing wrong!! Can anybody help? Help??!! Thanks for your patience!

  7. I was lucky to have my question answered also. I had asked why they didn’t promote their new albums or book when they were in the US in October. Of course they did have other events such as the Columbus Day Weekend and the Columbus Day Parade in N.Y on Monday (where I was lucky enough to see them). They also went on to Washington DC for the 40th Anniversary of the NIAF. They answered by saying they were coming back in December and would be on some TV shows and doing some promotions.
    Thank you Gina for the beautiful Christmas Prayer.

  8. Gina, thank you for that beautiful prayer. So very apt due to the disturbing world events that are happening.We certainly pray that the Guys are kept safe and sound with so much traveling.

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