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  1. I just am amazed at the great job all of you ladies do, Kelly, Marie and everyone who makes this possible. Thank you. My gosh, this is a beautiful video. <3

  2. I totally agree I saw it on Mundial what a super video I am so enthralled. I hope these girls know how lucky they are.

  3. What is the location of this video? I would swear it is somewhere In the USA. Even though I have no clue as to the English translation, I love this song. The music and the voices are everything, more so than the lyrics. If I understood Italian, I am sure I would love it even more!

    1. Mary Strickler! Go to Il Volo PT ENG Vimeo, scroll down until you find “Per te ci saro” It has the subtitles to the song! It is at the Verona concert, the first time they sang this song in public! Enjoy!

    2. Hi! I can at least give you a rough translation of some of the lyrics if you want! (I’m learning Italian (because of Il Volo!) but have such a long way to go still LOL!) I’m here/Look at me/You and me/I feel like no other path (or way) exists that’s not yours and mine/It’s an unending breath through us. (Then chorus) If you want, I’ll be there/If you’re in danger I’ll protect you through the bad you live through./I’ll be there for you. (then second verse) I’m here/ Living every day until the end/There’s never another way that’s not yours and mine/The emotion between us has no end.(Chorus again) (Then after the chorus) ‘To defend your mistakes/ Not to allow the world to change you? (not completely sure about that line)/No, I’ll fight for you/No, I’ll be there for you./I’m here, I’ll be there. (Then the slightly different worded last chorus) ‘If you want I’ll be there/ You’ll see it will be beautiful/I’ll protect you through the bad you live through/ I’ll be there for you./ (Then the final tag) ‘I’m here/ Living.’ Hope this helps! Ahh, Il Volo, the most fabulous voices (and guys) in the world! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks for the video. I’m surprised that Piero and/or Gianluca didn’t mention it would be released. I remember seeing the pictures of the area they filmed the video and it was lovely and it looked even more beautiful in the video. I wonder if any of them have ever really gone camping?

  5. Lovely video. Here are the English translation of Per Te Ci Saro
    I’ll be there for you

    I’m here
    Look at me
    Me with you, I feel that
    There’s no other way that isn’t ours
    It’s a breath with no ending

    I’ll be there if you want
    If you’ll be in danger
    I’ll protect you
    From the evil you’ll witness
    I’ll be there for you

    I’m here
    Live me
    Every day
    Until the end

    There’s never another way
    That is not ours
    The emotion between us
    Has no end

    I’ll be there if you want
    If you’ll be in danger
    I’ll protect you
    From the evil you’ll witness
    I’ll be there for you

    To defend your mistakes
    Don’t let the world change you
    No, I’ll fight for you
    No, I’ll be there for you

    I’m here, I’ll be there

    I’ll be there if you want
    You’ll see it will be beautiful
    I’ll protect you
    From the evil you’ll witness
    I’ll be there for you
    I’m here
    Live me
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  6. Even though they didn’t ask me to be in their video, I have a vivid enough imagination that I can see myself in it. That hat would look good on me as I help row the boat with Piero!
    Seriously, it was a fun and gorgeous video. Their videos just keep getting better!

    1. I tell you what? How about we’re BOTH in that boat with beautiful Piero, you on one side and me on the other! heeheehee if only… ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Here is the song with English subtitles:

    [facebook url="https://www.facebook.com/IlVoloEnglishTranslations/videos/521108871391971/" /]

    Thank You Il Volo English Translations.

  8. Tent,camp fire,quetness at Lago di Tenno,night under the stars,laterns luck + boys…Here s everything that I love.
    Perfect music,very beautiful video ! ! !

  9. What a beautiful video, that lake is gorgeous.
    I love this song, my new favorite. I am going to tell my daughter in law to watch it. Maybe she’ll come around. L’amore Si Muove almost got her.

  10. The video I just posted was taken from the Verona concert on the 21st of September 2015 – and was broadcast on Rai TV in Italy.

    I just viewed it again. I have to tell you that for me Gianluca never looked so good nor ever performed with more strength and grace. Their were no little childlike poses or shyness in this performance. In my opinion Mr. Ginoble has finally come into his own!

    1. Yes I agree with you Marie he has become more relaxed & confident & his crooning is the best in the world

      1. Yes, I agree with you both Marie and Loretta… Gianluca now has confidence in his ability to deliver a song with grace and pure beauty of his voice, not to mention his head to toe beauty and class…

    2. I agree with you, also, Marie. Gianluca just sings his heart out at this concert. No posturing or poses. He looks so fierce at times, that you just know he really WILL fight to protect you! All 3 guys show that strength, grace, & confidence at this performance.
      I love the official video for this song, too. The scenery is so gorgeous. I want to be there. In south Louisiana, we have autumn for about 5 minutes in October or November. So we never have the trees brightly colored like the ones near this lake. I would watch it over & over, just for the scenery: for both the natural beauty of the mountains, trees & lake, as well for the beauty of the 3 young men in it. I agree with Lynn Keough that there are too many girls in it. The video would have been good enough with the guys declaring they would be there for each other! But I could also see myself with Piero in the boat almost doing the Titanic thing there.

      I have a question, though. Were all 6 of them going to sleep in that one tent? Might be crowded! I would give my last nickel to be in there with them. Then I could slowly scare those other 3 girls out & have IL VOLO all to myself! Well, I can still dream, can’t I?

      1. To the other Lynn! Heh! Heh! A girl after my own heart!!
        Shoo those girls on out of there!! I’m taking the tent to make an outfit for Vegas to sneak as many as possible into the M&G!!

  11. Il Volo first captured us with their youth and their mature voices, then we watched them grow up into handsome young men with even more beautiful voices if that is possible… They were known around the world but their biggest dream was to win the hearts of Italia… They sang in Sanremo and the critics booed them the audience cheered them with standing ovations, Italia embraced them, they won the hearts of Italy…Each of their new songs is better than the last, each new video outdoes the last since the win of Sanremo. The now have succeeded in winning the hearts of Italy and now these young men have hearts as big as all outdoors, and it is no coincidence that the video is shot in the great outdoors of the country that they love… They are International Super Stars and we can say, we knew them when…

  12. After seeing this newest video and hearing the song I posted to Piero’s facebook page the following I love being spoiled by you every video you’ve done every song you sing is pure joy congratulations on another great job. I feel so lucky to have found these three amazing beautiful men. What joy they have brought to my life.

  13. This morning , when I saw the new video clip of boys,it tuned me into the good mood. ๐Ÿ™‚ Very beautiful scenery, wonderful countryside and lake. I think, it would be very good place for a nice autumn walk or for nice holidays in every season , Lago di Tenno has its own poetry and magic atmosphere. Guys have done a great promotion for this part of Italy and maybe next year many fans will visit this lovely place. ๐Ÿ™‚ Video has a relaxing atmosphere, romantic , very touching lyrics, very powerful music, very splendid exceptional voices. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Well, if they weren’t having fun, they did a master piece of acting! Beautiful in every way! Love this song! Love the singers! โ™กโ™กโ™ก

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