Il Volo Professional ~~ Mexico Round Two; The Christmas Concert

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
HAll the professional dealings of Il Volo

Hey Everyone!

On December 20, Il Volo had a Christmas Concert in Campeche, Mexico. They were amazing, as usual.  Let’s continue our own Christmas Holidays with a look back…


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The Crowd Challenged the Rain in Mexico ~~ All About Il Volo





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9 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Mexico Round Two; The Christmas Concert”

  1. I know this goes contrary to majority thought but I am always a little negative about out door concerts especially when rain and cold are involved. when they come to USA I believe almost all concerts are indoors. As the old voice teacher in me keeps thinking, They sing better and with more care in a concert hall and they are able to take better care of those wonderful God-given instruments. Some of us remember the rough times of the 2013 tour of Latin America tour when Ignazio lost his voice, Piero had very rough throat problems and Gianluca was also in rough shape. all because of outdoor concerts with rain and because there were too many concerts in too short a time. They ended up having to cancel one of those and re-schedule another. This coming season will see them doing nearly 100 concerts through out the year. It should be ok if it is handled correctly.

    I always worry about those guys and their voices. That being said, these are very intelligent young men who are well -trained singers and they are usually very careful (fingers crossed Ignazio). I am looking forward to the 2016 season.

  2. Myron, I remember you commenting on this several times in the past and what a concern it is for singers and the environments they sing in. They really won’t be in the mid west too long, but at least we know they can’t sing out doors in the dead of winter here! I hope their management team has set them up in wonderful venues that only enhance their talent and not put a strain on them.

  3. Hopefully their management has thought that about the Latin Coutries & hopefully the weather is warmer in the Latin Countries. That is also what worries me because I saw in 2013 Ignazio turning away from the audience to cough. These guys are older now to be able to speak up for themselves if they wanted to do things differently & I also I presume Mr. Torpedine wold listen top them. I got the feeling that is why he is travelling with them now because of they way they were treated in 2013 with too many concerts & not enough rest time.

    1. I totally agree with Myron,Marie,Jane and Loretta.The most important is the health of boys – not money,money,money.Rest is important and health is the greatest treasure!
      Kelly thank you for interesting videos and have a succesful year
      2 0 1 6 ! ! !

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