Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Palasport Tour 2016: Rome




Il Volocomio Twitter
Il Volocomio Twitter







Enjoy!  ~~  Kelly


New Album cover_zpsbkmri62c



Per te ci saro

Beautiful That Way



Tour 2016 Roma Jan 16 Photo Album ~~ Rock me Il Volo Facebook







Concerto 1/16/2016 a Roma Photo Album ~~ Il Volover Italy Official Facebook (please return to site often for updates to this album)








Tour nei Palasport 2016 – Roma Photo Album ~~ Il Volo – Fan Club Italy Facebook



Il Mondo

Il Mondo from ilvolosicilia


You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me from Chiquitín bombin 

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New Album cover_zpsbkmri62c


IL VOLO – Palasport Tour 2016 ~~ V.I.Photo Facebook



Grande Amore

Interacting with the Crowd



Foto Concerto Il Volo – Palalottamattica 1/16/2016 ~~ Roberto Panucci Photographer

(please respect his watermark)


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13 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Palasport Tour 2016: Rome”

    1. Thank you Lydka for the video. I don’t understand if some one is going to take a picture sideways it takes the same effort to hold it up straight. Too bad it spoils your effort.

  1. Thank you Kelly for the videos of the concerts which we wouldn’t see if not for you.
    When your working it must be hard to do both jobs so thank you for the effort & time you lovinly put into give to this Il Volo fan cub. I think it is the best on the internet. The pictures are always tops

  2. Thank you Kelly and Lydka for the videos of the concerts. I enjoy them very much. But I wonder if any others feel as I do. When I go to an Il Volo concert, I want to hear the glorious voices of Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio, not take part in a sing-along. Sure, singing along with the guys would be fun, but please, not the whole concert. Am I way off base for feeling this way?

    1. I fully agree with you, singing of fans is often unpleasant (and false),but it seems to me that the boys enjoyed it and they like it. I read in interview that they are happy when fans are singing songs with them,it’s supposedly a great honor for any artist and they highly appreciate this.

    2. I also agree Allene! I don’t come to a concert to hear the person next to me singing. And if that happens, I hope I will have the guts to tell them so!

  3. I’m with you Penina & Alene I don’t want to hear anyone sing but the guys especially that a LOT of people can’t hold a tune so I know I would tell them I [paid to hear Il Volo not you please DON’T SING ANYMORE. That’s why Il Volo wants the younger generation at their concerts becaue us older folks don’t sing along & if they are singing in Itaian a lot of us don’t speak Italian.
    Now even if I learned Italian I wouldn’t sing because I found out I can’t sing especially since I am older WHAT A SHOCK HA HA HA

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