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Marie mentioned at the Fan Faire that we are set to hit a very important milestone this summer, but this one snuck up on us.   1000 posts is huge, and we want to celebrate!





It’s simple.  Comment below about how you found the Flight Crew, and you will be entered into a drawing for a prize.  Comment by April 15 , and then join us on Periscope on  April 16 for the live drawing (time of drawing to be set)!

We love you guys, and thank you so much for coming along for the ride!

~~ Kelly and Marie   <3


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  1. Hello all;
    Well here goes my story of how I found the Flight Crew website- It all starts back when I first heard and saw Il Volo on PBS about 5 yrs ago, and it was late at night and I was sleeping, but my husband was watching PBS and came and woke me up. I was stunned by the fabulous music coming from the 3 boys. After listening for awhile I told my husband to keep track of them as I was in the midst of school and other family issues. It was about 2 years later I finally got back on track with them. At that point I was looking for anything on the internet that carried information about Il Volo. My friend said maybe look for a fan club. So I found only the Flight Crew fan club that had an enormous amount of current information, so that help me keep track of their work. It is here that I read that great story by the Granny Groupies who went to Italy and met Il Volo and their family. What an incredible experience indeed. A big hug and thank you goes out to the Flight Crew members who maintain this website. Keep the posting’s coming! I am an addicted Il Volo fan, and driving my husband nuts, but now that we’ve been at the Fan Faire in Vegas, he too is addicted.

    1. Linda and Mike: It was so nice to meet you both in Las Vegas and happy to be Facebook friends with you. I’m impressed that Mike is such a big fan of Il Volo (you know we women outnumber the men by millions!). The Fan Faire was a great event honoring the boys of Il Volo and I know they were impressed, as Jeannett and Myron have written.

      I agree with you about this fan page/blog… it doesn’t get any better than this. So much good information, so many contributions/stories, so much laughter, so many tears, but oh, so many friends!

      Hope to see you at another concert in the very near future!


  2. Labor Day Weekend, September 4, 2011. Like so many others that day, I was “flipping channels” on the TV trying to find anything of interest. I happened upon my local MDA Telethon. As it happened, when I clicked on that station, I saw three little boys standing on the stage, clutching mikes and looking half-terrified. “My oh my” I thought to myself, “what have we here?” So I paused and waited while the announcer did his thing, and then the boys began to sing! I was simply astonished! These three little boys were singing with the voices of men! And they were good! Oh, they were good! Wow! They were good! So listen I did, and the rest, as they say, is history!

    1. P.S. History is being on their official website, and then “rolling over” with Marie, Kelly and all the rest to this new and far better site for being in “Il Volo love”.

  3. Hi All
    I used to go to the old Il VOlo site and read the comments there made by Marie, et. al. and was very frustrated trying to post my own comments. When the suggestion was made that we make our own blogsite, I got myself on the email list and was kept up to date from the very beginning. I don’t always comment, but I do read EVERYTHING every day! Kudos to those who took on the task of setting up the blog and doing the hard work every day with posts, technical details etc.

  4. I love The Flight Crew. I was following the young men a couple of years ago and I searched anything about them online. I would see their videos over and over. I found this wonderful webpage with all these fantastic messages from everyone interested in our lovely Il Volo men. I have been reading it ever since. Commenting here and there. Enjoying the love that all of us have for Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero. I saw all of 2015 SanRemo online and the Eurovision online, just following Il Volo. I will continue to watch what is in store for these lovely Italian men. One thing is for sure I want to see them again. Thank you

  5. Love you ladies and your leadership in making the rest of us to try and look and search and post once in a while. Congratulations.

  6. I was “googling” for more Il Volo updates and I was so lucky to find you guys! Marie, you are so funny!

  7. Truth be told, I don’t remember how I found the Crew, but it was one of the nicest things that has happened to me in a while!! I feel as though I’ve known youall forever! The only member I’ve actually met is Liz, and she is great!! Thanks for all the sharings!! We are so scattered and have this wonderful passion in common! I try to not let it roll my life, but……♡♡♡

  8. My husband and I had flown to Orlando in September 2013 to attend our second Il Volo concert. We were parked in the garage, waiting for the gates to open and Lele parked beside us. I asked her if she had ever been to one of their concerts and she said she had been to Miami the night before! She mentioned the Flight Crew’s website, and that night, I logged onto it, and I have been hooked ever since! I was thrilled to meet several of the crew at the Fan Faire in Vegas! Looking forward to meeting more of you someday!!

  9. After seeing the guys on PBS I decided to do some “stalking” to find out all I could about them. I didn’t want to put myself “out there” because at my age I didn’t want to be the only older woman who was just totally blown away by them. Not just their voices but their personalities. It was great to see there are so many other “mature” people that love them. Thank you so much for all the time and effort that goes in to keeping all the info up to date.

  10. Oh Lucky Day !!! My very first concert was Sept 18,2012 at the Kravis Center in FL. I was doing fairly well afterwards but after my second concert Sept 22,2013 in Orlando I was having extreme PCSD (Post Concert Stress Disorder !!) and had absolutely no place to vent my passion for our three precious boys !!! My kids didn’t want to listen nor my friends or anyone else for that matter !!! They were all ready to commit me and throw away the key !!! 😜 Then one day,lo and behold,I saw a little blurb on FB about the Flight Crew and clicked on it !!!! Well…..from that moment on I had a beautiful place to go to vent my feelings to my hearts delight !!! Everyone here on the Flight Crew felt the love for our boys the same way I did and so from that moment, and to this day, this is where I feel the most comfortable expressing my deepest feelings for them !!! The camaraderie between Ilvolovers is the likes of which I have never seen in my life !! I feel very fortunate to have met so many of you this year face to face !! It was an instant bonding experience !!! We all felt like we had known each other for years !! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Marie, Kelly and everyone else involved for putting so much time and effort into making us all one big, loving family here on the Flight Crew !!! I am so lucky and thankful that I found all of you !!💕💕

  11. I found the Flight Crew site the summer of 2014 when I saw Marie’s post about meeting Piero in the gym. After read that post I decided to join the Flight Crew. and it has been heaven for me ever since. Congratulations on 1000 posts.

  12. I first fell in love with Il Volo when I came back from Italy in 2009 and heard about them in 2010. Of course being an Ilvolover for so long and seeing them so many times in concerts, PBS meeting in Detroit, CD signing in Chicago, Meet & Greets, some tweets between Gianluca and myself – I’m a diehard fan. It got to the point my family and friends were telling me to quit talking so much about them…well that never stopped. I sell surgical equipment, and one day I was in a surgery case consulting with my equipment and the doc said “put on my Il Volo”, My head almost exploded!! So the rest of the surgery case all we talked about was IL Volo and my time with the guys. I wonder if the patient now loves Il Volo Subliminally!! I follow just about everybody I can on social media who has anything to do with Il Volo – twitter, facebook, Instagram, periscope, so that is how I found the Flight Crew. I love the posts, videos, pictures, so keep them coming, it is my favorite activity after a long day to come home and check out everything posted, just calm my world down and totally enjoy Il Volo music and watching our boys! Thank you so much, KEEP CALM AND POST ON!!

  13. I first heard il lVolo on PBS station from San Francisco, then checked out when they would be in Bay Area – and that was at the Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord,California. Got tickets through PBS station for August 2, 1913. WOW! They weren’t nearly as known then and place was not filled.

  14. I learned about Flight Crew at the Fan Faire in Las Vegas only last month. I have been an Il Volo fan since 2011 when I saw their PBS special from Detroit. Love following their lives on Flight Crew.

  15. I first heard \il Volo when my son called me & said “you have to hear these guys put your TV on” & when I did I first saw 3 yung boys stomp down the walkweay & start singing & the heavy set young boy who resembled my grandson right down to the hair style & I fell in love immediatly with him & with his constant smile while singing. Their voice blew me away I said to my son WHO ARE T

  16. CONTINUED WHO ARE THEY. Shortly after I heard they were coming to Toronto to I think the Roy Thompson Hall & I got tickets & after the performance the promoter came on stage & said they were going to be at the Massey Hall in a few days & I got tickets there also & meet & greet. Meet & greets were smaller then so I gave Ignazio a hug & told the boys how wonderful their voices were. I then looked for a site for Il Volo & found the old site which was lots of fun. I usually conversed with Linda & then Marie joined & she decided that Ignazio was her favourite so we were sparring for Ignazio which was loads of fun with Marie & Linda & I Marie & I are still sparring. Then the old site had to be closed so Kelly & Michelle put this site together & now Kelly & Marie are running this site & doing a whopping fantastic job with loads of information on Il Volo as to what they are doing or where they are & keeping track for us & updating constantly. So now I hope this can be attached to what I have written above because my computer has a mind of its own

  17. I first listened to music Il Volo and then after sad times I wanted to find something nice, positive on net which helps me to relax and be little bit happy. I knew Il Volo official sites , but I decided to find some website dedicated to Il Volo for fans, which is not tied to social networks, and I found this beautiful place full of love for three special singers, the best on the world. 🙂 It is my pleasant habit and relax every day to look at this page. In the world there are many negative sad news and incidents, so it is nice to have an oasis of peace, sharing nice feelings, thoughts with someone who understands your love for stunning bel canto music interpreted by fantastic young singing “angels ” from Italy. 🙂 Thank you for this site and for that, I can be your guest from Europe 🙂 Wishing all the best and good luck to the future ! 🙂

  18. What a MILESTONE !!!! BRAVO ! BRAVO ! BRAVO !
    We are all very proud of you guys. This is a very classy site. A lot of work to keep this going as you do. Thank you so much.

  19. how I got here: A few of us were already doing a blog on the original Il Volo music site and things did get heated somewhat as we would complain about how management was handling the boys. After about two years of having that as well as our complaints that the site was always behind the times, they closed it down (good ! ) That is when Marie and Kelly launched Flight Crew. I flowed right along with the crowd that found this new venue exciting.

  20. The first time I saw Il Volo was when they did their first PBS concert. I fell in love with them, and their music instantly. I did’nt have a computer then and was asking my friend’s to find out whatever they could about our three amazing guy’s. Well they were getting a little tired of me hounding them on a daily basis, so a year ago I purchased an iPhone.
    I was trying to get concert ticket’s for Vegas, and ticketmaster wanted a “code” and i had no idea what they were talking about, so a friend suggested I try and get that from a fan club. I came upon the flight
    crew site, got the code, and have been a fan of all you guy’s ever since. Yes, Marie is very funny, but don’t be standing close to her when she almost knock’s down the backdrop of the M&G in Vegas!lol

    1. I didn’t get to meet any of the Flightcrew in Ft Myers but I look forward to it one day. It was my first Il Volo concert and it was too short. I could have sat there all night. I appreciate all the articles written by everyone. You keep me up to date of what is going on with the Guys. I loved all the articles about all the concerts. (Maybe someone should make a book of all the articles & pictures for the Guys). Thanks for everything. I really do appreciate it.
      Alice in Florida

  21. I received their first CD for Christmas in 2011 from a friend. I said to her “Who are these guys?” She responded, “Just listen.” I was astounded at their voices and their talent. I was hooked from that day on. In January of 2012, I googled “IL VOLO” and came across the Flight Crew website. I do not comment much anymore, but I read daily. Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep this site going. I really give thanks to Marie (whom I have sparred for Ignazios’s dimples!), Kelly and Lydka!! Congratulations for 1000 posts!!! By the way, I also do not have Periscope. So I assume the winner will be notified in some way! Thanks again and I enjoy all your posts and replies.

    1. I don’t have periscope either.
      Everyone is commenting on how long they have been an Il Volo fan, which is great.
      Here’s my story:
      I saw their first promotional video, singing O Sole Mio. Most of it was in Italian. Michael Torpedine commented, and a few other Italian musical bigwigs whose names I have forgotten also commented on their voices. One of them said he did not think they were real and that they were lip syncing until he heard them in person. From that moment I was hooked. This was before they went to LA in 2010. I started watched the TLUC videos and I scoured the net looking for anything I could find about them. That’s when I started reading the comments on the old Il Volo site enjoying the MINE! MINE! MINE! arguments between Loretta and Marie.
      I can’t believe how quickly time has passed and how our guys with the ears, curls and dimples have grown. Grown in physical stature, grown in mental maturity, grown in love. From young teenagers with arresting voices to knock ’em dead gorgeous young men with awesome vocal powers! What a trip it has been!

    2. Thanks, dearest friend ! <3 Have a beautiful day ! 🙂 I send many greetings and a big hug ! O:)

  22. Okay, here goes: I used to belong to a blog-site called LiveJournal which was pretty wonderful when I belonged to a wild group of Lord of the Rings fans. However, when the last movie came out everything on Livejournal began to die off. Around this time I got a burning interest in IL VOLO but apparently no one on Livejournal shared my interest. Eventually I wandered away and voyaged into the land of Facebook, I began to wonder if maybe , just maybe there was a group of like minded fans who appreciated IL VOLO. I wasn’t sure, I was certain that even iif I did discover such a group everyone would be so much younger than me. After all who wants some 60ish pirate disguised as a 60ish old lady?
    BUT LO! It came to pass that I stumbled across a group of interesting people who called themselves The Flight Crew. I remember thinking: “Flight Crew”! Wow they must be legit! and so I tentatively wandered over into Flight Crew land. I was so in hope that I could some how lurk about and maybe get invited to play. First time I posted was the first time using this Blogspace and I remember after listing my email “piratesorka…” it then asked my name so I wrote “Connie” but much to my chagrin it still popped up as PirateSorka when it posted. I thought, “Oh noooo they are going to think that I am some werido now!”
    But then I discovered it was okay that you called me Pirate and that it was okay to be me. Just as I am, a werido 60ish church lady who is terribly in love with Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero but mostly in love AND lust with Piero. On top of everything I now have new friends all over the country and other places too that belong to the same group, Flight Crew, and share my love for IL VOLO
    Thank you, all of you.

  23. I first heard and saw Il Volo on their PBS special Il Volo Takes Flight, Live from Detroit and was totally awestruck by these three young boys, their beautiful voices, amazing stage presence and all while speaking and sometimes singing in another language. I started telling my friends how wonderful they were and after looking on the internet and watching videos of some of their TV appearances, I was completely smitten. I bought their Il Volo CD and then eagerly watched their two PBS specials from Miami (one being the Christmas one). I attended my first Il Volo concert in Sept. 2013 and then one in June 2014 in New Jersey. I spent more time on the internet and found the Flight Crew for which I am very grateful. At first looking only occasionally, but the more I read the more I liked the Flight Crew and its members, and the lovely and sincere postings from people who felt the way I do about these three remarkable young men. I attended my third concert in February in Easton and am grateful that I had the opportunity to again see them live.
    Congratulations on 1000 Postings and for all the work that you do keeping us informed, sharing experiences sometimes happy and sometimes sad, and especially our mutual love for Piero, ignazio and Gianluca.

  24. Channel surfing…stunned and totally smitten when seeing them on the Detroit PBS special when they were 14, 15 and 16….searched on line for ANYTHING Il Volo…came across their initial music web site…very lame and frustrating to use…ELATED that several special ladies chose to branch out and create their OWN site…the Flight Crew was born!! This site has brought me more joy and happiness than I ever could have imagined and some of the best friends I will ever have! Congratulations Marie and Kelly!!! 1ooo posts…WOW!

  25. I don’t remember how I got here! I guess I was hitchhiking and someone dropped me off on the corner! I’m still a lurker , but I’m here! Thanks for all of the smiles!

  26. Hi! I, like many others, first found the boys on PBS. I was so impressed, but knew nothing about them. I started a search and soaked up as much information as I could find about IL Volo. It simply wasn’t enough, so I stumbled onto your website in my quest to learn more about the boys. I was impressed by all of you immediately. Best of all, you were “more mature persons” like myself. I no longer felt like a stalker of young men. I so enjoy your comments, you are my secret pleasure (my family simply can’t understand my intense interest in IL Volo’s music or the “boys” either). I would love to meet you all sometime. I live in Ohio and it dawned on me….I think Marie lives here as well! I would love to meet those of you who live near by (I’d love meeting all of you, for that matter!). The Granny Group who went to Italy last year was great fun to follow. Your adventures were wonderful and they allowed me to visit Italy (a place on my bucket list) vicariously….thank you. And lastly, Myron…your vocal music input, as a professional, is greatly appreciated! Thanks to all of you and your dedication to such gifted young men.

  27. 1000 posts awesome!!! I found our beautiful guys with the first PBS Special!!! Didn’t have my IPad till Spring 2013! Still don’t know what I am doing with it all the time! Went to the Gibson 8/28/13 & these charming Italian boys healed the hole in my heart left by my wonderful husband’s death in 2003. I found a few postings from Flight Crew around then! We went to the Santa Monica CD signing 11/23/13! Standing in line to purchase CD’s I talked to two FC members saying I had seen a few posts on my IPad! Don’t know which of you I talked to. The CD signing was a blast! They remembered us from the Gibson M&G so I fell more deeply in love with them then!!! Since then I am a loyal & devoted FC member!!! It is great to know that what I have just said is understood by all of you! I am fortunate that most of my family realizes that Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero are a big part of my life now! I have been able to introduce my daughter, her son, his wife’s Grandaughter, another of my sons & his daughter in law to the guys at these 2016 Concerts! All the family who went with me to Fan Faire had a wonderful time!!! I met so many of you, it was great!!!

  28. What is the flight crew? I also first met the guys on PBS and am madly in love with them. Watch them every day and night. I have all the CDs and DVDs. What more can I do?
    Jane Kerman


  29. So many beautiful stories! I, too, like most, found them on PBS one evening while channel surfing. Was able to go to my first concert in June 2014, almost 2 years ago now! After the concert, I was totally addicted. I came home and literally scoured the internet for the next several months, watching any video or interview I could find. I wasn’t satisfied yet with my curiosity and I think I did a Google search on Il Volo and that’s how I stumbled upon the AAIV and Flight Crew sites! I remember entering the site and being a bit confused, reading many of the posts, trying to make a comment on one of them. I left it alone for a while and had sent a note to ask a question – it seemed a really long time (lol sorry!) before I got a reply, but finally received a very nice response from Marie! 🙂 I made a few more comments, read Marie’s beautiful poetry, submitted a little something myself to her, and was hooked. I, too, loved how we all felt the same way about the guys and how many of us discovered them completely by accident. Then, in January, Marie sent out an SOS that it “took more than a village to run a blogsite!” and asked for volunteers for various things. I volunteered for, actually, I’m not sure what, and the next thing I knew, Marie was congratulating, me, Jeannette, Kitty, and one other person (Ann, I think?) that we were now contributing authors! I was so thrilled and tickled! I was writing for the guys now!! And the rest, as they say, is history! So, a little double story from me! 🙂

  30. I was going to be going to the Concert in Toronto in 2914 and a friend on facebook mentioned something about wearing the Flight Crew Badge and I really didn’t know what she was talking about, so I looked on the Internet to see if I could find it and it took me a while how to get started, but with Marie’s help I got on and now I check it out every day. That friend on Facebok I was able to meet early this year when Il Volo were at Casino Rama in Orillia, we arranged to look out for each other and when we were in line to get in the Theatre I spotted her and went over and introduced myself. I really enjoy reading about all your experiences, It’s great way to see how many fans there are all ages.

  31. Congrats for 1000 posts. Your hard work has paid off for so many of us. Like so many I found “our boys” on the PBS program in Detroit. Piero reminded me of my son who left this world at the age of 22. I have adopted him ever since. Their voices get better all the time. My first concert was at the Greek theater in L.A. two years ago. It was a life changer. I found the Flight Crew while surfing the internet for more about Il Volo. I contacted Marie to find out how to get a badge. It hangs on my dresser to remind me of the happy posts from all the gang . My day starts with reading about the boys as well as all the comments from members. You guys keep me going . I hope for a long time. Joanie G

  32. ‘From a distance’ via South Africa, I also discovered the Il Volo Official site and followed the daily input of these American ladies and one man, to try and improve and promote the image of Il Volo to the American people via this useless site. I felt part of the struggle and the successful start of the Il Volo Flight Crew, Share the Love. It has become THE site to visit.
    ‘From a distance’ via SA, I enjoyed reading the excited opinions of all these ladies experiences of the Il Volo concerts and M&G. I wished that Il Volo would come to South Africa, but not even their latest CDs and DVDs are available in my country. Cutting a long story short, through the kindness and friendship of Marie, a truly inspirational lady and a great host, I was able to come to the USA and experience 3 magnificent Il Volo concerts, was able to meet a host of beautiful American people and also enjoyed seeing your country with Marie, listening all the way to Il Volo music in her car with Il Volo numberplates!
    ‘From a distance’ became an ‘up close and personal’ experience for me. My sincere thanks goes to Marie and the Il Volo Flight Crew, because without them I would never have had this time of my life experience. SUCH IS THE PHENOMENAL POWER OF IL VOLO.

  33. I was kind of a lonely soul looking for some information about these young boys called Il Volo… A family member had sent me a video of them singing O Solo Mio to comfort me shortly after my husband died… I had seen Il Volo on the Jerry Lewis
    Telethon before that but did not look them up to see if they had continued their career.. .But this time, their video captured my heart as it really needed lifting at that point in time… I started looking for information about Il Volo, I lived on youtube watching everything that was available, but now I wanted more information on them… I wanted to see if there was a possibility of seeing a concert here in the USA someday… I googled Il Volo and up came the Flight Crew along with a few other sites that gave info on Il Volo… The Fight Crew became a must for me to go to on a daily basis… That was in March of 2014… I then posted a few comments and at one point I wrote my story on how Il Volo changed my life when I needed it the most… At some point after I wrote my story of how I found Il Volo, Marie asked if I would contribute a story now and then and I said yes, and thank you…. It truly was the beginning of my love for Il Volo thanks to the Flight Crew and all who have embraced me here… I found out through the flight crew that Il Volo would be coming to the USA in June 2014… I decided to go to my first concert at the Greek theater that year… I met Myron there and as they say, the rest is history… Thank you all for making my life a little bit brighter by being my Il Volo family…

  34. To the ladies of The Flight Crew… you are THE BEST! CONGRATULATIONS on hitting 1,000! Fabulous work!!! You deserve a big round of applause!!!

  35. When I put this post up, Marie sent me an email: “Darn you! Now I’m going to cry all day. ” 😀 Thank you all for the wonderful stories and good wishes. I’m choked up too!

  36. I first stumbled upon the actual trio in February 2015 as I was searching for some traditional Italian music that I could use the lyrics as lessons for my fellow students of the Italian language. After my classes disbanded last fall, there was an Il Volo void in my life so I turned the the power of Google once again in search of blogs and fan sites about the guys. I was not too happy with the content of the Facebook sites and then I found Flight Crew – the premier site for news, stories, photos, clips and PASSION.

    Happy 1,000!

  37. from: an Il Volo lover:
    Thank you for your wonderful, lovely website. (I have to borrow a computer as I don’t have one). I found you late last year when the last of my rescued, senior, sweet, little dogs crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I had just discovered Il Volo in August, 2015 on PBS. Little did I know that Il Volo – and The Flight Crew- would get me through a very sad time. (I want to move & can’t have any more dogs until I know where to live). Was a bit shocked by the sudden picture & announcement that Ignazio ( & Gianluca ) are in love , but especially the timing : at the very end of the USA tour & mid-tour of the world! Wondered at that. Feel bad for all the gals who love them around the world. Kind of ‘a bummer’! As dear Marie Crider wrote, we all continue to love them & wish happiness for them; one can’t help feeling that way as they truly deserve it. Again, thank you so much for your warm & family-like Il Volo site. I wish each member of your crew the very best. You couldn’t know how much your effort here has helped me & , likely, many others. I also admire your sincerity & your creativity. This is a beautiful place to which to come.

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