Il Volo Professional ~~ Florence: Tribute of The Three Tenors ~ Part 1





A long awaited and special night has finally come to pass, and it was “magical,” as the name of the event and Gianluca said.  I don’t think anyone thought that the night Il Volo participated in a tribute to The Three Tenors, Jose Carreras, Maestro Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, was going to be anything but.  🙂

I have a lot of material and more coming through this morning.  I’m going to step aside and let you enjoy as much of the journey as possible in two posts!

~~ Kelly





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Before the Show

Francesca Brazzale
Francesca Brazzale


Going on stage


Un furtiva lagrima

19 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Florence: Tribute of The Three Tenors ~ Part 1”

  1. Oh Kelly, just when you think they have already sung to the stars, that there is no more… they reach a whole new level of magnificence! And they could not have been happier about it!

    Boys…what can I say? You made me/us so damn proud I could burst!

  2. Kelly thank you for the post. I was breathless and in awe listening to our guys. I am so thrilled, proud and excited for these 3 special talented and unique guys who truly have reached new heights with this performance. Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca have blessed my life with their beautiful voices and my heart soars with happiness as their careers keep ascending to new heights. They take on each new challenge and accomplish every goal they set for themselves. May God bless them and keep them always . They are pure joy to me and to millions of others.

  3. Absolutely out of this world !!! They, and their parents, must be so proud. What a wonderful experience !! A truly Magical Night and I cannot wait for DVD to come out, They certainly deserve all the applause and recognition in the world, nobody can touch them. Bravo !!!!!!

  4. I feel like a grandmother whose grandsons just gave a performance of their lives.
    They were handsome, comfortable in the new setting, and especially generous in sharing their night with Maestro Placido Domongo. In their appreciation to the Maestro they were our “little boys”.

  5. I am choking with emotion over this performance. I could swallow them up with pride . JoanieG

  6. Thank you Kelly for sharing all the highlights of this magical night… I cannot say anything that you all do not already know… Il Volo stepped onto that stage and blew the stars out of the sky last night… They achieved new heights with their performance… They reached the sky and their beautiful voices brought the stars down from the sky to shine on them… It was the most exciting concert of their career and I know there will be many more for us to witness in the future… I, like all of you cannot wait to have that DVD and CD in my collection of the most magnificent music in the world today provided to us by non other than Il Volo… They are after all the best on the planet and now beyond the stars…

    1. After watching a couple of these I go back to my phrase that I used in the article I wrote a couple weeks ago about this program. ” BACK TO BASICS ” in good, solid voice work and using the repertoire at the top of the realm. THE best songs. What a program.

  7. I’m glad you guys are enjoying. I’m going to give this one a little more time, and post the 2nd early this afternoon. 🙂

  8. All I can say is I can hardly wait for the dvd and cd it sure is going to be a long wait but from the videos what an incredible night that was. To see the joy on their faces and hear the crowd applaud it was pure magic IL Volo are the best there is I’m so glad I know them aren’t you.

  9. Thanks Kelly for all these wonderful videos. My heart is bursting with pride as if they were my own grandsons which I have watched grow to this level. Their parents must be bursting with pride as we are. Now they know they can sing anything and I hope Ignazio sings more opera. Can’t wait to get the DVD & CD as well because I will probably have to buy 2 because they will be worn out faster than usual. I wish I could give them all the biggest hug right now. When oh when will we be singing them again. And Myron why are you so quiet

    1. Well, I am holding back until I see the entire program. So far I have only seen a couple of short videos. This also is a very busy time for me here in Milwaukee. But I will see everything soon. So far, from what I have seen from this program, I wrote a little about it two weeks ago. But now it is time to look at the whole thing.

  10. Well I do not think there are enough superlative adjectives in the English language to describe these young men. They sing everything from Elvis covers to Broadway musicals to opera, and they do it so so well.
    They blow my mind!

  11. Kelly, I have had a lump in my throat the size of a golf ball listening to our boys sing. My heart is overflowing with love and pride for Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca!

  12. Our guys keep getting better and
    better. Tears flow, big lump in my
    throat, can it get any better than
    this? Of course it can, this is
    IL VOLO. What can I say? There
    is no limit to their talent. Gianluca
    is amazing. Myron once said he
    could sing opera if he chose to.
    Ignazio and Piero were also
    magnificent. I’m ready for the DVD
    and cd now. WOW ! !

  13. THAT was an amazing experience. These young men just keep scaling and conquering mountain tops! I am just so proud of them and so happy that I had the luck to discover them when I did. I believe they had the ability to do awesome things like this ( without the addition of politics… I’m looking at you Eurovision!)
    but I was just blown away by how Gianluca stepped up. I believe what Myron has said about Gianluca but I was still concerned for him,… but wow, how he stepped UP! What a rich glorious baritone ! All three of them were wonderful.
    I was especially pleased to see Signora Barone with Mariagrazia in the audience. Very sweet to see her blow a kiss to her son!

  14. I totally agree with what everyone said. They continually amaze me and never disappoint. They are the most remarkable young men and singers and truly were put together by God to bring joy to the world. They do make me proud and I can’t imagine how their parents and families feel. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were perfect and looked so happy!

  15. Even before they met Maestro Domingo, since I first heard them 5 years ago I knew that they were the next generation of the Three Tenors. They are simply the best male vocalists in the world. I’ve seen them six times in person and have been hoping that they would eventually get into the opera repertoire. Thank you for recording the Firenza concert. It is sheer joy. I am stunned by Gianluca and Ignazio’s aria solos- expected it from Piero. These three will keep opera alive for a whole new generation.

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