Il Volo Professional ~~ Gianluca Receives Dean Martin Award



Friday, July 22 at 12 am at the  Sala Consiliare del Comune di Pescara,  in the course of the 9th Prix presentation Dean Martin, will be presented the award to Gianluca Ginoble from Il Volo. During the press conference will be announced the names of the winners of this year, the ceremony of the Prize will take place Sunday, July 31, at 21 h. at Muzii square. ~~ Lydka

source: Gianluca Ginoble riceve il premio Dean Martin ~~

Official Facebook: Ass. Fondazione Dean Martin



Photos: Dean Martin Award to Gianluca July 22.2016 ~~ Rock Me Il Volo Facebook





Next Appearance by Gianluca:

Tomorrow night Gianluca  will be at the White night of Pineto. It will be dedicated to the memory of Marco Calabretta, the young footballer who died in September last year due to a heart defect, while he was playing a game of football. And just to remember Marco, tomorrow night at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the event will be Gianluca Ginoble, the singer of the group “Il Volo”, along with civil and military authorities.  ~~ Lydka

source: Pineto, Gianluca Ginoble alla Notte Bianca per ricordare Marco Calabretta ~~

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  1. Congrats to Gian. He well deserves this award. He sings very like Dean Martin (only better).

  2. Thank you for the many pictures and videos of Gianluca winning the Dean Martin award… He has been such a great ambassador of Abruzzo, all over the world… He always shares his love for Abruzzo in concerts and interviews… Ignazio and Piero like to tease him about it, but he continues to share his love for Abruzzo proudly… I am happy to see him win the Dean Martin award because it not only thanks him for being a great ambassador but Dean Martin is one of his Idles, so we know he thrilled to receive it…


    Ref the above site per Gianluca during first interview has said that Il Volo will be starting promotional tour for cd and dvd recorded in Florence at end of September. They will start in N and S America then Europe and lastly Asia.

    Per my local public station WLRN (broward co fl./comcast) they will be airing concert during pledge drive in August, with no specific time slot allotted as yet

    Certainly congratulations to Gianluca…….he keeps on achieving !!! Bravo

  4. Thank you Kelly and Lydka for this lovely post.
    What a treat to hear and see Gianluca singing snippets out of Dean Martin’s two most popular songs “That’s Amore” and “Non Dimentica”. To me his beautiful voice seems to be getting so much more powerful!
    Bravo Gianluca for achieving this award. Because you are always giving your best, so it will lead to great results.

    1. Ineke is it my imagination or has Gianluca’s speaking voice got deeper? In the Dan Martin interviews his voice seems to me to be much deeper than only a little while ago . Has anybody else noticed this?

  5. Congratulations to Gianluca! He has to be so happy to receive this special award since he so often speaks of Dean Martin especially since he is from Abruzzo also. Dean Martin was a wonderful entertainer and Gianluca is very deserving of this honor.

  6. Thank you, Kelly and Lydka, for this wonderful sharing of this great and well-deserved tribute to our beloved Gianluca!

    What a lovely synchronicity that Gian and Dean Martin are both from Abruzzo. I think the good Lord positioned Gianluca and all of our guys in so many ways to reach out to our world in Love and Harmony, Joy and Wonder. So happy to see Gian and all of IL VOLO receiving the credit they are so worthy of from their beloved Italia.

    Can’t wait for the DVD and CD of Firenze! (PIrate and I were just speaking of this) Thanks for sharing, Marion!

    And I’m putting in my wish that this next tour will bring IL VOLO to Portland, Oregon. We have wonderful venues. Looking for a full house and many of you to visit Pirate and me in the beautiful Northwest!
    A gal can dream… And we certainly have learned from IL VOLO and from Myron and Jeannette, Marie, and so many of you that dreams really do come true!

    Glad to take a moment to pop in here. Just returned from helping my aging parents again, and welcome prayers for my girl kitty who is recovering her health day by day, week by week.

    Loving awe and gratitude,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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