Il Volo Professional ~~ Here, There and Everywhere

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo



Video new Etnapolis Instore tour, Italy


Video CBS New York Il Volo chats with Juliet Papa



Video Il Volo at Bloodmanor

¡Llevamos al trio Il Volo a una fiesta de Halloween! ~~




~~ Kelly

15 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Here, There and Everywhere”

    I send you video with my favorite italian cooky Sonia Peronaci – Halloween recipe – GHOSTS.
    I tried ,chldren and aduts very tasted.
    Have a good time and enjoy your meal.

  2. While I would love to know all that was said in that Halloween clip, I am delighted to see them go into a “Haunted House”…especially loved seeing Piero jump and shriek as they popped out at him. I did not fail to notice he clutched Ignazio’s coat lapel during some of that too. I would have been clinginig to whomever was the safest for me…I think Gianluca…I bet Ignazio would have delighted in scaring me just as he appeared delighted at Piero’s fright!

    1. I enjoyed these interviews very much and think that many times the questions they ask from fans are very good and quite interesting. I thought Piero’s response to Ignazio and Gianluca saying they may like to try skydiving was funny. Piero, who I feel is more practical, said let’s do it at the end of the careers! Besides all their other talents, Gianluca and Iganzio seem to enjoy drawing and are very good.

  3. Cynthia, Did you see the message I sent you regarding excerpt’s from the Il Volo book?
    It is on the post’s of Oct.29th, “Mariah Carey cancels

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