Il Volo Professional ~~ Rolling Stone in Leather

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo


This is a new and interesting look!

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Gallery: Settimana della moto – 10 novembre – Eicma  ~~



Gallery: Il Volo in leather, così Giovanni Gastel trasforma il golden trio dell’opera-pop  ~~ The Way Magazine




Article: “Rolling” porta musica e intrattenimento dentro (e fuori) EICMA  ~~ Rolling Stone




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Il Volo Notte Magica  ~~

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    1. Lisa only in Italia they are available for what I have learned, I have my copy, if you want I can see if there are still other copies.

      1. Annucruise hello, unfortunately I think there is no other possibility that I go out and buy them ( if there are) and send them to you by post

      2. Daniela, perhaps, if ok with you, you could take pictures of the pages of the article and post here. that way, we could share the magazine with you. we could see the photos and copy-paste the text into google-translate……
        just a thought….

  1. I love the above video… near the end it has a very funny Piero holding his chin and looking both amused and quizzical. I continue to kick my butt for being so bad at languaged other than English and American Pirate

      1. Yes, I looked and saw that it isn’t translated correctly (you must use sign near the subtitles – setting – and choose the English language, but sometimes translation is not meaningful, this is this case ). Have a nice evening !

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