11 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ LA Promotions and Barnes and Noble at The Grove”

  1. Thanks Kelly, good post. Love the laughter of Gianluca and Ignazio holding the little one up high. They are such naturals with everyone especially children. Can’t wait to see them with their own someday.

  2. It is wonderful to see them with little children and babies! They are so comfortable and love holding, kissing and playing with them.

  3. These images are really delicious. The guys are really great with the kids.

    I think we all know that there will be tonight on Channel 5 House Party where I think we will laugh a lot thanks to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.
    last Friday here in Rome the boys recorded an episode MAIL THERE FOR YOU where surely the IL VOLO will make a surprise to someone.
    This episode will be broadcast on Channel 5 in January.
    The boys were in Monte Carlo this morning and today went to Barcelona after which should finally go home for the Christmas holidays.

    1. Hi Daniela, i saw the clip where they sang ‘Little Drummer Boy’ with Jackie Evancho at the Today Show in New York (Myron’s Post) – there the MC’s mentioned that the boys will be coming back to their show on 23 Dec to sing one song. … i wonder if that is taped or are they returning for just one song then right back to Europe?… ???

      1. They recorded all songs in December 14 , they will be at home on December 23. Who would travel by plane so many hours during Christmas time ? Perhaps only a fool. 😀 Have a nice day and blessed peaceful holidays !

  4. Glad they are going home!!! They need to be with family! My grandson, I, Carol & Joanie were at the CD signing! Was such fun!!! We were with the Boys the nite before at KOCE PBS!!! Had two days of Il Volo, almost enough to last until next March. Not only do they love children, they can make Grandma’s feel loved & cherished!!! We had a wonderful time with them!!! I was able to talk to them without brain fade. Told them how magnificent the Notte Magica is & the wonder of their beautiful voices singing Opera!!! Will try to post a few more photos on FB!!! Precious young men!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  5. How nice that Anne could you see them and talk to them. They are always friendly, really golden boys.
    Expect to see your photos !!

    I wanted to ask why lately the post continue to move? This post I read this morning on top of all and tonight I had to look far behind.

    If someone reads, the guys of 10 minutes will be streamed at this address for the transmission “The Marato ‘” charity.
    http://www.ccma.cat/tv3/directe/tv3/ live streaming #lamarato #Barcellona #ilvolo

    1. Daniela, boys beautifully sung Et queda tant per viure, I sent Kelly video, I cannot share it here ( could be deleted). I do not give new informations here in the comments.. Have a nice evening with Il Volo ! 🙂

  6. Hi Hiram, So sorry for the miscommunication yesterday I was cleaning my car too and I guess with the traffic and noise I didn’t hear my cell ring. Again, please accept my apology to you and Carol. Take care and be well Margaret


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