Il Volo Off Stage: Beware of Gray Hair…

Uh oh…

It’s OK, Ignazio.  Once you get past the first one, it’s not so bad.   😛

~~ Kelly





Piero= What’s Igna?
Ignatius = A gray hairs
Piero = Ah ah … where ?
Ignatius = Here, since this morning.


What are you doing?  Just Hanging around…


Gian = we are here with some of the pillars of this tour.
Piero= I
Gian = Alessio, Andrea, Enrico, there is Francis and many others


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5 thoughts on “Il Volo Off Stage: Beware of Gray Hair…”

  1. Tell, Ignazio….those gray hairs are “WISDOM HIGHLIGHTS”! I won’t see him, but some of you might! Love that “kid”!! <3 <3 <3

    1. love that – wisdom highlights! I have all 4 wisdom teeth, does that make me even smarter? lol!

  2. Kelly, your comment really tremendous but so real, the first really scared, then doing the habit

  3. I actually thought they’d been dyeing his hair for years? They are just doing a better job of it now and you can’t tell so much. Yeah, when I get my highlights, I just say blend in the gray – good thing I have blondish hair already! 🙂

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