Notte Magica ~ London ~ May 23, 2017

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Piero’s heartfelt post the morning of the concert…

“We are deeply sad.  Tonight we’ll sing with the sadness in your heart but not with resignation, together with all who hope for a better world.”

Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, along with the entire Il Volo team persevered and chose to perform their concert as scheduled, acknowledging hope for a better world in times like this. 

A minute of silence was held to remember the victims of the Manchester tragedy before they started their show.



This venue is stunning!


The gorgeous hall filling up with Il Volo lovers awaiting their night of magic to begin.

And do you recognize these lovely ladies?


Deborah Georgini Beaupre,  Jeannette Giglio and Judy Paullin Thurman


Katerina Tsaousi,  Jeannette and Judy.

Grazie Deborah for sharing this video and photos!


Their magnificent voices enchant and mesmerize the crowd.  

Torna A Surriento

O Sole Mio

In this concert they brought out a special guest, Mario Biondi, an Italian Jazz-soul vocalist born in Sicilian city of Catania, to join them on stage.  


O Paese D’ O Sole


My Way with Mario Biondi







A medley of songs…filmed by London One Radio from side of stage.  I’m sorry for the side view, but that is where most of the videos were captured from.  


A happy Barbara at end of concert.




As the guys say grazie and arrivederci to London…Taormina awaits them!!

Credit to all owners of videos and photos.










18 thoughts on “Notte Magica ~ London ~ May 23, 2017”

  1. Thanks Jane for this great post. I worried the whole time the boys were doing the concert. I wondered if I would have been so brave to come out to a concert right after Manchester.

  2. Jane, again you give us a front seat to another magnificent concert. The photos are excellent, seeing our Flight Crew ladies looking great and enjoying all the Royalty that IL Volo brings to the stage. The video clips are wonderful . The Manchester tragedy was in the hearts of our guys, their prayers , love, compassion, and respect in silence is what these special young men are all about. Their voices show the class, style and grace that is making IL Volo a household word. Thanks Flight Crew for taking us along on this Special Performance!

  3. Thank you Vincent. You are so right…their prayers, love, compassion and respect are what make these young men so extraordinary, besides their voices! I have said this many times and it continues to be verified every time they show us who they are… such genuine human beings.

  4. the culture in England has always been to get yourself up– dust yourself off- and keep on going. The evil bastards can’t win. I’m glad the boys sang their concert in London . It helps the morale. Joanie G

    1. Joanie, I am glad they sang and that their concert was a safe event. I did not realize the culture in England is as you describe… get yourself up-dust yourself off-and keep going. They are resilient people indeed.

  5. I love your front row seats. Your pictures and comments were just awesome. What an incredible gift you’re giving all of us with your pictures. What a fabulous thing to be in the front row. It was a big treat for my day.

    1. Victoria, I agree with you. Front row seats here for so many of the concerts is simply wonderful.

  6. Jane, a marvelous post. Loved the pictures! And the singing! What a relief after worrying so about our guys being in England at such a horrifying time. And as usual, they came through like the troupers they are! Love them so much!

  7. Jane, beautiful post. Beautiful photos and beautiful videos
    What about the 5 fab five (-2 + 1) are really strong women, as well as beautiful.
    I watched the London One Radio videos live and I must say that, at the cost of attracting negative comments, I did not like My Way with Mario Biondi, I like 1000 times more than Gianluca and Piero, of course it’s just my opinion.

      1. Daniela and Manola, I agree with you. I love the way Gianluca and Piero sing that song. I think this man’s voice is just so different from the guys that it was difficult to blend the 4 of them. We have seen this at other times where they sing with others who do not share the same quality of voice, yet they must feel it’s important to include another singer now and then. But in my eyes they fill the bill for me! 🙂

      2. I agree. I love Piero’s voice, but I actually prefer this as Gian’s solo, the way it was originally. And I like Core N’grato as a duet between Piero and Ignazio. However, I’ll take whatever they give! Love all three of them!

  8. I must confess a bit of envy when I see you all at the Albert Hall. What a remarkable place to perform.

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