Notte Magica ~ Vienna, Austria 6-28-2017

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Beautiful, romantic Vienna.  A perfect setting for another night of Notte Magica!


View from Gianluca’s hotel room.



This appears to have been taken while getting ready for the concert.

No matter how many countless times they sing Nessun Dorma, it can  still lift your heart and soul to a higher place. 








A medley of songs mixed with a little Ignazio humor.

It looks like things got REALLY fun at the Meet and Greet!




Those Italians just love the blondes!! 🙂


And so it ends…

Another standing ovation,

The crowd chanting for more (I am guessing),

More handshakes, selfies and another pat on the head of a small child,

Another night to remember forever for the folks sitting in that Vienna Theater!!


Bulgaria, they are on their way!  


Credit to all owners of videos and folders.






9 thoughts on “Notte Magica ~ Vienna, Austria 6-28-2017”

  1. Canadian reponse should be more spontanious to Il Volo perhaps they would come here more often, only a few people give them standing ovations. When I was standing I felt like pulling people up by the ear.

    1. I know what you mean, Loretta. The Minnesota crowds tend to be more reserved at their concerts, too. You could sure pick out the Flight Crew members at their last concert here as they were the ones who kept popping up for each song.

  2. Another Notte of Magic with the audience enchanted under the musical spell of the marvelous voices!!! This 2017 Flight will always bring cherished memories of this beautiful tribute to the Three Tenors!!!

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Anne. All of their concerts are fantastic, but this tour really stands out. They raised the bar even higher with this music and presentation. And as always, leaving you wanting more and more!

      1. Mary I’m so sorry I missed it but with everything I saw I think you are completely correct!!

  3. Wonderful Vienna, what about these last stages of the European tour? How much love for our guys.
    Beautiful photos Jane and who knows what Ignazio laughs.

  4. Our dear Ignazio is definitely a Jolly person he is amazingly handsome, but even if he wasn’t he has that type of personality that just draws you to him (I actually think all 3 do. They are amazing young men!!)

  5. Thank you Jane. This was a delightful collections of bits from the concert. I’d love to know what Ignazio was laughing at. You know once you start, it’s hard to stop. They looked like they were having fun and I love to see that. I must admit that the Minneapolis crowd was reserved. We sat in the handicapped section and there was not enough room and the entire side we were on had to accommodate handicapped peopl in regular seats. I had to move many times while people were helped out of their wheelchairs to get into seats by us. There were many others with canes. These people could not stand and were the opera lovers because we’ve seen them at the Ordway Theater in St. Paul. All I know is, as I looked around with tears running down my face, all of those people were crying too and then we smiled at each other. I cannot speak for the rest of the theater however the entire area we were near could not stand up. And the concert was absolutely heavenly…. so heavenly in fact that we decided in the car on the way home to go to Italy to see them. I do hope they will return to Minneapolis because I believe that concert was sold out.

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