~~ Simply, Piero Barone ~~

Daniela sent us this article from Torino Aspetta Il Volo E Poi, translated by Federica.


Piero is the tenor with glasses, the guy who has mostly changed through years, and I’m not only talking about his physical aspect.

In interviews, he seems looser and more confident. He knows how to achieve his goals. Being only 24 years old, he’s very mature and determined, dedicated to study and work.

It’s hard to meet someone like him. Despite of his self-defensive mechanism, he is definitely humble, sensitive and sweet. Piero is a good friend, indeed: the one person you can count on for a lifetime.



He loves listening to his mates as he needs them too. This guy doesn’t seem to trust anyone easily, but once he feels he can do it, he lets himself go.

As a son, as a brother, he’s very close to his family and he has a special regard to. Piero says that is more important the quality than the amount of time he spends with his relatives.

It’s wonderful to listen to him talking about his job. He does really believe in what he and his brothers built together since 2009 and counting. The three guys of Il Volo are truly amazing people with golden voices. Even today, after several years, Piero seems to be amazed by all the road they have made.

Singing for him is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle! When he’s on stage, he totally shows what he’s about and he gets really moved by every single smile, any glance of approval, any standing ovation. He knows how to give his audience 100%.



After Il Volo Notte Magica in Florence, he admits it was the very time he has really enjoyed his performance, he’s very self-critical, then. After Sanremo, he explained how he had changed O’ Sole Mio: at the beginning some notes were quite impossible to reach, but he studied hard and he made it. Piero always seems to face exams in his job.

However, you cannot listen to a single Il Volo performance without being impressed by his voice. Every time, you are about to experience something truly magical, there’s nothing like the Bel Canto, their voices and all the emotions you feel.

After several concerts, if you ask me to choose a single Piero’s song I love, I don’t know which to pick. He’s so perfect when he sings, moving from opera to pop lirico, from duets to solos and all the wonderful music performed together.

The best gift is probably being able to get to listen to how he sings: close your eyes and get overwhelmed.


I just want to thank him and his amazing friends for what they’re doing … they have really begun a fantastic journey and I won’t ever be tired of being part of it.

 published by TORINO ASPETTA ILVOLO E POI, and translated by Federica.

Credit to all owners of photos.



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  1. I agree with Sue, this is really good. Piero works so hard and is so honest in his efforts to refine his craft. He has such a big voice which always knocks you off your feet. But it seems to me that he has worked to improve the sweet and softer aspects of his voice which sometimes catch you by surprise.

  2. Thank you for this article. I find it very interesting how you looked beyond Piero’s handsome face and beautiful voice.

  3. Thank you for this article!! Our wonderful Piero is a joy to listen to with his amazing voice!! He is a charming, sweet, gracious young man focused on his musical goals! Love him!!

  4. oh, this is so lovely. thank you so much for sharing this, Daniela, Jane, and Federica for the translation. truly lovely.

    Daniela, may i ask you — the first pic above — was he singing ‘LOVE STORY’?

    1. Cynthia, I honestly do not know, but as Jane said, I would also like to sing again Love Story with all the excitement and experience that he can now do.

      1. thank you, Daniela. somehow, when i saw Piero’s pic above, this clip came to me in a flash —

  5. To all who have commented, thank you and I agree with you 100%. I thought this was such an insightful article. “Close your eyes and get overwhelmed,” I did that at the last concert and it is amazing! I love the way Piero now goes from his powerful, commanding voice, to his oh so tender voice when singing.

    Cynthia, I added the photos to the story as it did not come with any. I’m not sure exactly which song he was singing in the first photo, but it very well could have been Love Story. I wish he would sing that one again now that he is older and his voice even more superb.

    1. thanks much, Jane…. to you also as i wrote to Daniela above.

      and you mention Piero’s powerful voice can be also sublime and tender…. in this particular rendition of his A Mano a Mano, which i like very much, i notice it distinctly (more than the one at L’Arena) —

      1. Daniela, I cried when I heard this song. Thank you so much for putting it on this site. The article on Ignazio touched my heart. The details of the personalities of all the boys makes me so sure we all just want the spirit these boys are carrying all over the world. It’s what we’ve all been wanting to find in the world. We had this spirit in our lives. It’s apparent, we had this spirit and love and we all want it back in the world we live in and they are giving it to us. Thank you for this site and all the wonderful insights of Il Volo.

      2. I also love how Piero sings A Mano a Mano in this video. It is one of many songs I hope will someday be included on one of their albums.

  6. I am very glad that this nice article you like, it describes very well how our Piero really is.
    A clarification, Federica wrote and translated this article, congratulations to her.

    1. THANK YOU, Daniela for the clarification! I am so glad you caught that. Yes, Federica wrote this.

  7. Jane, thank you for this wonderful article, and thank you Frederica for translating it for us. It simply says everything we have known and loved about Piero from the beginning. I first “discovered” the guys of Il Volo while watching the Detroit PBS Special in 2009. Piero’s voice went straight to my heart and made it dance with delight. He is everything the article says he is,plus a whole lot more. I love this young man with all my heart and know he and Il Volo will go far.

    1. Hi Allene, Yes, Federica actually wrote the article as well !! I loved her every word!!!

  8. Reading this article made me so happy. I have been charmed by Piero since I first saw them in 2011, certainly by his gorgeous voice but also his down to earth and humble approach to his life. I love everything said about him in this article and makes me appreciate him even more. He has a very bright future and I know he is working hard to achieve his goals. Thanks for sharing this nice article!

  9. Oh this was such a nice article to read! I love Piero something fierce and I have often wondered if critics really understand him. I know I certainly am no music expert but I do hear the differences in his voice since the beginning to the current.. I wondered how he could improve but it is obvious he has put a lot of serious work into his vocal training. Each voice in IL VOLO is distinct and beautiful and for that I feel so fortunate to be alive at such a time to witness what they can do and become. Piero my darling, I love you and pray you always maintain your character and focus. God bless you along with Ignazio and Gianluca.

  10. Thank you Jane for the nice article about Piero. Frankly he’s the one with the voice that just amazes me. From the beginning, I waited for that kid to sing. When he sang the song from Love story, I just melted. The change in the orchestration was so perfect and people wait for that little bit. I can close my eyes and know who’s singing and Piero is something special that gives the group their power. I know everyone melts over Gianluca and from the beginning, I knew Piero was the voice that moved me. He is so relaxed on stage and frankly I wait for him to sing the Love Srory song on stage. It’s amazing,
    Thank you for telling us about him. I appreciate all the bits of information you send on all the boys. Jay loves Ignazio’s craziness. It adds charm and the audience loves him for it. The three of them are such a joy and we love the DVD!

    1. Victoria, I love the way all three boys have distinct voices. You can close your eyes and know exactly who is singing. When Piero did this song initially when he was much younger, the passion in his voice was just breath taking. Kind of like when Gianluca used to sing Maria all by himself. He would drop to one knee as he sang the very end. That moment was filled with such sincere emotion coming from such a young guy at the time. All three of them have been so mature for their ages. Even Ignazio with his goofing off on stage is really so mature like the other two. I’m glad Jay likes Ignazio as HE will see tomorrow!!

  11. Hi I am Laura one the 3 girls cooperating in this Torino aspetta il Volo e poi.
    We started the day the Grande Amore was realased in Italy, that was 3 days after il Volo won the Sanremo Festival.
    I fell in love with all they are. I adore: Ignazio, but the 3 of them own a piece of me.

    With my friends and other we followed the boys as much as we could, in instores, gigs.
    We were in Verona, in Florence with Maestro Placido Domingo for their Notte magica.
    We went to Dc in March for their latest tour.

    The list is long but what it so important is the articles my friends and I write for them, trying to give a true portrait beyond : what is appreciated by fans like us and even for those who do not know or see them in a more “human” way.

    I wanted to start a blog just after their Notte magica was broadcasted by Canale5: because it was The time they really have told how they love singin and how they care about having a committent, a passion.
    Perfect they are so pure as they bow to Music.
    Priceless are with their fans.

    Thank you Daniela for being a bridge like you said , for creating this bridge between my “crew” and your “crew” Jane:)


    1. Hi Laura! Welcome!!! I am so happy you are here. We are LOVING your posts. You and Federica are gifted writers. We so enjoy reading your thoughts and impressions. You have a deeply embedded love for Il Volo just like the rest of us do here! Please feel free to join us as a Flight Crew Member. Our Italian members are growing in number. We love that!

    2. Ciao Laura!!

      So glad you were able to see our post of your site and welcome to ours!! Each day, I often think “is this worth it?” and each day something new and magical happens like your blog and these articles! 🙂 Yes, as Jane has mentioned, if any of you want to share a post with our site, that would be awesome. Not sure how many followers you have on yours? Please send any directly to: FlightCrew.NotteMagica2017@gmail.com and we will be able to access them easily.

      As far as “being a member” Jane is correct, nothing to do but sign up to get the emails directly into your email. Just a word of advice, some have had trouble, so be sure to look for the email to confirm.


    3. Laura, for me, was a pleasure, every time I read a good article I think right away I would like to read all my crew friends.

  12. Laura, there is nothing formal you have to do to be here. Just come and enjoy and comment if you wish. If you feel like writing a post, you can, and we will publish it here for you. You are a talented writer! There is a Flight Crew “badge” on the upper right corner of the blog site that you can download and put on a lanyard or pin type holder. We wear these to concerts and events so we can easily connect with other Flight Crew members and to inform people about our group here. They have proven quite valuable as we instantly recognize some one from the group who we may not have met in person. A great way to meet face to face with those we comment with here on the site! Another plus to wearing the badge is to educate others about our wonderful site here. People will stop us and ask about the badge. And one more perk is that some times people take it that you are REALLY IMPORTANT PEOPLE to Il Volo if you have a professional looking badge on you. 🙂 And yes, we are all really important people to Il Volo as we love them and promote them in every way we can. The guys are very aware of our site and like it. Gianluca even said in an interview last fall that we (Flight Crew) are their American Fan Club! So please join us. We’d love to have you!

    1. Whomever said the badges make a difference are absolutely right. Jay had badges laminated for us and when security saw it, we were ushered right into the Rome concert and someone from the concert staff took us right to our seats and stored my wheelchair and took wonderful care of us. I was asked if we would write a note commenting on how well we were taken care of. I have it on my list to do and with Jay falling off the roof, it’s slowed my letter writing to a minimum. They will get a great recommendation from me as soon as Jay has healed. So, believe me, those badges do more than help us find one another. I almost got tickets to their concerts in Mexico and something stopped me. Then Jay fell off the roof so I guess I have a little guardian angel. I love this site. I love the people and I love hearing every little detail about the boys. They are beyond anything I imagined. We play their music in Jay’s clinic and I think I’ll start playing their video. Jay ‘s patients want to know who they are and the video will be a nice treat. Love to all of the Flight crew. You are all a part of our lives now. Thank you for all of your work.

      1. Victoria, I’m so happy to hear you received such special attention at your concert. Yes, our badges really can make a difference! That is so neat you are playing Il Volo in Jay’s clinic. I’ll bet showing their concert videos in the waiting room would be an awesome way to relax patients and provide them with a positive experience while waiting for their appts. AND a great way to promote the boys! I hope Jay is healing and improving each day!

      2. hello Victoria…. warm greetings… sorry to hear about Jay falling from the roof (!) (ouch!)…. i trust he feels better SOON!
        warm hug

      3. Thanks Cynthia, Jay is healing fast and his roof privileges have been permanently cancelled. We have the dearest Friends who come every day and bring us food, do our dishes, and put our laundry in for me to fold. I am used to being in bed all day and Jay is not so we are glad he has a good sense of humor. We just keep thanking God because it could’ve been so much worse. He tolerates pain well so we’re looking for him to be back to normal very soon. He’s using my wheelchair and how he takes care of patients, I have no idea and they keep showing up.. We love the DVD that we got and it has certainly been a joy to watch so many times. This site has charmed me since I found it and I love all the clips of the boys. My God I just realized how blessed we all are to have gotten in on the beginning of these boy’s career. What a joy to watch them grow and mature, Be well and thanks for checking on Jay.

      4. oh, Victoria…. it’s heartwarming to hear from you. brings me joy.
        thank you so much for connecting.
        i am glad to hear Jay has a good sense of humor and that he is doing well and is healing.
        thank you for your well wishes for me.
        it is late where i am so i shall say good night for now.
        warmest and fondest greetings!

      5. Cynthia, everyone is so sweet on this site and it really upgrades my day to see the beautifully written articles that all of you share with the rest of us. We are living in a time where these boys are bringing love and joy to everyone. To be in on the beginning of their career is very special. We pray for their safety in this crazy world. I have no idea where anyone lives on this site and it is always pure pleasure to read the comments. Jay will see his surgeon on Wednesday and we are hoping that getting him in our pool to exercise will help him. I appreciate all of you more than you know. My world is so small and you all make me feel like I’m part of the real world. Bless you for that.

    2. Ok.
      I want to tell you one thing your blog was the first I found out and read on and off: just after Sanremo.

      There many pages about il Volo, just a few have The commitment to go beyond the surface.

      A few have a true feeling towards them and try to respect other people.

      It’s really heartwarmin to get in touch with fans that have seen the boys grow.

      I didn’t start a page about them because of their victory.

      I did it because I had the feeling they were artists I could learn from as a human being.
      I saw how humble and smart they are.

      I told myself il Volo is more than just a great trio of performs.

      There was a whole world beyond all that I could have read or heard.

      And I don’t care about what is not connected with their Music and the values they have inside.

      I met them a lot and I have had mostly good times.

      The only aim is supportin 3 priceless men.

      As you have always wanted to do, I guess.

      Thank you for havin Torino aspetta il volo e poi.

      Talk to you soon.



      1. Laura, thank you….. this is lovely…..
        in this site i found, we are kindred spirits….. when i was new here (several months ago, i thought, wow, they articulate what i feel within!
        we feel like you.
        warmest greetings.

  13. Thank you all for this wonderful article about Piero. I too feel very strongly when I hear Piero’s voice in many songs. I can’t really explain it but it is an intense feeling! I also truly love Ignazio’s and Gianluca’s voices and feel they each bring and add so much to everything they sing.
    I do believe that Piero pays great attention to details and is extremely focused. Watching interviews and also up close in so many videos and even in person, you can see him exchange a look, a glance or a nod seemingly to make sure that everything is as it should be with each other, or during concerts with the maestro or orchestra. I couldn’t help but laugh at the two Notte Magica concerts I attended, that he was the one that collected their music from the stands and carried it offstage.

    1. Thank you Luckylady, I did not do anything special, I just thought about you and I’m very glad you liked it

  14. I can’t express myself as you can, but my last thought on this earth will be to hear Piero sing. He pulls my heart strings. Thanks for all the posts. Joanie G

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