Royal Albert Hall, May 23, 2017 ~ Personal Review by Patrizia Ciava



Only seven Italian artists have performed on the most important stage in the United Kingdom, the Royal Albert Hall. Now it is Il Volo’s turn.

For most of the international artists, a performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London represents an unreachable dream.

Since its inauguration in 1871, the Royal Albert Hall has carefully built an impeccable reputation. The most famous orchestra directors in the world, such as Leonard Bernstein and Herbert von Karajan, have performed there and it has hosted performances from legendary groups such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones and more recently Coldplay and Stereophonics. The fortunate artists, who are able to enter the imposing Victorian Theatre as protagonists, normally arrive there at the height of their artistic careers, after decades of international success.

This is not the case of the three members of the pop-opera group Il Volo, who, with their ages of just over twenty years, are amongst the youngest artists who have ever performed there. Before them only the Beatles and Bob Dylan, who was 23 years old when he first stepped on that prestigious stage for the first time, managed to achieve such a planetary success as to be admitted by the demanding Royal Albert Hall committee.

From 1871 until today, only seven Italian artists have had this privilege: Pavarotti, the great pianist e composer Ludovico Einaudi, Zucchero who with seven concerts from 2004 until today, holds the record of presences for an Italian singer, Umberto Tozzi in 1988, Claudio Baglioni in 2010, Laura Pausini in 2013 and Luciano Ligabue in 2012 and 2013.

On 23 May 2017, Il Volo was the eighth Italian artist to perform on the “stage for the best in the world”, one of the legs of their “Notte Magica – a Tribute to the Three Tenors” tour, thus completing the series of triumphant, sold-out concerts in the United States, including the equally prestigious Radio City Music Hall in New York and those of the Italian tour that will see them perform next, on three dates, in the splendid setting of the Greek Theatre in Taormina, Sicily.

The “ Notte Magica” project was supported by the “original three tenors” to whom the tribute is dedicated, Jose Carreras, the Pavarotti Foundation and Placido Domingo, ideally considered the “musical godfather” of the three young singers, whom he has directed in the Florence concert debut and in Los Angeles, during the American tour.

The official site of the RAH reads: “The multi-award-winning pop opera group Il Volo is one of the biggest names in the classic crossover genre, with a sound that combines traditional opera, pop and classical symphonic music. In 2017 they landed at the Royal Albert Hall in London, making their debut in this historic site on Tuesday, May 23. Within a few years, Volo has continued to amaze the public all over the world with their vocal talent and their stage presence, becoming multi-platinum artists worldwide. “

The former “enfans prodiges” of “Ti lascio una canzone” have turned into three outstanding artists who thanks to their undeniable talent but also to hard work and professionalism have bewitched millions of fans all over the world. Il Volo is in fact the only Italian reality not only to collect sold-out concerts in every part of the world but also to reach an extremely heterogeneous audience whose age ranges from 5 to 80 years and beyond. For this reason they are a unique phenomenon in the international music scene.



Transcribed by Susan J. Ambrosini

This review has previously been published on All About Il Volo.






23 thoughts on “Royal Albert Hall, May 23, 2017 ~ Personal Review by Patrizia Ciava”

  1. Thankyou so much!! For this lovely post!!! This Concert was marvelous!!! There were a number of IlVolovers that were able to attend this & Italy Concerts this Spring!!! What a fantastic vacation these lucky folks had!!! I am happy that our precious trio have achieved the recognition they so richly deserve !!! Love them!!!

  2. Anne, I agree with you! So happy for them to perform in such a prestigious venue. Their caliber of talent deserves nothing less.

  3. Wonderful article, and high praise for 3 wonderful guys. But we already knew this!

  4. Will Il Volo have another showing of the movie Notte Magica in theaters in the U.S. It’s hard to believe they’re only showing it once.

    1. Sharon, there are still showings in some cities way into autumn, but as far as repeating it at theaters already shown, I doubt it. Sadly, with out proper advertising of the movie, the theaters I heard about and attended myself were practically empty. If only their management would promote these three awesome talented young men in a HUGE way here in the US, they would fill movie theaters all over!

  5. Patrizia always has good words for our guys. She lived in London and as she said, she lived near the Royal Albert Hall and she knew that that stage was not for everyone, when the news that IL VOLO was about to sing there was recognized, she recognized the importance .
    Very well, because if she did not, some news in Italy is not even reported

    1. Hi Loretta, I was also sure you liked Ignatius’s post.
      In Ignazio’s interview, the question about her health just says she has had a blow to her back and the doctor told him to stay a few days at rest.

  6. Thank you, Patrizia, for sending us this great article. We always enjoy reading your works.

  7. Thank you Patrizia and Jane for wonderful article. Of the many famous entertainers not many rise to perform at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall . IL Volo steps onto that stage with the Confidence and poise of well season pros. The video of Ave Maria Mater shown on your post and it’s introduction Spoken so well by Gianluca and backed up proudly by Ignazio and Piero. They proudly talked about singing for Pope Francis . The music began and they started to sing this beautiful piece. It’s a jump out of your skin moment along with many goosebumps. They are truly great performers. From Easton PA. to Royal Albert Hall in London, IL Volo never disappoints they always give 100%. They are a phenomenon! 5 Stars 100 Bravos ! Rest up, be well, take care !!!

  8. Thank you Patrizia for the wonderful review of Il Volo at the Royal Albert Hall. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca continually amaze us with their talent, professionalism and of course, hard work. They have accomplished so much and at such a young age. I am so grateful that I first saw them on their first PBS special from Detroit and have been able to follow them and attend some of their concerts. I pray for them and wish them the best in all they do and that they continue to love and care for each other.

  9. Lovely review of this wonderful concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Thank you very much Patrizia. I have to say how much I appreciated the clip of their performance of Ave Maria Mater Misericordia, it never fails to bring me to tears and having to miss seeing a concert this year meant missing this truly great song. I hope they do get to sing it for Pope Francis someday.
    As a side note I couldn’t help but notice that poor Ignazio was having some really sniffly nose problems,,, this must have been before then had to cancel a concert because of his illness.

    …sigh… I hope to hear them sing that song again someday

  10. Thank you Daniela for the post about Ignazio I just saw it now. Jane & Daniel you girls are phenomonal (hope that is spelled right). Your posts are always on the mark & entertaining. Hope I can meet you girls someday.

    Hi Pirate what a predicament he must have been in to have to sing with a runny nose. I also felt bad for him. That is probably the last thing he was thinking about was a tissue. The trooper he is he still forged ahead.

  11. Jane its a damn shame its the same in Canada doesn’t even show them when they are performing here there is hardly any recognition or promiting them. I never realized how backward Canada is until looking & listening to the radio & finding nothing about where Il Volo is performing.

  12. Marie where are you hiding? Its not like you to stay silent.
    Hope you are not sick & keeping well. OR are you following Ignazio around the world. If you are please give him a kiss for me. Come on Marie wakey, wakey time to get up.

    1. Loretta, I believe and hope that Marie is fine, but we are all waiting for her to come back, ……. she does not leave a crew so even if this is in good hands .

  13. Daniela thank you for responding. I thought she may have got in a couple of concerts in Italy, if she did good for her. She loves Ignazio as well as I do. I was hoping she is not sick or not looking after herself. A few years ago is when we met & we went to see IlVolo in Detroit, her first time so I miss her comments here on the blog. Don’t get me wrong you girls are doing a wonderfully fantastic & knowledgeable job on the blog, so informative with loads of pictures. If you ever get to US I will make sure I get to meet you & Jane, rain hale or shine. I keep on telling my son I want to go to Italy, he is not responding positively so I used to travel by myself so no sweat I’ll do it again.

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