Another New Fan in Germany!

Ciao a tutti!

I wanted to share this nice little story with you on this absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning!!

1a2-oliverSeveral months ago, I came into contact with this very nice gentleman from Germany, through my work.  He came to town to visit my boss.

Of course we got to talking about Il Volo and I just had to tell him as much as I could.

Unfortunately, the guys’ concerts were just a little too far away for them to attend and they were going to be on vacation when they were in Germany, anyway.

So, as the avid fan I was, I could not give up and persisted with thinking of some way for them to find the guys.  So, I went in search of their CD/DVD.   Did you realize it’s practically sold out online everywhere?  You can’t find it too many places, not even on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!  I think I mentioned this and someone did find it on a site I was not familiar with.

However, I did find it on ebay, of all places and they were selling it for a normal price.  I quickly sent the email to him and said he might want to order it quickly, as they said they only have 4 left!

He thanked me for the idea, as he said his wife’s birthday was coming up in July and this was a great idea to get it for her, for her birthday!  🙂  Although the site said they would ship to Europe, he said he had a friend in the US that he was seeing soon, and he agreed to order it for him and bring it to him later.

Ah, what a great little story and I had made one more fan for Il Volo, maybe even 2!?

Several months past, as this was back in May and I had really, totally, forgotten about it.  Last Monday when I got in to the office and opened my email, there was this nice note from this gentleman.  He said he got the CD/DVD, gave it to his wife for her birthday and she loved it!  (Of course, we knew she would!)  He said she’s listened to it several times already.  He also sent this beautiful picture below!

I asked his permission to tell his story and use his picture and promised I would not reveal his name – a promise I am keeping here.  He said, “ok.”  🙂

I am sending you his quote to me:

Hope you are doing fine.  I received the CD/ DVD in the meantime from my friend.  My wife’s birthday is on the 15th of July and I wanted to let you know that she loves the CD and listened already a couple of times (see also attached picture).   Thanks again for the great tip & hint. 

Wish you a great day & best regards


What a lovely and thoughtful husband!  🙂

Ciao!  Enjoy your weekend!



16 thoughts on “Another New Fan in Germany!”

  1. Jana, you were great, they should promote you like p.r.of IL VOLO.
    You have had a beautiful idea and apparently it has also been highly appreciated.

    1. Grazie mille! Yes others have told me the same. They say I am their biggest fan and I say no. 🙂 others are bigger fans!

      But maybe for detroit?

  2. Loved the story. I have sent the boys Christmas DVD to some friends and family last year and some went out and bought a different CD.. The CD is a great gift to people that like music but do not know IL VOLO.

  3. How could anyone who has a good ear for excellent music not love this Il Volo CD. Good for you Jana. My son who steared me to Il Volo is tired of listening to them but when I go to his place he will put their music on for me. Have a great sun shiny day everyone. Weather is excellent here. Hope our precious guys have an excellent holiday.

  4. Just a comment about finding stuff…my husband and I go out every Tuesday and visit the Salvation Army Thrift stores when they have Seniors Day 30% discount. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would find what I did… A DVD of Il Volo’s 1st ever PBS concert in Detroit !!! So now I have two. It must have been a mistake to give it to a Thrift store…right?

    1. OMG! what a true treasure to find! I’m sure someone was probably going through “granny’s” things after she passed on and just tossed it aside. So lucky for you though. Can we ask what you stole it for? Lol! 🙂

      1. I liberated that precious gem from the bowls of 2nd-handism for a grand total of $2.49 less 30% senior discount — take that you scalpers!

      2. OMG! Yes, you definitely stole that!! Hope you didn’t look too giddy when you were paying for it, they may have caught on! lol! 🙂

      3. You know, I wondered why they gave that funny look when I wouldn’t let go of it – so they had to read the price ticket with my fingers in the way.

  5. I too have gotten a few people gifts of Il Volo CD’s and they have become fans of their beautiful music. I wonder why more CD/DVD’s of “notte magica” are not made available.

    1. I was just on Amazon today in both Germany and Italy. You can get a few copies again, but some are actually being sold at scalper prices, like the one combo one they wanted over 50 euros for it!

  6. A little kindness goes a long way and now there are two new fans. I love this story. Thanks so much for sharing it with us Jana!

    1. Yes, isn’t it wonderful?

      By the way, hope you are feeling better and made that Sy Attica walk the ol’ plank!!

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