Taormina June 1, 2017 ~ Personal Review by Melina Anastasi


Daniela ponders the question, “Do I have friends who write in a superb way, or is the IL VOLO that charms them?”  I think it’s  definitely both, Daniela!


After so many months of waiting,  finally arrived on June 1, 2017, the day of the concert I would attend, but not any one, in Taormina, in the pearl of my Sicily: “To a man who would spend a single day in Sicily and ask, ‘What do you need to see?’, I would answer without hesitation ‘Taormina’ …. The village is suspended on a large mountain, as it was rolled from the top. Even though we have beautiful remains of the past, we only cross it, to see the Greek theater and watch the sunset. The Taormina’ theater is so superbly placed that there can not be another place in the world like this. Guy de Maupassant. “

I arrive in the “Queen of the Jonio” in the afternoon together with another crazy like me,  before the concert we have to meet a friend of Facebook and know her son who plays in the orchestra that accompanies the guys of Il Volo in Sicilian concerts. Taormina is like the usual crowded, loud and colorful. Together we make some chatter and some gossip, take pictures, walk around and calmly walk to the theater. Near the entrance we welcome the son of my friend, who came out of the backstage. Then she goes back, the ticket has it for another day, and we go to the theater, the scenery even though I know  well, it always strikes me, it is not something that can be indifferent! Awesome place to take place, it’s not my first Il Volo concert, but I’m always anxious just because I know what’s waiting for me, all the theater is in a hurry, people find themselves, recognize, discuss and ride with strangers encountered at the moment, we exchange impressions, and we hear so many different languages, before us for example there is a pair of Japanese, and so many Americans. This too is a prodigy of IL VOLO: it joins people of different ages, continents and cultures! After waiting for a palpable tension, cheerfulness and expectation, the orchestra enters, and here the applause starts, the first instrumental piece, “The Force of Destiny”, is performed, no song was ever more appropriate. And then…. If by chance we were distracted, the ocean boat did not leave any doubt, the three guys got in the scene! For me it’s like reviewing family members, so I perceive them, and I do not think I’m the only one.

Already in the first notes, a spell goes down and wraps up the theater, heaven has opened! Their magnificent, sublime voices, both in solitude and in harmony, annihilate! They are powerful, but also sweet and caring! Gianluca is always perfect, his deep and velvety tonality becomes more painful every day, he is soft and insinuating but on occasion he has an unexpected force, he says the Opera is not in his strings, but that does not prevent him from being very great even in lyrical pieces. What about Piero? He has always been the “lyrical” of the group and he feels, his mighty voice is loaded with emotion as well as with technique, shaken from the depths, you are astonished to listen to him, unable to believe his young age! And then there is Ignazio who can pass in a moment with the funny expression when he jokes, the suffering and passionate when he sings, reaches incredibly high notes with a loud, loud voice, or whispers subtly and succinctly, moves you or exalts you his pleasure! You can not fully understand the talent and value of these beautiful artists if they have not been heard live.

The concert takes place between solos, duets and heavenly harmonies, with the three musketeers who appear to be born on stage, so they are the bosses of the situation. They laugh, they are relaxed and happy, they go around, talk to the public, poor Gianluca put in the middle by the two Sicilian mates, as if they were not on a unique stage in the world, showing not to make any effort to sing a repertoire that would scare everyone else! The millennial stones remain obscured, The sea, the stars, the Etna that rivalry by magic with what is happening on stage seem to be asking: but these three unpunished as they dare to steal the scene? Then they too enchanted, listened to the kidnapped and the most beautiful ones that never cooperate in the sorcery! What is the secret arcane that characterizes IL VOLO? They have a malia on them (a spell that carries you to them); the voices are wonderful, of course, constant study, too, professionalism and dedication, but there is more, something else difficult to pinpoint and define, which is felt but can not be explained, every word is reductive. In addition to the vocal cords, the soul vibrates, expose it together with the voices and invests you like a wind with the sound waves! The audience is visibly at every performance, standing ovations and enthusiasm not to end, the guys are almost embarrassed, mitigate the emotion with jokes that tease laughter between emotion! I look like a teenage girl and I’m giggling in applause and screaming impetuously, with my girlfriend who looks at me with open mouth, but she is no less.

When the cheerful air begins “Libiamo Ne Lieti Calici”, we all realize that the concert turns to the end, the two hours seemed two minutes. The guys come out and the audience shouts to go back, what they do right away, and blow up the classic clothes along with the papillon (a bow tie), who so much suffered Ignazio all evening, pitch in with the audience Grande Amore, having finally run to stage and mingle with greetings and shaking hands! Then I do something I’ve never done for anyone even in youth, I go under the stage and grab the hand of the first of them shouting, loudly saying all three are good; I think I’m crazy !! The music stops and the lights go out, the show is over, for a while restless to look at the empty scene, with a subtle sense of loss, my friend pulls me for the sleeve, we have to go. And I went slowly and malevolently, but my heart remained in that theater, where for two hours, three normal, funny, fun boys became transformed immense, overwhelming the physical limits and transported me to an alternative world, of joy and harmony … what mysterious goal is this ever?


Daniela, I hope your friends will come and join the Flight Crew and continue to write these amazing reviews for us!


Translation by Daniela Perani.


Credit to owner of photo.


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  1. “Poor Gianluca put in the middle by the two Sicilian mates.” Gianluca has such a beautiful voice. I doubt that he is dependent on the two Sicilan singers of Iganzio and Piero. Their three voices brings the music we have always loved. One is not anymore important than the other.

    1. I think that is part of the magic of Il Volo, they are each different with different voices and personalities but they blend perfectly. They are each very handsome, charming, intelligent , witty and with lovely characters. Each has tremendous talent and has worked extremely hard to perfect their natural gifts. But the sum of the total is very much more than that. The contrasts and harmonies in every way come together to make that fantastic magic we are all so addicted to.

      1. Hi Sue, you are perfectly right, these guys are very good but being together is their strength. Their combined voices are really special.

        Have you seen on the official IL VOLO page who posted a new video made on May 19 at the Arena? In the queue before the opening of the gates you see your husband well.
        What a beautiful night !!

    2. Hi Jeanne, I think you will understand that the phrase “Poor Gianluca in the midst of two Sicilians” is said by Melina jokingly to say that two Sicilians (Piero and Ignatius) during the gags joked the “poor Gianluca” who naturally stood to the joke.
      As far as the artistic side is concerned, Melina, I and certainly all the crew, think each of the guys is fantastic but together they are unsurpassed.
      Melina was afraid thet you did not undestrand what she meant and asked me to point out.
      She are reading all your comments but can not get in and comment.

  2. Daniela thank you so much for translating Melina’s memorable concert experience !! She beautifully expressed how all of us feel when we see and hear our incredible boys live in concert. It is so exciting and magnificent that it’s almost an like an out of body experience !! They are truly three voices in one soul and always leave us with beautiful memories and wanting more !!! That is the magic of Il Volo !!

  3. thank you Melina for your post . The setting of Taormina is perfect for our wonderful boys voices. The Greeks would be so proud as are we. Joanie G

    1. I also believe that Taormina is perfect for our guys, Melina is Sicilian so Taormina is perfect for her
      Sure that the Greeks would be proud.

  4. I enjoyed reading this so much. I would love to see Taormina and seeing Il Volo there would be dying and going to heaven. Melina: Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Sending you a big hug from Maryland.

  5. Thanks Daniela for asking your friends to participate in our blog and writing stories about the boys. I love reading what Italy and Italian fans think about IL VOLO

    1. Gina, I’m always very happy that the posts I post or translate enjoy a lot to you.
      I really have friends who write very well and you still have to know others.

    1. Melina really has a lot of talent, in fact one who read thinks I’m with her. It’s a beautiful effect. When I read it I immediately thought to my crewmembers.

  6. Thankyou, Melina for sharing your most wonderful nite at this Taormina Concert!!! Beautifully written, you have such talent with words. I too would love to see a Taormina Concert! Three voices, one Soul. They do transport us to an enchanted evening in every Concert that we attend!!! Leaving us with the over powering desire to see these amazing young men again as soon as possible!!!

  7. Melina, you are a spectacularly incredibly awesome writer! I felt like I was in an emotional rollercoaster that just kept going up and up until it came crashing down at the end. And yet, that’s how we all feel. I bow to You.

    Please keep writing, whatever you want. I only wish you could go to Latin America!

    Are there any flight crew folks going to any of those concerts?

    I have a Goddaughter named Melina. They are Maltese. 🙂


    Grazie mille!

    1. Jana, thank you very much for your beautiful words, you’re so kind I’m embarrassed! At the moment I don’t have much time for writing, but I wanted to share my feelings and emotions.
      Grazie, ciao

    2. Jana, thank you very much for your beautiful words, you’re so kind! At the moment I don’t have much time for writing, but I wanted to share my feelings and emotions.
      Grazie, ciao

  8. Thank you Melina for sharing your experience at Il Volo’s Taormina concert. Just looking at the pictures and seeing the videos, it looks absolutely beautiful! I would love to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca performing there. I very much agree with what you have written. They do appear to be born on stage and are so comfortable and at home, and they do cast a spell on you which is hard to explain but is truly felt.

  9. ik heb twee keer taormina bezogd 2014/2015 had het niet willen missen deze drie horen bij elkaar tre golden voice/s volg ze al toen ze nog geen il volo waren via rai 1 naar ti lascio canzone die gianluca won ik hoop dat ze nog lang doorgaan en ons laten genieten mollto succes il volo

    1. Translation: I have twice visited Taormina 2014/2015 did not want to miss these three guys together three golden voice/s have followed them before they were IL Volo via rai 1 at ti lascio canzone that Gianluca won I hope that they will still continue for a long time to enable us to enjoy much success Il Volo.

  10. Thanks to all of you for appreciate my writing. I really didn’t expect such wonderful comments! And thanks to Daniela for the translation. We all share the same feelings for our boys!
    Grazie (sorry for my English)

    1. Melina non devi ringraziarmi è stato un piacere.
      Melina do not thank me, it was a pleasure.

  11. Grazie mille, Melina! Your story was wonderful! All your emotion was felt by me as I was reading it. I totally agree that the guys of IL VOLO cast a spell – malia – over all of us! That is a great word to describe why we all love them! Grazie anche a Daniela for your translation! 🙂

    1. Hi Pat, I loved translate Melina’s emotions.
      By the way, Melina just wrote me that commented but her comments are not visible.
      What to do?

      1. I just went in and fixed it, Daniela. They are now there. I sent you an email also.

  12. Malina and Daniela, I have travelled halfway across the world to see 3 amazingly wonderful Il Volo concerts in the USA.
    I have always wanted to hear and see these amazing guys in a concert at Taormina! After reading your story Melina I am now more determined to make this dream of mine come true.
    Thank you so much for your story Malina and a big hug to Daniela for the translation. Lots of Il Volo love to all from Ineke in South Africa..

    1. Ineke, we have had the same thought, I told my husband, “the next concert of IL VOLO we go to see Taormina” so Ineke we meet them, all in Taormina, Melina tossed us even more the desire to go and then just say just looking at the picture, which great place to hear the special music of our guys.

    2. I have wanted to go to Taormina even before I knew of IL VOLO! I saw Giulio Base, Italian movie director and actor, scope from there. The Piazza IX Aprile looks wonderful with its checkerboard “floor” and the terrace overlooking the sea! Giulio is how I found out about IL VOLO. He was playing one of their CD’s in his car while he was scoping in Rome! 🙂 Maybe the next concert there I can attend!

  13. I was lucky enough, a few years ago, to spend two weeks in Taormina with my wife, Rosalba. It was a wonderful experience. It is in such a beautiful setting on a height above the sea. You can go down to the sea by cable car or by following some very steep paths. My only criticism is that the guys of il Volo had not yet given their first concert in Italy when I went there; so, we had no reason to go to the ancient Greek theater! I have a strong desire to return but I shall wait until there is another il Volo concert before I do so!

    I have attended two concerts in the Notte Magica tour – at the Royal Albert Hall, in London; and at the Arena Flegrea, in Naples, which is Rosalba’s home town and birthplace. I have not yet found time to describe these for the Flight Crew because of a number of events in the past few months. I have retired from my career after 42 years of work; and I have lost several close relatives – one uncle and two aunts – in quick succession.

    I wanted to thank Melina and Daniela for sharing Melina’s vivid description of this concert. As the comments make clear, this has caused a number of Flight Crew members – including me – to plan their own visit to Taormina to attend a future concert by our guys.

    I will close this comment with a few words in Italian to welcome Melina to the group.

    Cara Melina, ci fa molto piacere conoscerti un po’; e leggere le tue parole così informative e calorose. Speriamo di sentirti di nuovo nel futuro. [Dear Melina, it gives us great pleasure to get to know you a little; and to read your warm and informative words. We hope to hear more from you in the future.]

    Buona notte dall’Inghilterra! Goodnight from England!

  14. Hi Bernard, I have the idea that we will fill an entire concert in Taormina.
    Certainly whoever has less to do is just Melina, who is Sicilian in the area of ​​Taormina.
    Good night also from Italy.

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