Personally Speaking~Having Fun Il Volo Style

I Want To Go Home

Penina sent me a video clip from way back in 2012, during a concert, when the guys would stay on stage and entertain the audience while the band members took a break.  They used to do that during concerts in their early years.  It was always quite humorous.  Piero and Ignazio would be the notorious instigators with Gianluca being the straight guy.   They would just let loose and be themselves.  Some of you may remember this one.



Heavy Metal  Rockers?

So, then I decided to hunt on youtube for more of their fun antics and stumbled across this one.  I’ve never even thought of our three darling boys as heavy metal rockers, but they pulled it off!  Or should I say, Ignazio and Gianluca morphed into rock stars as Piero continues in his own eloquent  voice during a performance on House Party.  Not that I even like heavy metal (which I don’t) but I’d watch these guys do just about anything!  Ignazio fits the roll perfectly while we rarely see Gianluca let loose like he does here.  Pure entertainment.



Suit and Tie

I love this one of Gianluca singing while Piero dances to Suit and Tie.  Piero had the dance moves way back then as he does now.  I absolutely love the way Gianluca glides from low to high notes with such ease.  


Love, love, love Il Volo!!


Credit to all owners of videos.


14 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Having Fun Il Volo Style”

  1. Thank you Jane I was watching some of the places of the outdoor concerts they played. They had to work in some pretty rough & cold conditions. Its a good thing they are young & healthy. I couldn’t make out of the audience were seated or were they standing through the whole concert.

    1. Hi Loretta, I’m not sure which concert you are referring to regarding the people standing. I have noticed in some of their concerts in oudoor Italian venues, a lot of people stand near the front of the stage. Yes, they have had to work in some not so perfect outdoor conditions. Being the pros they are, they tough it out.

  2. Thank you, Jane. Some great memories there! The Boys are such fun. I’ll bet you anything they’ll cut loose during their next tour. They will be ready for it. Cant wait! Anyone have tickets yet? (Leave me alone..I can dream)

    1. I would love to see them “cut loose” once again on any new tours. This current tour is of course very formal and refined given the content of the show.
      We, the fans, are always ready to embrace what ever they bring to the stage!! 🙂

  3. Thanks Jane! I loved watching the guys on House Party! I found the whole show online right after is was aired on Italian TV. They did so many different, fun things that we don’t normally see… the video you posted. They always continue to amaze and surprise me!

    1. pitterpat, I know they must love that House Party show. They can be crazy fun which is right up their alley!!

  4. Thanks, Jane! I love, love, love House Party!!! It is so much fun! Obvious they had a great time doing it, especially Ignazio!!! I love the Keeks they did when they were here in the States!!! It seems they can do anything they decide to do!!! I think the new album with the new music will be fantastic!!! The talent,of our precious three is unlimited!!! The Flight soars higher & higher!!!

    1. Hi Anne. YES, I can’t WAIT to see and hear what will be on their next album!! They have no boundaries…they just keep raising the bar higher and higher.

  5. These videos are priceless, I can watch them over and over again. All the house party show was marvellous and really showcased just how talented and accomplished Il Volo are, they can do any type of music brilliantly

  6. Did anyone notice Ignazio singing House party in english? The quality of his voice just blew me away. These guys constantly give us more quality & surprises. Love, love, love them forever. No other voices can compare or compete.

    1. Funny you should mention that Loretta, I was just thinking about that as I watched the video. Quality and surprises! Whats not to love about these three great guys?

  7. I found this on YouTube last week – probably through some reference from this site. It was delightful to watch. Jay and I simply adore when they act up on stage. We live for it. This last tour was rather reserved and we love it when they act up on stage. The Moscow concert was delightful and we’ve watched it several times. Those people really had fun in that concert and we were a little disappointed that they were so reserved at the concerts we saw. I know their managers are presenting them in the best way and we love it when they clown around in stage. You can tell they love to do it. And the audiences loves it too. I never watched a concert where the entire audience was laughing right along with them and enjoying being really entertained, I hope they have fun again when they return to the stage. The audience is right with them when they do it. Thank you for these pieces you put up for us to enjoy again. We love anything they do.

    1. Hi Liz, Thank you for your comment and I agree, it’s so fun to see Gianluca now having fun like the others. 🙂 What’s not to love, right?

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