Quito, Ecuador – September 17, 2017

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From a photo from Piero in the plane, they landed safely in Quito and were greeted by adoring fans!  They have been pretty lucky so far escaping the earthquakes and hurricanes. Prayers again to Mexico and Puerto Rico.  I think it helped last time, let’s do it again!

Enjoy the photos and videos from Quito!  Thank you to all owners of videos and pictures and to Gary Istok for his picture of Ecuador.

Let’s start with the meet/greet first this time…not too many of them, looks like most got a few pictures!


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Here is a nice review of their concert:review



On Saturday, September 16, 2017, in the evening they gave a private concert in Puerto Rico. Yesterday (September 17, 2017) Il Volo arrived in Quito in the morning and at 6:00 p.m., dressed in black suits and white shirts, arrived on stage of the theater of the House of Ecuadorian Culture to pay homage to Luciano Pavarotti, José Carreras and Plácido Domingo, The Three Tenors. Il Volo, a trio of young Italians made up of Gianluca Ginoble (baritone), Ignazio Boschetto (tenor) and Piero Barone (tenor), have been closely watched by The Three Tenors since April 25, 2009, when they performed Sole Mio. From that day the Italian public nicknamed them ‘The little tenors’. Since that presentation that was part of Ti lascio una canzione, an Italian Rai 1 reality show, eight years have gone by, four studio albums, five live shows, two Eps and 12 international tours including ‘Noche mágica’, a tribute to The Three Tenors, with whose music they came to the country to show two things: their talent in lyric singing and their ability to interact with the public.
From the shows of The Three Tenors, all you have to do is go to YouTube and see one of their performances. The lyrical singing concerts are no longer solemnity, and that is what Ginoble, Boschetto and Barone showed from the first song on Sunday night which was Nessun dorma until Grande Amore, one of the current lyric pop hits played in the team’s jersey and hundreds of fans stuck to the stage taking photographs. In the first part of this sound journey, which lasted two hours, Il Volo performed songs like Grenada, A Stealthy Tear, The Dance, E luceva le stelle, Torna a surriento and Ave Maria Mater. The first part ended with The Prelude of the Carmen interpreted by the orchestra, of 40 musicians, directed by the teacher Larry Salgado, that narrowed the hands of the musicians in several occasions.
The tenacity and vocal extension of the members of Il Volo reached their best levels in the performances of Maria, My Way, Tonight, Cielito lindo and En Aranjuez with your love. Boschetto, the member of the trio who has changed the most in these eight years, was responsible for fostering interaction with the public, which included jokes with his handling of Spanish and with his fans. The final part of his presentation was marked by the interpretation of Italian popular music classics such as Sole mio, Libiamo ne ‘lieti calici and Volare, the most international of the Italian pieces and songs from his repertoire such as Mas que amor, Si me missing your look and Grande amore, with which they won the Song Festival of San Remo, in 2015.

Gabriel Flores
September 18, 2017 | 09:51

n.d.r .: grazie semper a Morena per la segnalazione

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From Top Show…


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top shows equador

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Here is a nice little video of little clips of the concert… for some reason I could not download it…









Ok, and I couldn’t resist putting this one in for all of the Ignazio fans from the Panama concert, I just found it the other night.







Gracias Quito!!   Please forward to your friends in Quito.  I saw we have at least 2 readers in Ecuador!  🙂 

Up next – Brasilia!




23 thoughts on “Quito, Ecuador – September 17, 2017”

  1. It’s like those three ‘positive-energy’ – practicing ( and ‘teaching’) young men are miraculously staying ‘steps ahead’ of this current surge in disasters. They must be looking over their shoulders and saying, “Phew!! We just made it ! ” Very glad that Il Volo fans are at least having their scheduled concerts! Something very important for them and to look forward to. It will be there in memories which will help their fans who must deal with the negative impacts of hurricanes and earthquakes upon their lives. At the risk of sounding too philosophical and ‘mystical’ here, may I offer that the Phoenix will rise from the ashes. Out of Nature’s chaos and destruction of lives and property and land, there are intangible, but very real, positive forces at work involving changes for a better future for our Earth and therefore, for us all; that it’s taking place in our individual and collective human consciousness. Most of those important changes will unfold, meaning they mostly won’t happen ‘over-night,’ but we can help with our positive actions and with our ongoing prayer efforts. I think that most would agree with Jana that all the prayers of people are helping, even though it can appear not to be so. Loving prayers are actions of powerful, positive energy and are well- known to be channels of forces for Good. It’s no wonder so many people, even in the midst of personal suffering, are continuously drawn to “Il Volo” . It must be primarily due to Il Volo’s ‘light’; a musical ‘light’ and personal ‘light — maintained very well, even if in the midst of any of their own, personal sufferings, apparently. It’s all, naturally, very ‘attractive’ to others who are attracted to the things that are of ‘the light’. Helps to keep us strong! 🌟 🎵💪🏾🙏🏽

    1. Very well said, Laura! I, myself, have discovered a long time ago, that every tragic impact, if personal or natural always ends in something good. Not overnight, give it time to grow, but that’s what nature’s about. No matter how bad we treat the world, it always finds a way to come back. That’s a goal we should try our best to achieve, personally, too. Il Volo is a sort of meditational assistance to keeping calm and make the best of things. All prayers go out to the many victims of natural desasters happening all over the world at the moment. You are not alone, we all stand together and will see this through!!!

      1. Yes, let’s hope so. I’m tired of hearing of all the tragedies…Il Volo seems to be our only light right now.

      2. Thank you and I so love all that You said, Astrid. ( Poor Mother Earth needs our help very badly and as quickly as possible. One physical problem is that she’s running a fever and there are certain things we need to do to start cooling her back down, but as I think you know, Astrid, we also need the help of those who have the ability to Start curing her fever. (Let’s pray for their help). Isn’t that something — how so many are standing together and will help each other as you said, “see this through” 💚 Thank Goodness for Il Volo and all the prayers going out.💛

  2. The boys are so relaxed on this Latin American tour. I saw them a couple of times on the North American tour and they were not that relaxed. I think their management and maybe the boys themselves think the American audience is more reserved and they conducted themselves in that way. But, we can let our hair down with the best of them, so I hope the next North American tour (and I do hope there will be one soon to promote the new CD they will be recording) will show them we can be a fun crowd too.

    1. I’m sure they will have more fun with this next CD and concert tour. They must be tired of singing the same songs over and over. I’m sure they are enjoying singing some of the Spanish ones again and letting loose a bit.

  3. Jana, what beautiful photos and videos, I must say that the video of “O sole mio” made me laugh very much, I did not see it.
    Of course these guys have incredible resistance, they arrived in Quito only a few hours before the concert, without resting, they had to undergo the tests. Quito is 2850 meters above sea level, so it takes time to get acclimated, in fact Piero had to resort to his inhaler.
    But how do these guys react? Piero immediately posted his picture with that big face and attached this comment in Italian “Tonight I have a bit of headaches, not even an analgesic will let him pass” (something like that).
    What about fans and their behavior that you tell me about this video? How do you resist?


    I also see continuous messages from the boys about the severe earthquake in Mexico. Earthquakes, hurricanes are shaking the earth.
     It seems that nature is rebellious in the world.
    So many people are suffering, prayers come from Italy.

    1. Wow that is one crazy, lucky, lady? Ok, the last of rest explains a lot now, I saw this one video of them in the airport and they caught Ignazio and he did not look happy!! Yes, they do not want to disappoint the fans. 🙂 Hope they got some rest the next night.

      1. Her luck is her complete lack of inhibition, but mostly that Piero let her cling on him for that long!! “Wow” is right! Sometimes, it can definitely pay off to have a daredevil personality!

      2. Say, Jana, were you in the audience of Il Volo’s first PBS concert in The Detroit Opera House in 2011 ? Any one else from here there that night? I keep meaning to ask. (No hurry on a reply!).

    2. Hi Daniela! You asked what our opinion is of the fans and their behavior in this Great video capture of how fans reacted there, for which I thank you! When a couple of us wrote about the differences, which I’m guessing you’re referring to and now speaking for myself, I guess I still feel a little sad and disappointed that the guys seem to forget that in the U.S., for example, people were most often clearly emotionally excited to be at their live concerts, yet the guys kind of made it seem like they were a bit more appreciative of the audience in Miami in 2013, for instance, where they taped their We Are Love concert . There were mostly people well over twenty-five years of age there, as I seem to recall, and the guys didn’t seem to mind that. As a matter of fact, they even enthusiastically thanked the audience several times and they always specifically mentioned Miami in their thanks (“Thank You, Miami!!”). I don’t recall seeing or hearing them enthusiastically thank an audience in the USA quite like that one, nor am I aware of them also stating the name of the city in their thanks in any other city where they held a concert in the U.S. The Miami audience was behaving basically the same way audiences behave at all the concerts in the U.S. that I’ve seen on video. I remember thinking at the end when I first saw it, ‘what was so special to the guys about this particular audience reaction, compared with all the other ones here?’. ( Additionally, Ignazio had also just experienced being drugged, roughed up and robbed in Miami prior to that concert!). Just never could figure it out, except that there were more Hispanic people working on that concert. The audience appeared to be comprised of just as many non-Hispanic people as Hispanic people — from what I can tell, at any rate. If you read my comment again, you may notice that I came to a conclusion as to the possible reasons that Il Volo seems,( to me), to enjoy more the Latin-American locations for concerts than other places. In this video,( it is a perfect example), it is a concert where I presume that: the audience was more their ( Il Volo’s) age, was mostly female, was drowning out the singing and music by all their voices — talking, screaming, singing over Il Volo, taking pictures, etc., and at least one fan who rushed the stage and clapped onto Piero. 😂😀. Exactly like the Presley, Beatles, etc.concert audience reactions — which I mentioned in my comment, also. I guess my conclusions are still the same as they were in my comment, i.e.: I do ‘get it’ !! I do understand the differences and the reasons!! I’m so sorry if i apparently caused you to mistake what I wrote as being much more than it was. I was their (IL Volo’s and the Latin-American audiences) age, too! But I still tend to think that if N. Amerian fans, for instance, (excluding Miami) were to do the same, exact things at an Il Volo concert, somehow I’m not so sure that the guys and their manager, etc., would like or permit it to continue as long or as much. We should just try it sometimes and see — because a heck of a lot of fans of ALL ages here, would simply LOVE to ‘crash’ a concert by rushing on stage, ‘jumping their bones’ and not let go!! 😂😂😃

      1. Hi Laura, I read your comment and I answer you according to what my thoughts are of course.
        I say that the guys have repeatedly affirmed that they love the American public, they also said that in the first period of their success, they felt more and more involved with the Latin American audience for a question of age and language more similar to their own , as it is clear that for an Italian it is much easier to understand a Spanish idiom even if he does not know it well.
        There are several videos of that period recording the boys in the halls of their hotels together with girls of their age singing and laughing with them. In this sense, much of the Latin American audience grew up with them.
        You also have to think that here in Italy the success of IL VOLO was believed to be that the American public was a more mature audience and made up of Italian-Americans (here was said that IL VOLO was successful because was singing in pizzerias in front of nostalgic Italians) considered an easy success.
        Everyone has their own way of expressing their feelings, but I think the guys know very well that they are very much loved by the American public.
        Even Italian fans are a little jealous when they see their attitudes with fans of Latin America but in the case of Italians, we are well aware that here in Italy the boys are less relaxed because they are immediately filled with criticism almost always negative.
        In the end Laura in one way or another we all love them very much and this is the essential, Piero Gianluca and Ignazio are well aware of this fact, they may react in different forms trying to support the various types of audience.
        Latin American fans are definitely more audacious but this does not mean that people love more them, they love the same way of us but they demonstrate it in a different way.
        I would feel ridiculous about doing what they do ,even for a question of age, but even when I was younger I would never have done things like them.
        Little will come to Japan, we will see the Japanese fans’ behavior !!

      2. Ciao, Daniela! Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts and info. about it all. I just had become a bit confused, over time, as to how they actually regard an audience comprised of ‘us’ ,as well as fans elsewhere. Then I learned that sweet Gianluca had more or less scolded a fan in Las Vegas for apparently screaming during their performance and that surprised me, further confusing me. Just want to add that, like you, I, personally, wouldn’t behave like those younger fans who are uninhibited and unabashdly express their appreciation in an extreme way. When I said/ say “We” should do that, too, I didn’t mean all of us, just anyone, anywhere, who wants to and is comfortable doing so! 🙂 Yet, …look what happened during a concert in Las Vegas to a presumably younger fan who let loose her emotions in a loud, spontaneous way…!?! Well, I’m pretty well done with/ over the subject now, anyway. I’ll still be enjoying their songs, music and them, no matter what. Looking forward to reading your ‘southern adventure’ post; I’ve been ‘saving’ it. 🙂

  4. I saw the airport video clip taken by Gianluca. Igna looked very tired and being followed by fans who want a picture with him has got to make him a little cranky once in a while. They try to accommodate their fans but sometimes exhaustion takes over. (I don’t really think he was cranky, just tired)

  5. Good post Laura. That is approximately what I spoke about a few weeks ago. So let me know where you live & if it is closeby when they are in the States next then I will join you to make as much noice to let them know how we feel.

    1. Hi, Loretta! Yes, I remember your reply to me, but I’m sorry that I missed your comment, which you said was weeks before mine, so you may have posted during the long while that I wasn’t able to read here. I’d like very much to read your own thoughts about it, so please tell me where to find it. Grazie! Currently, I live in Florida. I always hope that I will eventually, finally attend an Il Volo concert, either in this State or another one. It would certainly be extra fun to attend one with you — a Gal of the IVFCrew — someday, but if you read my reply to Daniela, above, I think you may feel disappointed with me! I meant a very large group of “us” — a collective “we”– definitely not just two! Besides, I was mostly being facetious and now realize that you’re an extrovert and I’m one only occasionally. I’m pretty sure that if you were standing there, hootin’ and hollerin’, you’d be promptly shushed by the entire audience, or even worse, by Gianluca, himself ! 😂 or maybe bodily subdued by the lot of ’em 😂😅😂

  6. Hi Laura I don’t know where what I wrote before is but when I look at what I just wrote here I have to congratulate Gianluca for correcting that stupid girl for screaming when they are trying to sing. That kind of recognition is uncalled for & just plain ignorant especially also for the people who are trying to hear the boys sing. Its them I want to hear singing not a fool screaming during their performance. You know I wonder if a bunch of us on this blog got together for a concert in the first rows how surprised the guys would be or would they recognize
    us. I’m sure they would be surprised to see of lot of us crying from happiness. The aura of love would certainly be floating their way.
    Laura when we find out where our next concerts are going to be it would be wonderful to connect with you at a concert.
    I will go anywhere in the States for the guys & if I was lucky to see them closer to the Border them I would be considering myself to be lucky as I would be coming from Canada.
    I have been tempted at times when they have been singing at concerts in other countries to get a ticket to whatever city.
    But the States is the only country I feel comfortable to travel by myself. Nice talking to you.

    1. Loretta and Laura, I will meet any Crew member anywhere, anytime for a concert. I’ve been to Detroit, Vegas and Tampa already and I’m willing to go wherever the boys will be singing.

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