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    1. Hi Kelly, I too sent Ignazio a b-day message some time ago, would you kindly ck. Was I supposed to receive a confirmation?? Thanks so much.

  1. I sent a birthday wish and did not get a reply. Could you please check if you received it? Thank you.

  2. Dear Ignazio, I am so grateful for all the happy times you have brought me and thousands of others over the years since you came to our attention when you were only fourteen. We could not have dreamt how wonderful life would be for the three of you. With your sunny personality you have amazing years ahead of you. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and many many years of splendid celebrations. With love from Vancouver Island – Lesley Newall.

  3. Ignazio ~ auguri per il tuo compleanno e potrai avere molti felici ritorni di questo importante giorno nella tua vita. Vorrei anche ringraziarvi per aver condiviso il vostro bel canto con tutti noi di godere. Da Ineke in Sud Africa.

  4. Ignazio,
    Have a happy, happy birthday. So nice you will be celebrating your birthday at home this year with your loved ones. I want to thank you for all joy you have brought me over the years. I have been a big fan of Il Volo since 2011. I have watched you mature into a wonderful person. You have worked hard to reach your success and deserve every good thing that has happened to you. Have a wonderful birthday…you deserve it!! I can’t wait for your next American tour.

  5. I sent three separate emails two weeks away and never received a reply. I then put my birthday greetings in the Sept. 20th post about Daniela’s trip to Sicily. Thank you.

  6. Happy Birthday, dear Ignazio! You and Piero and Gianluca have enriched my life so much since I first saw and heard you in Detroit on my public TV station here in Milwaukee. You have grown into a handsome, caring, full of life and terrific young man. And that voice!! Stay happy, enjoy your special day and I wish you the best all your life. I was lucky to see you in Milwaukee in 2014. PLEASE come back here soon.


  7. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday that you will be able to spend with your family and friends. Thank you so much for the pleasure that your wonderful voice has brought to us all over the years. Enjoy your special day.
    Marion Ferrari, Florida. USA

  8. Dear Ignazio Happy Birthday on your special day. I have sent you birthday wishes to a few places so want to make sure you receive one of them. I might even send one to Nina’s pizzeria. Nice to hear you will be home for your birthday so I hope you will have a terrific one. Love you
    & always in my prayers. Looking forward to the next concert. Please take good care of yourself. Loretta from Toronto

  9. Ciao, dear Ignazio, I am sending sincere, loving Happy Birthday wishes to you. May you enjoy a splendid day at home with your family and dear Alessadra!! Thank you from my heart for your wonderful voice, beautiful music, and kindness you always show to your fans…including me. ♥ I am one of the many Nonna’s, who love you, especially in the U.S. Thank you for helping me stand steadily at the Opera House in Chicago last March. Looking forward to another U.S. Concert!!! Success and blessings abound for you in your future, dear Ignazio!!! ♥Harriett from Illinois U.S.A.

  10. Ciao Ignazio. We wish you so much happiness on your Birthday. Your voice and personality charm everyone. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication to developing that fabulous voice of yours. You have grown so much since we first saw you on American Idol and have been devoted ever since. We saw you in Minneapolis this year and immediately made arrangements to see you in Rome in May. I came in my wheelchair with my little service dog. It was the most amazing celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary. We cannot thank you enough for all you are giving to the world. America loves you. Blessings to you and also Gianluca and Piero for working so hard to spread your love everywhere. May you have many happy Birthdays. Dr. Jay and Victoria Wilson

  11. I sent; my birthday wishes yesterday morning. Hope they have been received. Thanks, Kelly. – Allene

  12. I still haven’t received confirmation that my birthday wishes for Ignazio have been received. Should I send them again?

    1. Jana, if you have not had a simple acknowledgment, then send those Birthday greetings again. I think it’s important that the boys hear from adoring fans and adoring fans need a simple acknowledgment that their Birthday wishes were received. Maybe next year they should be sent to their homes via UPS. I just got an email from someone saying the official video of Grande Amore has had over 99 million hits on YouTube. YouTube is slow in reporting sometimes and I am certain it has had many more hits than 99 million, in reality. Two other sites have that song getting 12+ million hits and 8+ million hits. It was a thrill to see those numbers. I remember being thrilled when the official video of Grande Amore got 1 million hits. How exciting and wonderful. I feel so blessed to have their music in my life to carry me through many rough days adding such joy. Thank you for all your work Jana and Daniela. I love all of you keeping us informed. Victoria

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