Just being grateful ~ Marie

How can mere music make me this happy?

Why do three young faces cause my heart to flutter so?

Why am I so fortunate to live the remainder of my life knowing that every day those two things will bring me such joy?

What a glorious first thought when my eyes open in the morning.

God, I don’t know what I have ever done to deserve this gift, but thank you so much!


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  1. MARIE! So grateful to read this poem and to see who wrote it!!! 🙂 Truer words were never spoken.

    1. Thank you, Jane.
      You know sometimes I get fixated on what’s next…Where is the latest video of them?  When is the new CD coming out?  When is the next time I can see them in concert?  So, I have to remind myself that even if the Boys never sing another song (shudder) what they have done so far will bring me that daily joy.  That’s what inspired the above.

  2. Marie–I’m with Jane on this–truer words were never spoken! Grateful for the joy, the love, the peace and the beauty these three bring us every day.

  3. Thank you Marie !! I miss your amazing poems and this one is spot on !! We are so very blessed to have these three endearing boys with their big beautiful hearts and magnificent voices in our lives everyday !! They have made me very, very happy for many years and hopefully will contnue do so for many years to come !! Have a great Il Volo day Marie !! 😃

  4. Marie, these words are born from your heart, or from the heart of each of the fans of IL VOLO, because this is what we really feel, gratitude.
    Thanks Marie, beautiful words !!

  5. Oh, my goodness, Yes. Beautifully expressed. I switched the TV channel to PBS a , year ago and there was this teenager singing, then another, and another. I was awestruck and curious. They draw us to them daily.

  6. I agree with everything you said. This addiction keeps growing and growing and I’m becoming happier and happier!

    By the way, I have a call to action for everyone but I don’t know how to post it here and I hope you can. Box Musica in Italy is having a contest on the best musical artist and until yesterday, Il Volo was #1. Now Riki has taken over that spot. I’d like to reach out to our group to vote. You can vote twice on each of your devices. Sometimes you have to wait a while before you can vote the second time. But voting ends 12/6 at 11/59pm Italy time. Here’s the link



  7. Hey, Marie! Your words should be the Motto for Ilvolo lovers around the world! It’s so good to hear from you! Keep on keeping on! Hugs from Texas!! <3 <3 <3

  8. So wonderful to see your writing such true and beautiful words again I’m so happy and I feel blessed that I found IL Volo when I did what joy they have brought into my life. You have a wonderful Christmas and a terrific New Year and I can’t wait until the new cd comes out next year it’s going to be amazing I just now it.

  9. Marie, You have got an amazing and genuine way of writing beautiful poems about our adored men of Il Volo.
    To listen to them singing every day is a wonderful joy for me ~ they are a treasure that I appreciate very much.

  10. Thanks Roxanne about voting for ll Volo we have to keep voting to so they win which hopefully it will be a piece of cake because no one can beat them hands down. Riki isn’t going to be there for long when everyone reads about the voting.
    Hope you are well Marie.

    1. Loretta, we are continuing to vote but there has been doubt that there is something wrong because Riki has made a comeback too fast. However the first 4 artists will pass to the final and IL VOLO will surely be there.

  11. Thank you Marie for your beautiful and touching words about our special guys. You have perfectly described how we all feel about them and you are so right when we see their beautiful young faces and hear the most glorious music that keeps us all so very happy. They have touched our souls in ways that we could never have imagined. Truly they are special gifts that were sent to us from above.

  12. Beautifully said as usual Marie! They are truly a gift from God and have brought so much joy, peace and strength to so many.

  13. Marie, I hope it is ok to tell you here that I feel and think that you (and The Crew, past and present) have a deep soul connection with their souls and that you were destined to play a significant role in their ‘mission’. I also feel, Marie, that is why you were one of the founders and creators of the “Il Volo Flight Crew.” I know that involves dedicated, real work and a deep appreciation of and gratitude for Il Volo, personally and professionally. In my ‘read’ on it, that’s why you (and all of your devoted, fellow Crew members) are deserving of that gift which you beautifully describe as receiving each and every day. You’ve helped to bring the gift to many other people, far and wide. That’s a wonderful accomplishment and your own gift to others. Thanks to you and to all who have tossed tokens of love into the waters of the river of life for them, creating and maintaining expanding circles of love and happiness for this world.

    1. Laura, that was so beautiful! I don’t know what to say. I think you are correct though. I can only hope we have all (you too, of course) played a part in promoting them to the world. I can certainly be happy and satisfied believing this is so.
      Laura, thank you for your gift above.

      1. Marie. I have sensed that from the first time I ‘met’ you here. I don’t remember how I found you all, but I remember that the words, “Come In And Share The Love” struck me as kind and genuine. As for me, all i’ve been able to do is tell others about them. Thank you, Marie and please know that I mean every word and that there’s no doubt in my mind that you and several others here are a long-time part of their soul ‘circle;’. . . your consistent, lasting, loving concern and loyalty is one of the indicators of that. [Alas, I feel and think that I’m one of the majority who are pretty new to ‘meeting’ Il Volo, but that’s the most common situation, naturally). 🙂 😘

      2. Marie,
        Jeannette and I have talked about this little factor quite a bit:
        (well, it is really not “little” ) – In the last three concert visits to Las Vegas and, may I say, some other cities as well, there has been very little publicity such as tv ads, magazine and news paper ads. I have been so angry at Live Nation and the contract that they have with Il Volo. HOWEVER, Those concerts were all sold out – SOLD OUT !!! Now I Know that Flight Crew along with the Fan Faire site during the lead up to that event did a lot of pushing during those months and there were other social media sites that did it as well. These aspects – Flight Crew, etc. brought the crowd out. Take a bow. It is true.

        I know I was worried when they first came. Will we in Vegas get out ? ? Will I be embarrassed ? I was not and we did fill 2500 seats at the Pearl theater in 2016 with very little publicity from them. When they announced that they were going to a bigger place in 2017 – the Park theater has 4800 regular seats and once again we filled the place.

        To Marie and the crew – thank you and BRAVO !

  14. Wow. Beautiful. So glad I didn’t take over the management of this log. I’d be worn out creating the prose. Sharon

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  15. Never in a million years did I dream I would ever fall in love with someone on the other side of this world !! Thanks ,Marie for putting into beautiful words what we all feel!!!gg

      1. Dear Marie, Have you seen Myron’s comment for you, above? You and he have definitely been wonderful, continuing spot lights upon Il Volo. Bless you both (and all who help them). 🌟

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