15 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Professional Christmas”

  1. Just…just…Beautiful! Love the one with Jackie so much that I sent it to my entire family with a Merry Christmas note. Come on…everyone should hear this!

  2. All I can say it that I love the boys. They sing with their heart in every note. Such fun hearing their voices grow thru the years.

  3. Kelly, thanks for bringing back such beautiful memories. Jackie Evancho is probably the ONLY female artist they have ever performed with where they actually sound incredible together. I love this video!!!

    The Assisi concert in St. Francis Basilica is stunning. This needs no more words. It’s purity and reverence speak for itself.

    Grazie, Kelly!!

  4. I love the concert in Assisi. I will be watching this over and over. And I also wish our boys would do some more songs with Jackie Evancho. She is the only female singer I have heard who blends in so well with Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. Love the Drummer Boy!

  5. These videos are beautiful, thanks Kelly.
    Assisi in the Christmas period is fantastic, it looks like a living nativity scene, and listening to Piero Ignazio and Gianluca in the Basilica of San Francesco must have been a wonderful emotion.

  6. Thanks Kelly for these videos. I love listening to the concert in Assisi and I was actually outside the Today studio when Il Volo was singing with Jackie Evancho. I could see them through the glass but you couldn’t hear them. I waited, and I did get to speak to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca when they left and were walking to their car. They were very kind and also signed my Notte Magica CD and DVD.

      1. Me three! I really did’nt care for the female opera singer that sang with them, it seemed like she was trying to sing over them.
        When she sang the first few notes watch Piero’s face, he looked surprised and looked over at the others to see if they were reacting too.
        Marie, Daniela does have a point, you might have your door open but she is probably arriving in Bologna right now to give him a Christmas kiss💋🙂

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