Il Volo Professional: Sharon Stone Charity Gala

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In chilly but beautiful St. Morris, Il Volo charmed the guests of  the Sharon Stone Charity Gala.


St. Moritz Facebook Page Video


The night is young, but here are some fun pictures/videos that have surfaced:



A follow up piece with more content will be coming.

~~ Kelly

26 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional: Sharon Stone Charity Gala”

    1. Thanks Daniela for the video. They did’nt seem to have too much space to perform in did they?
      But as always, they were perfect.🙂❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

      1. They were really in little space, Jill, but always perfect.
        Did you read the translation of Piero’s wishes that I translated?

      2. Greetings, Jill and Daniela, I’ve been unsuccessful in locating Daniela’a translation of Piero’s wishes. Where should I look? I thank you. 🐶🐱

      3. Hello Laura, it is a bit of time that I do not hear you, I reciprocate the best wishes.
        The translation of Piero’s wishes is in the comments of the post of December 27th.

  1. I’m sure glad that Il Volo were treated like royalty & Sharon showing appreciation that they were there. They were spectacularly dressed & they shone way above all the other men & women. They are so perfectly handsome men & I feel so grateful to know them & there singing were as usual astounding. I so love them fiercely. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be there & witness the appreciatin shown to them. I feel so happy & proud for them as if they were my grandsons.

    1. I too am very proud of them Loretta, but have you seen how Sharon was holding Ignazio? She has good taste

  2. Sorry Daniela I forgot to thank you for posting it. We wouldn’t know anything about the gala if it wasn’t for you. Were you & your husband lucky to attend? Hope you were.

  3. Daniela, Thank you for the video with the boys singing and Sharon getting to kiss them. I think Ignazio felt very at ease with her. It’s good to be an actress when you’re having to stand in front of a big crowd of people and have to meet them all, too. (Shiver me timbers!). Of the three guys, I think Ignazio is in his element when on stage, plus the fact that he’s a Libran — which helps with ‘stage confidence’. For some reason, I’ve known well a lot of Librans in my life and the majority of those I’ve known are truly big hams at heart, lol ! The reporter there seemed like a nice guy and did a good job with his interviews. Il Volo finds themselves having to hobnob with the rich & famous, but like you, Daniela, and many others of their long-time admirers notice, they’ve each been well-served by their up-bringings, as though in a pre-destined preparation for their lives’ particular course trajectory. Pretty interesting to observe that.

    1. Yes Laura, the boys are always perfect on all occasions and this is not for everyone.
      Ignazio certainly seems the more at ease but it is very rare to find his private photos, he does very few posts and I think he also does a fairly withdrawn private life.

      1. Thank you, Daniela, for the directions to your translation for Piero’s wishes which I’d requested up above here. Appreciate your response. 😍 I remember noticing last year that Ignazio’s posts on Instagram started becoming more scarce around the time that he had to post a plea and a warning that he would have to close his social media accounts unless some fans would cease making phone calls to him in the night and apparently other negative behavior . It appears that things had gotten worse as he made more public his continued relationship with his ladyfriend. He used to post more regularly. Understandably, though sadly for the rest of his (respectful) fans, he pretty much drew the curtain across his private life around that time. (Nothing that he would do should surprise, really). 😶👤 ♎︎

  4. Laura, the post you are looking for is titled “Article in Bologna Newspaper” and is dated December 27th.
    The video and translation is with the emails from that day.

  5. Yes Daniela she definitely has good taste for the handsomest man in the world & he was comfortably enjoying the attention. She was quite animated when they were singing she truly enjoys their singing. I am truly sad you couldn’t be there also.

  6. Thank you, Margaret, Jill and the rest of the Crew. Likewise, wishing all readers and Crew good health, security and love in our new year.🌲

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