Il Volo – Celebrity Reactions! (and Tanti Auguri, to the King – from our 3 Princes!)

We all know our guys have had the pleasure and honor to sing, sing to, or sing for, some very special and honored celebrities and stars.  IVPerformances, a Twitter account, has put together a really cute video of our guys with some famous people, including Barbra Streisand and the latest with Sharon Stone.  They want people to watch and share their account.  So, in honor of their hard work, here you go!  It’s on You Tube….

Good job IVPerformances – nicely done!!


1 - ivperf



Even though I know it’s staged and part of the act, it cracks me up every time I see it, when Barbra says “showoff!” to Ignazio!  Although, in this one, he sounds a little flat?  Sharon sure looks like she’s have a grand time!

As many of us know, January 8, is also the birthday of Elvis Presley!  It’s also the birthday of my first Italian crush and my dear friend’s husband!  Definitely a great day!  lol!  🙂

Here’s to you, Elvis, in honor of Gianluca’s version…this was record in Las Vegas.  It’s simple and beautiful.





p.s.  A big Grazie Mille to Gina, for passing the IVPerformances along to Marie and I!  🙂 

3 thoughts on “Il Volo – Celebrity Reactions! (and Tanti Auguri, to the King – from our 3 Princes!)”

  1. Thank you for the walk down memory lane with “The King.” I’m glad Il Volo brings so much laughter and enjoyment to their performances. I appreciate the laughs because we need them.

  2. Kelly & Jana are you going to making a list of theatres the guys are going to be performing at in the States & Canada if not can I get their Il Volo office information so I can find out from their official site.

  3. Nice video, how many people recognize the value of our principles and others will come again.

    Honor to the memory of Elvis, and what better way than this wonderful song.
    Thanks Jana and Gina!!

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