And here we are at the penultimate concert of this mini-summer tour, takes place in CERVIA, a beautiful town on the Adriatic Sea.

The article related to the concert appeared in the newspapers and IL VOLO said that there will be a surprise at the end of the concert, we’ll see what it is.
Let’s start with the rehearsals of the show.
They’re just back from Miami and they’re about to start a concert, do you think they’re tired or stressed?
I would say no !!
Some short videos of the songs
Sweet shots
In Cervia 3 more songs were sung than in Marostica and exactly: MATTINATA (I did not find the video), UNA FURTIVA LACRIMA, Ignazio’s solo.
and LA DANZA, Gianluca’s solo. As you can see Gianluca falls the sheet with the words and he for a moment loses the rhythm, and then immediately resume, then perhaps unnerved, forget the words, I bet he remembered but got nervous. In the end, even the conductor embraces him, knowing that Gianluca is a perfectionist, who knows how badly he will have been, the audience also encourages him with a warm applause.
And here we are at the final greetings.
Taormina, the pearl of Sicily, difficult to break away from such a place.
Taormina, what’s in Taormina tonight?
Those of IL VOLO, tonight sing in Taormina?
But here I stay, what interests me more!
Happy while they enjoy a delicious granita at Bambar.
In this video transmitted to the tele-newspaper, the boys confirm that they are happy to be back in Taormina at the end of their concerts, and especially for a concert for charity.
The rehearsals of the show begin.
How wonderful is this rift in the wall of the ancient Greek Theater, which allows you to see the volcano Etna and its fumarole in the distance.
This  videos that follow were made by Deborah Georgini Beaupre, beautiful !!
And now these beautiful shots by Judy Paullin Thurman,
Surely it was a wonderful evening.
The wonder of the finale: GRANDE AMORE.
Because Taormina, is a fascinating place, in the Greek Theater, there is an incredible atmosphere, where the beauty of the landscape blends with the stars, the voices of Piero Ignazio and Gianluca rise beautiful, cheered by a thousand applause of adoring people , everything is like magic, the magic of Taormina !!
I wanted with all my heart to be there, and you?
Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

33 thoughts on “IL VOLO CERVIA AND TAORMINA, by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, this is an amazing email. I was blown away with the pictures and videos. There are not words again that convey our thanks for sharing the evening with us. We just watched all the videos (although the screen went black and we just got sound…probably due to my iPad’s inability to perform) and it was like being there. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for sending us all the highlights of the night. You are an angel and we love you for including us in the boy’s triumph. Bless you!

    1. Dear Victoria, you’re always a flatterer.
      I am very happy that you enjoyed the concerts I offered you.
      I must tell you that Taormina remains in my dreams …… but maybe also in yours!

  2. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your latest update! I have waiting with excitement to see/ hear IL VOLO – especially in Taormina! That ahhhaome venue for ahhhmazing IL VOLO!
    Again Thank YOU! LaneyJ

  3. Daniela, marvelous post! I once again find myself sitting here at my computer grinning ear to ear as I play Ave Maria, as I recall that magical drive with Marie, you and Beppe!

    1. Penina, we did not even understand it, maybe we thought that the article was written before the first concert and the surprise was that at the end, the concert became more pop and had the less formal part, but because this article appeared at the fourth concert, we could imagine that there was something new.
      I hope I explained myself!

      1. I was hoping that they were going to announce something exciting!
        Ah well! We are still waiting for that CD!!

  4. Daniela thanks again for a great post. When I want to listen to a full concert I always go to IL Volo’s first Taormina appearance. There was magic then and I am sure again at this one.

    1. Gina, that concert remains one of my favorites. Also the guys were so excited because it was the first concert in Taormina and still they were not very well known in Italy.
      There was magic then, but the magic continues today.

  5. Thanks so much Daniela for the two concerts. How cute are the Guys with that little boy, who looks absolutely delighted.Their confidence has grown so much when one compares their early concerts. Gianluca takes it all in stride when he tosses his music sheet in error and carries on in spite of his accident.This was the young boy who sang to the wall as he was so shy !!! Taormina is certainly a gorgeous setting for a concert and the Guys live up to its beauty.
    Thank you again Daniela for all your hard work in keeping us up to date with our handsome and favourite singers.

    1. Marion, the boys are simply delicious with that child.
      I wanted to show the mistake of Gianluca to show that of course they too can make mistakes, but also to show how professional they are to continue in the best way, GIanluca was the one who sang turned towards the wall, has come a long way since then.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  6. Thank you so much Daniela for these wonderful photos and videos. I would love to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in Taormina! It is such a beautiful setting, the lighting and the lovely night sky in the break of the wall of this ancient theater! It’s just spectacular and Il Volo singing makes it perfect! It looks like Gianluca also lost a page of music during Ave Maria in Taormina because of the wind. I always wondered how Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca seemed to be so perfect in every concert so it is unusual to see Gianluca have a little issue with his music. He then finished the song nicely!

    1. Thank you Margaret, Taormina is incredible, I’ve been there and there was no concert and it was still very nice, I imagine what becomes the evening of the concert itself!
      The boys are not infallible, but excellent professionals!

  7. My friend Ellie would also like to share in this she is an avid ILVOLO FAN please contact her

    —————————————–From: “Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love” To: Cc: Sent: Monday July 30 2018 11:40:22PM Subject: [New post] IL VOLO CERVIA AND TAORMINA, by Daniela

    Jane posted: “And here we are at the penultimate concert of this mini-summer tour, takes place in CERVIA, a beautiful town on the Adriatic Sea. The article related to the concert appeared in the newspapers and IL VOLO said that there will be a surprise at the end of th”

    1. Hi Daballan, you have to tell your friend Ellie that this site is free to all, it is enough that she connects and she can read all the published articles and if she wants to can comment, as you did.

  8. Hi Daniela thank you so much for the beautiful photos and videos -I see the beautiful videos, but when I click on them I’m just hearing sound. Is there something I am not doing correctly?

    1. Hello Maragret, you are the second person who tells me this and so I checked in person, and it is true, this has been happening for a few days, because before everything was ok. I think it’s a problem with Facebook, now I’m warning Kelly who follows the technical part of the site. Thanks for the report, I hope it’s a problem that will be solved soon.

  9. Thank you Daniela – I so look forward to hearing our guys on the videos and concerts you post but seeing them is the icing on the cake!

    1. Margaret, I hope we can solve the problem soon, but we understand that if you watch the videos on the PC, everything is ok, instead from the phone and the tablet, the videos are not seen.

  10. Thank you Daniela for sharing the Taormina Concert… It was the most amazing concert to date… Il Volo shined brighter than the stars in the sky… We were on our feet singing along with them toward the end of the concert… They were more animated on stage and more excited with the crowd than I have ever seen them in the past… It was like they wanted us to know they were there to give us the best concert ever and they succeeded… Even with a few flaws that only a seasoned fan would notice such as Ignazio singing the same line of a song twice it still was the most magnificent concert with all three picking up where the other left off flawlessly… What a perfection and camaraderie between these three great young men… Although we only went to the one concert in Taormina this year, it was as grand as all the other concerts put together that I have seen in the past… Il Volo, the very best performers in the world…

    1. Jeannette, this concert must have been fantastic !!! I have heard the opinion of other people who have already been to see the concert in Taormina in recent years, and all have said that “it was the best concert ever”. I have already written a post about this feeling and will be published next week.
      As I repeated several times, Taormina is a magical place to attend a concert there, it is an incredible experience, and you were there, you were there, you participated in this magic.
      I’m really very happy that you could participate in this concert.

      You have noticed the videos of Deborah and the photos of Judy, very good !!

      1. There are no words to express how truly magical the last concert of the season alway is… Then having it end in Taormina the most magical arena with the sea and colors that are being lit up on the Ancient theatre of Taormina just adds to the perfection of voices of Il Volo… All I can say is if anyone decides to vacation in Italy.., Wait until there is an Il Volo Concert in Taormina and plan your vacation around that concert, you will not be disappointed… As many concerts as I have seen in the USA and Italy, I have to say this one was the very best… The boys shined brighter than the stars in the sky that night… It truly was a magical night…

  11. I am very happy that you attended a concert so beautiful, moreover, you make me grow the desire to go to Taormina to see a concert!

  12. Daniela please update me are our boys still doing concerts or are they finished for the summer. I was hoping they would come to Canada as it is going to be difficult to go to the States now that Trump has banned Canadians crossing the border. I am champing at the bit to see them

  13. Daniele I can not see the videos when I click on them they go blank. Where is the video that has surprise at the end. Or what was the surprise

    1. Hi Elisabeth, as I said in Penina, that article must have been written even before the summer concerts and Piero was referring to the fact that at the end of each concert, they would add pop songs and they would not finish with the Magic Night program .
      Because of the fact that you do not see the videos, I’m very sorry, I’ve already asked Kelly who follows the technical part. It’s a problem of cell phone or tablet, because from the pc you can see well.

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