A few days ago, we read the gossip about Piero and Valentina. Sightings continue and the newspapers talk about them. I will translate this sweet article that speaks of their love story. The article was published in the gossip newspaper OGGI.

OGGI Magazine Article – Click Here

Valentina Allegri: è vero amore con Piero Barone

Valentina and Piero 01

Valentina Allegri and Piero Barone meet at Linate airport where he has just landed arriving from Catania and they let themselves go to kisses and tenderness …

Valentina and Piero 02

Valentina and Piero 03

The Juventus coach’s daughter runs to pick up her boyfriend at the airport. And he does not even give him the time to give her a red rose: he clings to him and does not give him up (almost) anymore …

Valentina and Piero 04

Valentina and Piero 05

Valentina Allegri, and Piero Barone, tenor of Volo, are the living demonstration that when two people love each other they do not want to steal their story, not even for a moment and every moment is good for being together, talking, exchanging tenderness and kisses.

Valentina and Piero 06

Valentina and Piero 07

Reduced from a tour in Sicily, Piero Barone landed in Linate with a red rose in his hand. As if there were not a moment to lose, his girlfriend Valentina Allegri did not even give him the time to deliver the flower and in a tangle of legs she stuck him to a bench in the arrivals area for an out of plan of intimacy and affection.

Valentina and Piero 08

Valentina and Piero 09

Valentina and Piero 10

Valentina and Piero 11

After twenty minutes of languid caresses between Valentina and Piero it was already over. The singer received a call, left the Linate hall and got on a taxi with an unknown destination. She went to the parking lot, got into the car and all alone left. But lying on the seat next to her, she had a red rose.

Valentina and Piero 12

Valentina and Piero 13

Valentina and Piero 14

Valentina and Piero 15

Valentina and Piero 16

Valentina and Piero 17

Valentina and Piero 18

What is certain, is that Piero and Valentina, do not hide, indeed, after these photos, stolen by the paparazzi, they themselves have published a photo of them, united, have made public their love story.

Unfortunately, Piero has also disabled the comments under their picture, because many people have posted very bad comments.

Here’s the picture.

Valentina and Piero 19

I do not know what effect these pictures do to you, but to me, fill my heart, I am a romantic and think that Piero may have found the girl of his dreams, makes me very happy and certainly Piero is feeling moments of pure happiness.

Will the romance continue? It will be the time that will tell us.


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75 thoughts on “LOVE CONTINUES by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, this was a wonderful piece. They look like such a happy, sweet couple. We love Piero and wish him all the happiness he deserves. It was a lovely set of photos and I’m glad someone captured the event. We certainly would not hear of it without your diligence. Thank you for keeping in the loop.

    1. Hi dear Victoria, I like to inform you of something you do not know. Yes, it’s really a good story !!

    2. It wasn’t wonderful-It was TMZ-like classless stalking. This man along with his friends are beautiful souls who share their talents with the world, which takes up many hours of their lives. Do they not deserve a few minutes of free private time?

  2. Daniela thanks for the pictures and article. You are
    so good on keeping us informed on matters we in US have no access. I am happy for Piero. Waiting for Gianluca and Ignazio to find some nice girl. A girl that would understand the life IL VOLO leads.

      1. Ignazio is NOT married. In fact he broke up with his girlfriend a few months ago.

      2. @peninahonig: Maybe you mean Gianluca, and maybe he did break up w/his gf, I don’t know. Ignazio and Alessandra have indeed been married for some time.

      3. You are mistaken. They are not married and broke up. If you saw one of the videos from the recent tour when they were in a car with a driver, Ignazio specifically tells the man he broke up recently with his girl friend.

      4. So confusing. I remember a performance of Core Ingrato where Gian said (in Italian) to Igna and Piero, “That’s it! You’re married!” Then Igna held up his wedding ring and said “I AM married!”

  3. Why would anyone post very bad comments!???? Here is a handsome young man in love (maybe) with a beautiful young woman-It’s a magical time in a young couple’s life. You go for it Piero and make her very happy with all you have to offer, which is considerable!!!!

    1. And ‘what I ask myself, Mark, but I assure you that bad comments there have been, indeed, some really unreadable.

    2. Mark I agree completely with you! I am delighted for Piero!. Do I wish it were me? Sure! But that is not realistic. So I rejoice that he may have found his Grande Amore!

  4. Thank you Daniela for this very sweet article. I am so happy for Piero and Valentina and wish them only the very best. I don’t understand why people leave bad comments about the relationships of others. It is evidence of no respect for the judgement and intelligence of others to manage their own lives.

    1. A really sweet story, Jeanette. Many comments have been made referring to Valentina, precisely without respect to the choice made by Piero.

  5. Dear Daniela Thank you so much for all the information you provided about Piero and Valentina. I saw the pictures a few weeks ago but did not know the back story how sweet. As you know Piero is my favorite IL Volo member and I am thrilled he has found the girl for him. Anyone who has anything bad to say about the two of them don’t know what they heck they are talking about. Probably a bunch of losers. Once again thank you so much for all the detail you’re amazing.

    1. Thanks to you, Lynne, that you liked what I posted to you. At the beginning I was very skeptical about the boys’ private life, but I have to tell you that your comments fill my heart.

  6. Thank you for this article ! My heart is full of love & good wishes for these two ! I was worried about Piero when gianluca & Ignazio had girlfriends & he didn’t. He seemed sad in some pictures, but not anymore ! I am so happy for them ! I love these boys & wish them lifetimes of love & happiness, which is just a fraction of what they have given me !!!

    1. Chris, this story is very sweet, and sweets are them that do not shy away from the paparazzi. Good guys enjoy your love story, the present is today, tomorrow we will see.

  7. Wishing these two Gods Blessings in their togetherness….I think this is wonderful. They share traditions of their heritage, and hopefully their faith. Young love is beautiful. I do hope that she appreciates his kind heart and shares his love of family and the arts. Thank you! Only time will tell. We put them in God’s hands.

    1. Exact Rose Marie, time will tell us about this story, but today let us experience this beautiful love story.

  8. Beautiful photos! I wish them all the best. These people who would make bad comments about him are jealous of his relationship, and they need to get a life.

    1. Yes Jill, I am firmly sure that those who wrote those bad things are jealous people who do not know what love is

  9. What beautiful loving pictures of Piero and Valentina! They make my heart fill with love for them❤️ Unfortunately, IL Volo’s fame now in their own country makes them targets for the paparazzi!! We all know how special PIero is so we will just ignore any negative comments! Thanks Daniela!

    1. It ‘s true Annette, but I must also tell you that here in Italy, Valentina is very famous because of her father and also the fact that she is very social, and this attracts even more media attention.

      1. Oh my Daniela: The paparazzi must be having a great time following them! Let’s hope in time the media frenzy settles down!!!

    1. I too, RoseMarie, I am very happy for him. They both seem completely at ease. Tonight as soon as IL VOLO returned to Italy, they performed in a private party in Milan and Valentina posted a video.

  10. I hope they know how much their love for each other means to all of us
    who love Il Volo. We want them to be happy and richly loved by their

  11. I’m super happy for Piero and if we the fans love this young man we all should happy for him. May Valentina and Piero be very happy

  12. Yes, I too hope Piero reads the positive comments on this site so he knows that lots of his fans are happy for him. Anyone posting negative comments must just be jealous and wish they were in Valentina’s place. Piero strikes me as a serious, feet on the ground kind of young man who thinks things through and has a plan for where his life might lead. If they are ready to make this relationship public, then I imagine they are happy and want to share their happiness with the fans. Wishes for much happiness to them both.

    1. Janet, I also think that if they have made this story public, it means that they are happy and they want to share with everyone. It would be really nice if Piero read all these good comments.

  13. Piero is my favorite of the guys, doesn’t mean I don’t also love the other two, but to me Piero is special and I was absolutely stunned. surprised and of course thrilled to learn he has a sweetheart! I feel that it must be serious for him to go public and I wish nothing but love & happiness in their future! Does that look like an engagement ring on Valentina’s hand?

  14. Love begats love. I do not think there is a limit on how much you can truly love another – I do not believe in a “quantiity theory” of love – that there is only so much love to go around. Piero is a loving family member, loved and supported by family and others – so he is capable of “great love”. If this is it, and he is a devout man, we only need listen to Piero and what he has to say about his life and love. Glad for them both!

  15. I hate to put a damper on anyones thinking but has Piero ever had a girl friend before & that he broke up with? Perhaps because of his career? In my opinion I hope the other boys have met her & given him their opinion. Gianluca is now happilly married so I am sure both Gianluca & Ignazio are looking out for Piero. Of course since I don’t know how long Piero has been going with the girl I still hope he doesn’t do somethng hastily.

    1. Gianluca is not married. In factI think he broke up with his long time girl friend a while back. As for Piero, I seem to remember him having a girlfriend a long time ago. A very long time ago!

    2. Loretta but where did you put this false news that Gianluca is married? I assure you that it is not true and I beg you not to spread false information.

  16. So happy for Piero and his lady. There is nothing like young, true love. Takes me back to my youth. God bless them and I wish them the best going forward as well as Ignazio and Gianluca.

  17. Just looked at Piero and Valentinas photos again and I have to say iI really love the photo of Piero kissing her forehead. Its such a sweet photo., very endearing. There is more than just passion here between these two!

  18. Daniela, the guys have given us so much in the way of their hearts and their incredable talent! Who wouldn’t want the best for them? Their happiness is ours. May the good Lord continue to bless and protect them in all they endeavor, along with their families and the ones they choose to love! Piero so deserves to be happy. I wish him and all the guys their hearts desires! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Their love fills my heart. Delia, you’re right, Piero Gianluca and Ignazio deserve all the best possible.

  19. Thank you, Daniela and Pitterpato, for the news and pictures. (Love her little doggy!). Isn’t it something to discover that sweet Piero has a new, romantic love-interest after what appears to be a long time. I, too, agree with Connie O (piratesorka😊) that the kiss on the forehead is an expression of the deeper feelings of a tender, caring ‘higher’ love. Piero has always struck me as someone who would try his best to deliberately, patiently and carefully lead his life forward. I join with all of you here in wishing them all the best of life.💕

  20. Thanks to you, Laura, that you appreciated. The kiss on the forehead is of extreme sweetness and full of meaning.

  21. Girls am sincerely sorry if I misleaded you but that it what I read which I was surprised also. So now I will try & find what & where & read it.

  22. Love in it many stages is so difficult to explain. A kiss on the forehead is wonderful a classy. The paparazzi won’t get excited over such gentle affection. Valentina & Piero seem very much in love and I wish them the very best. I’m from the old school of Romance I think the Touch of the hand is so precious and is a tender connection between to human beings,

    1. Yes Vincent, in fact all their attitudes are very romantic and affectionate, probably the relationship has just begun, in fact you notice how sweet the are, and in need of contact.Very sweet the kiss on the forehead, but also the photo where he takes her legs, to attract her more closer, in fact, the following photos of their legs are crossed, for an ever closer contact. Really romantic. Love is in the air ❤

  23. Piero seems to love children, as many photos have shown him picking them up and giving them a lot of attention in their shows. I will bet if these two marry, they will have a child right away. Wishing them the very best.

  24. It is sad to hear that the two have gone their separate ways.
    Being committed with his (their) profession would be very difficult for a relationship to survive. This being said hopefully one day they will be able to rise above it. 😂

  25. Piero’s relationship only lasted about 8 months. Ignazio’s relationship is now over. Gianluca has a relationship with Francesca–a girl from his region–their relationship has been going on for around 18 months. Gianluca has always said he wanted to meet someone near where he lives. It takes a special woman to adjust to their lifestyle–gone for many months at a time.

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