In these days Regina Hanna, who is part of the crew, sent me an e-mail and wrote “do a summer post on this video”.

Okay, I thought, it’s a beautiful video from almost four years ago, and maybe some of you haven’t seen it and, for those who have seen it, it’s certainly nice to see them again.

Unfortunately there is only one single video of that evening, but I remember well all that happened in the transmission and that now I am going to tell you.


Francesca Lorito, is a beautiful and good girl who participates in the program broadcast on TELEFE, called LATEST CORAZONES (an Argentine television program) , where the children sing with their parents. Francesca performs with her father Giorgio, of Italian origins. Giorgio taught Francesca the beautiful Italian songs and that evening they will sing “VOLARE”.

Francesca likes IL VOLO, which are fresh from victory, in Sanremo (we are in October 2015). What Francesca does not know, while singing, with her beautiful little voice together with her father, that Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, are behind the scenes, ready to go out during the live, to give her a nice surprise.

When the boys come out into the open, Francesca remains open-mouthed, but then, after the initial astonishment, she starts singing with them, and the voices of all four are very beautiful and well blended.

This beautiful video is really moving, but I remember very well, the emotion of Gianluca, while he was singing and holding little Francesca, the tears ran down his cheeks, and the presenter, seeing so much emotion in Gianluca, told him, not to be ashamed of show his emotion and sensitivity.



Definitely very excited Francesca, but perhaps even more our treasure of Gianluca. His gentle soul could not resist, sweet Gian.


Francesca told the camera that it was her mother who introduced her to IL VOLO and she immediately fell in love with Gianluca: “What I know about him is his name is Gianluca and he is the most beautiful of all.”



The conductor thanked Il Volo, describing them with words of respect and admiration, saying that they are great personalities of international music but also humble and very helpful boys.


At the end of the stay IL VOLO sang “Grande Amore” dedicating it to Francesca who was giving them big smiles. She certainly felt like a real princess!  👸


Thank you guys for making this little girl’s dream come true!

Crew, did you see this video before and know all the background?
I hope I told you something new.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

25 thoughts on “FRANCESCA LORITO, A SWEET MEMORY by Daniela”

  1. This is one of my favorite videos of Il Volo. It is so very sweet and little Francesca is just beautiful. Thank you for bringing it back.

  2. I love seeing this video again. Thank you for sharing it and making my heart swell. Gianluca is the most loving, kind, tender and compassionate man. The sweetness between Gianluca and Francesca is the most heartwarming I’ve ever seen. Please, is there is another Gianluca out there, please find me…Gianluca is my forever love…

    1. Eleanor, original GIanluca has already been taken by a Francesca, a little bigger than that, of the video, but I believe that identical copies of him, are not really there. He is an exclusive !! 🙂

  3. I remember this video very well. It was such a beautiful surprise for Francesca. ! Many emotions from from Francesca, her Father and The Boys. Love it! 💕. 💕. 💕

  4. what a emotional story,,we all wish we can have this happen,, im dealing with cancer now, only to hope have a greet and meet,with them , during their next concert even if im 69 . Bless them

    1. Jay, you will surely have your time with them, don’t doubt it, always be positive. Listen to so much beautiful music, it will give you so much strength. A hug from Italy!

  5. I have watched this a hundred times. There is a video where it starts from the beginning of the song, and before it is over, Gianluca and the others go out in the audience and hug the Mom. They were so awesome to do this. The host comes from Sicily too I think. Thanks Daniella for sharing this video again. I wonder where she is now???❤️

  6. Daniela, mi rallegra di questo meraviglioso ricordo: i ragazzi hanno un grande cuore, anche quando erano piccoli. Ho una cartella Daniela sul mio computer in cui conservo tutti i tuoi materiali e li leggo con gioia e amore. Non vedo l’ora che arrivi il 18.09. quando IL VOLO viene in Bulgaria.

    1. Thanks Antohena, I am very honored of what you wrote to me, even a folder with all my posts …. wow !!
      In a month, they will be there, what happiness! 🙂

  7. I do remember seeing this video. To see Francesca’s face and Gianluca with her was lovely. He has a kind and loving heart!

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  9. Ciao Daniela58, grazie per la veloce risposta. Non capisco cosa può essere successo per il mancato recapito della mail. Ti prego di riprovare con il seguente: perchè è impossibile che la mia mail NON possa ricevere messaggi. Cordiali saluti e tante grazie. Laura.

  10. I have watched this video for a few years. It is so touching and
    brings tears to my eyes. Il Volo is very touched emotionally
    with meeting this little fan. What a gift she received from our
    loving singers IL VOLO.

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