KIEV and BUDAPEST, 26/27 by Daniela

Even the Eastern Europe tour ended with Kiev and Budapest, and here are some videos and photos:

KIEV: welcomed with great warmth

Kiev Budapest 01

“MUSICA CHE RESTA” + joking + “MY WAY”



Kiev Budapest 02

Kiev Budapest 03

Kiev Budapest 04

Kiev Budapest 05

What happiness these guys have.

Kiev Budapest 06


Very little time to rest and immediately off to Hungary, in the beautiful Budapest.

At that concert Jeannette Giglio and Deborah Georgini Beaupre were present, all the photos of Budapest, are made by Deborah, thank you!

They said it was another beautiful concert.

Kiev Budapest 07

On YouTube, I was able to find two videos that depict the whole concert.

Furthermore the dialogues are in English. So enjoy it! 😊



Kiev Budapest 08

Kiev Budapest 09

Kiev Budapest 10

Kiev Budapest 11

How wonderful this beautiful group of people is, isn’t it?

Kiev Budapest 12

Two other stages have been made, the list of successes is always longer, but there is little time to rest.

October has arrived, it’s time to return to Mexico !!


16 thoughts on “KIEV and BUDAPEST, 26/27 by Daniela”

  1. Thanks so much for posting all the great pictures and videos
    I am finally going to see the guys in Concert in Ft.Lauderdale in February so excited

  2. Daniela,
    Thank you for all your postings! I enjoy them immensely! I will see the boys in Chicago! I can’t wait!

  3. “My Guys” are awesome. I am going to AZ to see them in March. I am so happy and wish they would do a different time in America. They are scheduled to arrive in February and with the weather being so unpredictable it’s hard to know what to do when living in the midwest section of the U.S. Each or all of them could sing me to sleep and I would awaken with a smile. I so enjoy them and their music and antics. Wish I could get up close enough to give them a hug… I love them so much. Wishing all a safe and fun trip on your 10 year tour. Hugs and lots of love sent your way.

      1. I think they plan according to weather + concert place. Mostly Italian tour was outside, so they reduce the risk of bad weather by choosing summer months. When you have concert in the hall weather outside is less important. But of course can be problematic for travelers. I’m sure you will enjoy even with -20C outside 😉
        kisses from Poland, today we had first “minus” in the morning this season 7AM was -3C … winter is coming 😉

    1. Sassylady, have you seen how much love they are spreading and gathering? It is really a fantastic thing and soon they will be with you too.

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