In these days of expansion, unfortunately, of the Covid19 virus, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have recorded this video.

I will translate what they say.

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È per il bene di tutti! #iorestoacasa

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I = (to Piero) Did you wash your hands before pressing?

P = Yes I washed my finger (used to activate the video).
Hi guys, we are on tour in the US, we will end in 4/5 days (he got confused, he meant 4/5 concerts) and we will return to Italy.
Maybe from here we don’t realize how serious the situation can be.

I = But surely, now that we return, we will stay at home, for our own good, but above all for the good of all.

G = Yes, to avoid contagion and please, wash your hands, which is equally important.

P = We follow the rules, no hugs, no kisses.

I = But have you thought about what to do when we are at home?

P = I will definitely not call you.

I = I will go every day to play tennis.

P = You can’t go out …

I = Why not?

G = You can’t leave the house, you can’t do anything, I’ll give you a racket on your head …

P = Play ping pong at home. Bye guys.

G = Bye

I = Bye

Important 01

Very good, you have given an important message, but always with a smile on your lips.
We have already seen that since the San Josè concert, you have never gone down in the public, in compliance with the rules.

The CoronaVirus, it is testing us, are difficult moments, but we will do it.
Little is missing and you will go home.

Important 02

My personal addition . . .

I live in Lombardy and yesterday it was decreed: RED AREA, that is, at high risk of infection. All schools, churches, cinemas, theaters and non-food shops closed on weekends. We are prohibited to leave the house unless strictly necessary.

We must keep distance between one person and another and wash our hands very well.

It is true there are many infected, but I want to clarify that many swabs have been made, over 50 thousand, and most of them have been positive, but without any symptoms.

Me and my whole family are fine.

A big hug to the whole crew. ❤


Important 03


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53 thoughts on “AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE by Daniela”

    1. Such an enduring post. Thank you. We are all concerned for Il Volo and their Country. God Bless you for all you do.

  1. I am so grateful they came to the U.S. to sing for us all. they were taking a big risk throughout the whole tour with this Virus. My wish for them is to stay well, make it home safety to their families and not get this Virus. Thank you again il volo and Please come back to sing again for us.

  2. Thank you, Daniela. We are all being vigilant regarding taking steps to avoid contact with COV19.

    We in the USA have a great team of scientists headed up by our Vice President, under many, many serious guidelines undertaken by our President as soon as COV19 was first known.

    I have many relatives in northern and southern Sicily. I was going to buy tickets fore the concert in Rome, however, I will not be traveling.

    I am happy I was able to go to the February 6th Il Volo concert at Radio City Music Hall, where our guys Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio were fabulous–the sold-out show was awesome, spectacular, wonderful. etc!

    My love and prayers that you all stay well,

    Elisa Marie

    1. Yes, Elisa Marie, luckily you managed to see a good concert, I hope the tour can end as well as it started.
      Thanks for the appreciation.

  3. We are all thinking about Italy right now. My relatives and friends in Italy are in Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, and Pesaro e Urbino and every one is in a red zone, There a multiple cases now in Maryland where I live and one of the infected people attended public events at a school and a seniors center so it is probably going to start spreading locally. I hope you and your family will be safe. Be safe everyone, and wash your hands!

    1. Frank, unfortunately the spread is really fast, this is the big trouble, more than the danger.
      Let us pray that everything can be resolved well.

  4. Thank you so much for the translation, Daniela. I have been so worried about our boys. Thank God Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are safe and also their families. And also thank God I got to see their concert in Tampa. They were fantastic. My sister Janet is now a fan as much as I am – which is forever! – Allene in Min.

    1. Allene, I’m very happy that your concert went well, and I’m even more happy for your sister Janet, she has become a fan like you. A hug

  5. I had the great honor and pleasure of seeing you on March 1, 2020 in Mesa, AZ. I wish I could explain my feelings to let all understand the love in my heart and admiration for you. I am glad you honor your family as you do and I thank them for your upbringing, it shows in everything you do. I don’t know if you read these comments or not, but I’m telling you you are a gift to the world. Gianluca you told me your Mom was standing in the corner, I looked and I waved to her, I think she thought I was a bit off balance in the head, Ignazio you said your sister was there also, I smiled at her and then I left so the others could have their picture with you all. I am 83 years old and I can say “I prayed to God that I could touch you” and it was granted. A handshake at sound check and everything I said came out crazy. Gianluca, you are one gorgeous and sweet man, Piero, I truly do love you and make no apology for saying it, Ignazio, I meant to say :you are so handsome and it came out “you are so pretty”…. you are a chunk of hunk and that is a compliment. My grands got the picture of us on canvass and next to my grands you guys are my heroes. You have style, class, and you have personality plus. Our world would be a much better place to live and play if all were like you. I will carry this event in my heart forever and I do love you all. I hope that St. Michael will be with you always and keep you safe as you travel the world. Thank you for giving me a night to remember and hold in my heart. Hugs and Love to each of you. Jackie R.

    1. Dear Sassylady, or Jackie, your words are always beautiful and very sweet.
      I am so happy that your first concert was a success and that Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio entered even more into your heart.
      I hope San Michele, which you have been able to give them personally, will always protect them.
      Have you read the two comments from the previous post? They are aimed at you.

  6. Daniela, Thank you for getting us the message from Il Volo. Again they are so generous to us. They seem to recognize that we are their family too. We must all be cautious.
    Also, Daniela and the whole flight Crew staff your devotion to us is noted my me and many more of The Flight Crew. Thanks for all you do, especially the translations, otherwise we are in the dark

    1. Thanks Kay for all the compliments.
      When I saw the video last night, I immediately thought that you wanted to understand what they said. So this morning I translated immediately and asked Pat to publish the post immediately, and she did it!

  7. Thank you again Daniela for translating another clip for us, makes all the difference when we know what they are really saying.

    As of this morning my husband and I and now my cousin have decided to mitigate risk of Covid19 (we both have underlying health issues + age) and CANCEL our trip to LAS VEGAS to see IL VOLO.

    (We are traveling from Seattle) I am heartbroken, after hearing all of the comments here and on IG, that I will not be able to listen and see these amazing songs and guys.

    I have FRONT ROW tickets to sell. its includes M&G afterwards.

    Please leave a reply here.

      1. Don’t worry, Color du jour, you were right to say here for tickets.
        I’m only sorry that you won’t go to the concert, a real shame, but health always comes first. As I repeat, this virus is feared for its wide spread and because it is risky for those who already have health problems. Many positive people, however, had no symptoms or problems.
        However you are always connected to us, so you can follow all the last concerts of this tour.

  8. Daniela, may you and yours be perfectly protected and safe from any infection. Take all precautions no matter how tedious or inconvenient. You are such an important link for all of us Flight Crew members. And I hope the guys will observe all precautions when they return to home turf as well. Actually, I wondered if they would be allowed to return to Italy as scheduled?

    1. Thanks because you worry about me Mark. I have to reassure you, I’m fine, as well as my whole family. I have no news of positive people among all my relatives and friends. The situation of alarm and closure of activities has now extended to all of Italy.
      Surely even the boys, on their return will have to submit to the restrictive rules. We hope there are no problems for their return.

  9. It is so sad to read of Italy being hit so hard with Corona virus. I hope and pray that the Il Volo familia’s will continue to be healthy through this difficult time. Thank you Daniela for this message and the translation of the message from Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. My prayers also go out for your health and the health of your loved ones.

    1. Thanks Jeanette, everything is highly appreciated. I repeat that I and all my family are fine. It is an emergency moment, but we will make it, Italy will raise its head.

  10. Espero el último concierto en Las Vegas. Serían dos conciertos en menos de un año. Octubre 5 Ensenada México LV Marzo 15, 2020. Espero regresen con sus familias y se cuiden. Bendiciones!

  11. The Corona virus is present in all countries, many countries. Paying attention is the message for Everyone, but sympathize with the very involved areas. With this I really want to give you courage and hope it is over by the time Il volo performs and returns home in Italy that everything may be over. Much courage and stretched out to everyone. Yes and miss Il Volo here, but we have to allow the other countries, fans too.
    Claudine from Belgium

  12. Thank you Daniela and Pat for this latest update! All that can be said is that with much prayer and research this epidemic will be controlled. Stay safe Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero and you Daniela as well.

  13. Grazie mille for the whole translation Daniela!! We love you so much😘 ❤ Now we know exactly what they said!😉😊 I am sad with all that is going on over there and around the world…. and also that I will need to postpone crossing the big pond soon! 😞 Hopefully it won’t be delayed too long! ….and I hope all goes well for our ragazzi to go home….but only after the Las Vegas Concert!!!😊😁 Abbraccio a te amica mia!❤🤗😷😘😷

    1. Yes dear Deborah, I too am sad that maybe your stay in Sicily is at risk. We are all well, fortunately.
      I hope the last two concerts can be done, and then the boys will come home, I think with some difficulty. A big hug dear friend.

  14. Dear Danielle,
    I was in San Jose at sound check and boys wore gloves and didn’t mix with fans. Same with performance. I know this is very diverse audience
    lots of Spanish speaking. At one point, during Ignazio’s Luis Miguel song, one woman finished the line very loudly and made everyone
    laugh including Ignazio. Piero made a beautiful reference to
    the growing problem internationally as his introduction to “Smile’.
    I shed a few tears at that moment.
    I work with seniors w/ dementia and how music memory remains
    forever. During “O’Sole Mio” turned around to see all of the audience
    standing,smiling, and singing along even the many 80 and 90 year olds. Wow ! what a beautiful memory I will have for ever!

    1. Martha, what a beautiful experience you described, despite the restrictions, it was a good concert.
      Good guys who gave the message of protections.
      Too bad that you have not been able to have the warm hugs of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, but there will be other occasions.

  15. My son surprised me with tickets to the concert in Palm Springs at the casino on the 7th. Best surprise ever The concert was so beautiful and I sang and smiled the whole time. I love these guys and listen to them at home and in the car. I love the DVDs. The lighting was irritating. The lights would shine in our eyes, but never took away from the incredible music. If it had been possible, I would have gone back the next night.

    Everybody stay healthy in the next months. Patti Boyer, Lotus,, Ca

    1. Patricia, what a nice gift they gave you.
      You’re not the first to tell me that the lights annoyed.
      But their voices were fantastic, right!

  16. Daniela, thank you again for your translating and efforts to keep us current with the news. We all wish your health crisis is soon over, meanwhile stay well. We also wish “our boys” make it home safely and also stay well. Here in the U.S.A. we are only just starting our similar journey. Stay safe everyone and heed only the expert medical advice.

    Just a quick question: the announcement of an Il Volo concert date in St. Peter’s Square surely has been postponed? It seemed like it was originally planned for spring. Any word on that?

  17. Hi Sally and thanks for the compliments.
    I too am awaiting news for the concert in S. Pietro, but now with this virus, everything is turned upside down, but don’t worry, I will keep you updated on the news.

    We are all imprisoned at home, but most of us Italians are fine, for my family it is like that.

  18. thx for the translation, Prayers for the guys while here and when they get home. prayers for Italy

  19. Thank you SO much for translating and sharing each of Il Volo’s angelic voices, great warmth, passion, charm, and gracious personalities. You are an angel! I wish you the Best!

    My heartfelt wish for Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero’s continued success, continued professional growth which really shines in these videos with much, much love, “grande amore”, and good health! Gracie, Gracie❤️

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