Ignazio with headphones on, smiling

Tanti Auguri, Ignazio! 27 Anni!

“That’s What Friends Are For”

~~ thank you, Alessandra!



Thank you to Kelly for putting together the wonderful video!  I hope I didn’t miss anyone this time, I tried to be really careful!  🙂   Some pages might be on there twice… Jana…
Also, thank you all for those that sent in their thanks to Kelly, Pat, Daniela, and Susan -who do their best for this site all the time.  It’s always nice to hear your words of appreciation.  🙂

 Thank you for including me in thanks; I’m glad my little videos are well received.  🙂  The true thanks go to the ladies who keep this site going everyday.  🙂  ~~ Kelly















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      1. Hi Alexsandra from NY. I’ve been following these guys and don’t speak Italian or Spanish and wondered if any of them are married. I see pictures but don’t know what the captions say! helenemarie991@gmail.com

  1. The song selection is perfect, the video is great and I think the messages will warm Ignazio’s heart. Kudos and thanks to all those involved in preparing and compiling these birthday messages.

  2. Thanks Ever so Much To Kelly and Jana for making all this comes true!!

    Thanks for all their patience and efforts for all their time, for the work that they do with an immense heart!

    Thanks! Grazie! I am sure all the rest of the Crew Fans join me to thank you Ladies to salute this Splendid Job;….. Hope Ignazio will see it!

    The video made me emotional the phrase of Ms Hepburn just right!!!

    This video and wishes contains all feeling and appreciation that this little big man (Ignazio) has from us,since the moment that he entered in to our lifes !
    Ignazio is loved cared and protect by all is friends….. the one he knows and the millions throughout the world that he doesn’t know….. cause at the end that s what reals friend are for!

    Thank you CREW! without you all this woouldn’t have be possible!

    Hvae a Bright day
    Alessandra C.

  3. Merci pour cette jolie vidéo avec cette superbe chanson !Joyeux anniversaire a notre tres cher Ignazio qui nous apporte tant de joie <3

  4. How heart-warming to read all the wishes and comments written for Ignazio’s birthday! Thank you to all those who worked hard to collect and publish it all. In addition to the love and support of family and friends, I trust that the enduring love of so many fans is helpful in difficult times and a source of pride and joy anytime. I love you, Il Volo, and you particularly, Ignazio.

  5. Happy 27th Birthday, Ignazio❤️ These are the best days of your life. Enjoy🎂🎼👏🇭🇺🇺🇸

  6. Thanks so much Jana – and all the other girls at Flight Crew – for putting ttogether his awsome and beautiful birthday greeting to Ignazio on behalf of the members. You have done a great job – and the choice of song couldn’t have been better. And reading the many beautiful words written by the fans here touches my heart deeply – he is just so loved and appreciated by everyone. And he desrerves it. I truly hope that he will read this greeting – how do you forward it to him? – as I am super convinced that it will make his day. Thanks again to everyone of the Flight Crew for yourr many hours of work. Alle the best – and
    greetings from Kirsten, Denmark

  7. I really loved the video!! You flight crew- mates are terrific and we fans are so lucky to have you leading the way. Please know all the work that is behind the scenes is noticed and appreciated. Carry on with our admirations!
    Gale Simonis

  8. Wishing you the best Birthday ever Ignazio. You are very talented in many ways and I wish you good health, happiness, and you are already successful, so keep on doing what you do so good. Big hug from your biggest fan.

  9. Thanks to Jana and Kelly for this and to all the Flight Crew for all you do. I think we have the best fan club and best fans around! Hoping we’re able to hear more about Ignazio’s birthday celebration later.

  10. What lovely greeting from everyone here. Thank you so much for putting in all the hard work in getting it together.

    My love to you all, and especially to our birthday boy, may there be many more.

    Hugs Roz

  11. Gracias por el trabajo realizado. Me permito enviar bendiciones y muchas felicidades a nuestro talentoso carismático IGNAZIO, feliz 27

  12. What a very appropriate song! Yes, that’s what his friends are for, as they have proven in the past year.
    Thanks to all the ladies who made up this great video. What an undertaking it has been.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IGNAZIO from an 89 year old fan from Canada!

  13. Thank you Kelly for the beautiful video and Jana for putting all the lovely birthday wishes together. The pictures of a sweet young young man are amazing. I think that Ignazio would be very pleased. Happy Birthday Ignazio!!

  14. Flight Crew, you’re terrific—thank you for putting this together!

    I do hope Ignazio gets to read/see and feel the lovely sentiment of this video message from the BEST Flight Crew ever!!

    Keep shining bright! ⭐️

  15. Thanks Alessandra for the song choice and much appreciation to all who made this birthday celebration special for Ignazio and all us Il Volovers. 27 years and so much has happened to him. I feel blessed that I was able to hitchhike part the way celebrating every beautiful song and the 3 voices that brought them all around the world. I doubt Ignazio will see this, however, I feel good to sending birthday wishes anyway.

  16. Dear Ignazio
    I hope your birthday was wonderful
    I wish you year of health happiness and love
    Cousin Jenny

  17. Helene, as far as our information, I believe they are all free and single. However, they do try to keep their private life private. We did not hear about igna’s girlfriend until early summer and yet they had been dating for quite a while at that point. I’ve now heard that it is over as well. 😢 so anything is possible!

  18. Don’t be sad, Roz. Our hero already has his true love. An “important” stage with 10,000 sold out seats! Occupational hazard. Everything else comes second. He is a world class star, creative musician and businessman. He knows there is no progress without pain!

  19. When he was about 16 years old, he had a girlfriend then and the video went by “And they called it puppy love” . Cute, but hardly the love of his life then, either. With all the travelling and away from home, it would be very hard to maintain a lasting relationship.

  20. The down side of being rich and famous. Tough choices. Especially when there are two partners to consider. Our worst fear – something will give, sooner or later? Somebody’s heart will win?

  21. Sorry, but I put the wrong video name down instead of :
    Ignazio a Francesca Puppy Love 2011
    Hope you find the video with Paul Anka singing.

  22. Yes, Roz, but he also wrote the song. It was appropriate at 16-17 yrs. old but time and circumstances change. Did you know Paul Anka was from Ottawa, Ontario??

    1. No I didn’t, just goes to show one learns something new everyday. I reckon if I don’t, then it is a day wasted. Ok I often forget what I have l learned, but more often than not it leads me to delve further.

      A good ‘for instance’ would be Il Volo. I kid you not. There was I trying to find out if something was true or not on Snopes. Though I am blowed if I can remember what it was! I came up with this thing about Il Volo being the sons of The Three Tenors. Of course the all knowing Snopes said they were not, but there was a short video of them. Intrigued I clicked on it, the rest as they say, is history. 🙂

      Oh I do so lurve t’Internet. No idea how I ever managed without it. 🙂

      1. I remember when I was in High School (way, way back when!) that I used to go to a teen afternoon show and Paul Anka was singing his songs then, in person before he was well known. Very talented guy and we all know he also wrote My Way for Frank Sinatra later.

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