There are two important events in which Il Volo will participate in these days and, even if you have already read the news about them, I am going to remind you.
The first event is the INTERNATIONAL PEACE HONORS, a very prestigious world event online, designed by PeaceTech Lab.
It is a mission-led awards ceremony that celebrates the most innovative global leaders, and courageous citizens who use technology and media to promote peace, prosperity and justice around the world.
Here’s the tweet:
And here is the article announcing the event and the guests.

Event Announcement – Click Here

The group of globally chosen VIPs represent the best of their region, from the United States to Italy, Spain, Colombia and Croatia, and will participate in the inspirational event to celebrate some of today’s most impactful activists.
WASHINGTON– (BUSINESS WIRE) –Some of the world’s most famous personalities will participate in the 2022 International Peace Honors, the event presented by PeaceTech Lab. The global event celebrates the commitment of international activists in compassion, innovation and change to promote peace, prosperity and justice around the world.
Guys, we are so proud that you are taking part in such a peace-sustaining event, particularly in this very sad time where peace is seriously threatened.🌿
Another event in which Il Volo will participate and sing live in Los Angeles: Filming Italy Los Angeles.
Created and organized by Agnus Dei di Tiziana Rocca and the Italian Institute of Culture Los Angeles. Filming Italy – Los Angeles promotes Italy as a film set and bridge between Italian and American culture. The Festival, whose artistic direction is entrusted to Tiziana Rocca, is presented under the auspices of the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles and will see the presence of Consul General Silvia Chiave.
In this days there was the press conference and the program was published, of which I am translating the part that interests us:
“Among the very first events to restart in presence in Los Angeles and with many live guests, thus inaugurating the film awards season of 2022, Filming Italy – Los Angeles will open with a live performance of Il Volo on the stage of the Harmony Gold Theater, a recital dedicated to the Oscar-winning Maestro and composer Ennio Morricone. For their latest album that traces the legendary melodies of the Maestro, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will receive the Filming Italy Los Angeles Music Award.”
Instead, here in Italy, Il Volo was scheduled to attend an evening at Porta a Porta, already postponed for a week and certainly postponed further, due to the serious news coming from Ukraine.
On March 1st, there will be a tribute to Lucio Dalla (the one who wrote Caruso), 10 years after his death, and Il Volo will participate in this tribute of which we give you, for now, a short video announcement.
That’s all for now.
We are all holding our breath for what is happening in Ukraine.
We all hope and pray for all innocent people and when the situation can return to normal.🌿
A hug: Daniela

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.



44 thoughts on “NEXT IL VOLO EVENTS by Daniela”

  1. I’m glad to see IL Volo will be keeping busy and I agree with you it is so sad what’s happening in Ukraine.

  2. LA event w/ opening song dedicated to music of Morricone
    will be seen by those in the film community who actually
    voted for his Oscar.
    Mixed emotions now w/Ukraine. The guys have performed
    in Kiev, so hearts are heavy for them I imagine. Prayers.
    Thanks to Daniela and Pat for great work.

    1. Martha, surely the boys will have a heavy heart, I remember that in Kiev they had a nice concert with many happy and loving people.
      It’s all so sad and unfair.

  3. Daniela, I’m glad the guys have some upcoming events to do, since the U.S. tour was postponed. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to view some of them. Re Ukraine, most of us here are still in shock that Putin would do this terrible thing.

  4. Thanks, Pat and Daniela. Eternal gratitude for Il Volo who always remind me there is love and joy in life. No words for what is happening in the Ukraine; incomprehensible. Hope for peace go out to the citizens – and to the world.

    1. You’re most welcome, Judith! I have been upset for two days seeing what Russia is trying to do to Ukraine. I am praying!

  5. Pray for peace in Ukraine. They are fighting back and have shot down Russian planes, helicopters and destroyed a Russian military bas with a missile. Citizens are fighting back too.

  6. I thought I was disappointed because my concert was rescheduled to Sept. UNTIL I watched live footage today from Ukraine. How can we begin to understand how a paranoid maniac can do such horror do his fellow man? Keep them in your thoughts and if you pray, pray for them.

  7. It is so hard to watch this unprovoked violence on an innocent populace. I hope this deranged man and his army can be stopped.

    I wonder about the safety of Piero’s Ukrainian friend (I can’t remember his name but he was with them when they performed in Kyiv).

    1. Sally, as RoseMarie has already told you, the friend of the boys is Max Golovkin.
      I know a while ago, he was in Florida, let’s hope he’s still there.

  8. Thank you, Pat and Daniela. I am grateful that Il Volo is being honored in these ways. They certainly deserve to be ambassadors for Italy through their music. The waves of honoring Italy and Morricone are spreading ever outward. They give love and devotion of Italy to to us and I give it back to them.

  9. Thanks so much for the info. Can anyone explain to me how I can get to watch the Peace Program tomorrow? I am a dumb with all this modern online technic and when I click on the sign “Register” I get to a Twitter page. I don’t know how to use Twitter, so is going on Twitter the only way we can get to wath this program? Kindly assist me – thanks.
    I am so proud of “our” guys – kudos!
    My heart goees out to the Ukrainian people – I nevrer thought I would experience such a war in Europe…. I am out of words.

    1. Hi Kirsten, This how you register… go into your internet browser, type in International Peace Honors and go to that page. You will be able to register and then will get a link to watch live stream tomorrow.
      I am a first generation American, my Father was born in Ukraine, my Mom from Germany. I have family and friends in Ukraine. It is mind boggling that one man can build an empire of power and invade/attack and want to take Ukraine over. How can one man bring the world to it’s knees? Incomprehensible. But we must believe and pray that somehow God will help bring some kind of resolution and peace before the world has another world war.

      1. Rosemary, thanks for helping Kirsten.

        We are all very sad about the situation in Ukraine, your father’s land, your friends will surely be in great trouble. Let us pray that everything ends soon and peace returns to reign, every day, every hour, the moments become more and more difficult.

      2. Thanks a miion Rosemary – I’ll do my best to get connected and watch the show albeit it will be at 02:00am here in Denmark.
        Oh am I ever sorry to learn that you have family in Ukraine – my warmest thoughts and hopes to you and yours. Yes, it is indeed totally non understanddable that a war like this can take place in 2022 – I never thought anything like this could happen after the Second World War. Please rest assusred that Ukraine will not stand alone. Denmark is standing by and doing what-ever we can to support the leaders and people in Ukraine. Our country is preparing to host as many refugees as we can master – the Ukranianian people are very welcome here. We are at war with them….

      3. The trouble is that Putin has been rattling his chains for the last couple of years. Today Ukraine, tomorrow the rest of the former Soviet Union, followed by the former satellite countries, such as the Czech and Slovak republics, Poland, et al.

        I hate to say it, but I don’t see Putin giving up that easily, especially as he is now threatening those who support Ukraine with nuclear missiles.

        Perhaps we need to send Greta Thunberg to Russia. After all it isn’t global warming we are going to have to worry about, but total annihilation.


    2. Kirsten, don’t worry if you can’t follow the live, anyway, here on this site, you will find the videos and all the news.

      We all thought that wars, especially this kind of wars, were bad distant memories.

      1. Thanks Daniela. I know that you are extremely good at providing us with videos and all the news, just thought it would be a nice program to wath in these times…. but it takes place at 02:00 am my time I have figured out, so I might not be able to keep awake for that long.

        Yes, it is totally non-understandable that such a war can take place in our times. I thought I should never experience my country involved in a war in similarity with WW2. – but this is just what is happening. Denmark is a tiny country, but of strategic location, so people are getting worried as to where this goes…. As part of NATO and EU we are already in war and so far sending military jets to the bordering countries and various material to Ukraine but so far no soldiers…. but we dont know what comes next. And we are preparing to host thousands of refugees – the Ukrainian people are very welcome in our country. Bot boy, I did never see this come… and I dare not think the story to end. My warmeet thoughts go to all people involved in this wreckless and sick war…. Alle the best.

  10. The state of New Hampshire controls all alcohol sales. On Saturday, the governor ordered all vodka and Russian products to be removed from 68 state liquor stores showing solidarity with Ukraine. Attaboy NH. Didn’t David kill Goliath with a bottle of vodka??

      1. Roz, this is for your other comment.

        Greta Thunberg is a HYPOCRITE. I may paid more attention to her when she goes to China and India and begins criticising their carbon output. She could contribute to the lowering of CO2 by keeping her gob shut. Protesting against real problems such as the inequality of wealth and food distribution would be a better use of her time and voice.

        Considering that actual scientific data shows the world’s average temperature has been 4-5°C hotter in the past 10,000 years than today’s average temperature, I’m not losing sleep over a possible 1.5°C temperature increase. Sometimes there are mini ice ages and sometimes there are hotter periods.

  11. There’s been at least one war a year every year since 1939. They’re not rarity. War has been happening in Ukraine between Russia and Ukraine for years. Why has the world only just noticed?

    Had the dimwit Biden, the buffoon Johnson and ineffective Trudeau not given money and arms to Neo-nazis in the west of Ukraine who proceeded to attack the Russians in the east of Ukraine, Russia would not have invaded.

    Had the Russia-hating, war-loving NATO kept its promise to not expand past where the Berlin war was, Russia would not have invaded. NATO has expanded right up to Russia’s border and installed missiles there.

    The USA and the Ukraine were the only two countries to vote against UN Resolution to tackle Nazism and Neo-nazism. 130 countries voted for (including Russia) and 51 abstained (all pro-USA, all EU countries, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada).

    In 2014, the democratically anti-Nazi president Viktor Yanukovych was elected in Ukraine. He was ousted in a political coup by Ukrainian Neo-nazis (funded and armed by the USA) and replace by a rabid anti-Russian and far right government.

    I can go on, but you need to accept that the Ukraine is not as innocent as the anti-Russia, anti-democratic Western media likes to portray.

  12. I thought, mistakenly, I guess, that this comment page would be non-political, but reading some of the posts, I guess I was being naive. It is very tragic what is happening in Ukraine but let us not get into these types of discussions which would possibly alienate members of our fan club.

  13. No worries DB. We (not the royal we) are not a political arena. We are a FANDOM: a little army of cheerleaders led by competent officers who keep us up to date on our Princes. Flight Crew asks for very little back from us. The mantra is kindness and respect. Light discussions from time to time about ticket sales, facial hair or velvet jackets vs Armani. We meet great like minded people from all over the world. Where else would you meet a 90 yr. old lady willing to travel around Canada for a concert? Or a blind girl from Uraguay who has been accepted at Harvard? All who love music. All who love Il Volo. It’s fun, isn’t it?

    The situation in Ukraine supercedes everything right now. Every comment reflects the fact that we are all on the same page. Genuine concern for families and children, elders and their homes.

    Differing opinions of history are expected BUT please do not call the duly elected President of the US a dimwit or denigrate the leaders of the countries of our contributors. Save your politics for Sunday morning donnybrooks with your sons!!

  14. Right with you, Boston Girl. FYI, I’m the 90 yr. old lady who has just bought VIP tickets for the September concert in Toronto, Canada. Hope this one materializes!!! Hugs, Dolores aka DeeBee.

    1. Hi Doris
      All things being equal, I will be at that concert too! I see you broke down and went for it! Good for you! I am sure it will live up to your expectations!

      1. Hi, Penina! Maybe we could meet up at the concert?? Lots of time to make arrangements yet.

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