Less than a month to go to the start of the IL Volo world tour.
We all need this “return to a semblance of normalcy”.
Yes, because lately we have lived two years of more or less total seclusion, the pandemic has devastated the world and yet, we have not completely emerged from it.
The Omicron variant also took me and my husband, fortunately it was like having a flu, cough and cold, nothing more, we are at home, spaced from everyone and in a few days we will repeat the test, hoping it will be negative!
Also, for two months, we have been living through the nightmare of war here near us, for this we must not stop praying for peace. Enough, stop the horrors, enough suffering.
We all want to smile, to meet, desire for concerts, for friendships.
So let’s go back to the Il Volo tour, it will start on May 15th, here are all the dates:

The first date is near, what a thrill, for many of us fans, it will be a pleasant return to listen to their splendid voices, but for many, it will be the first experience and it is indescribable, the emotion and amazement for those who hear their voices. live for the first time in concert.

The confirmed dates are 41 for now, but we know well that Piero said there are many more, but everything has been postponed or canceled several times, the pandemic has upset all plans, as well as having taken away many fans who adored Il Volo from the beginning.

Of course, at the beginning, they were little more than children and immediately catapulted into another world, immensely larger than them. But they broke into the hearts of Americans, who hugged them immediately, amazed by their voices and fascinated by their simple way of being, three little boys with important voices and hearts of gold.

The tour is starting, and after the summer they will arrive again there, where Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca have always left a piece of their heart grateful for everything you all have always given them.
Here, one of their first guest appearances on “The Early Show on Saturday’s”.

I know, we have seen and reviewed these old videos several times, but it is always exciting to see their beginnings and understand how far they have come !!
So I propose again these two Concert Lobby videos, recorded on the radio in Toronto on June 6, 2011, maybe some of you have not seen them!

Some of their successes will also be part of this year’s concert, they are milestones of their journey, but then there will be the music of Morricone, to whom the concert is dedicated, it will be a beautiful show.

Believe me, I was in the Arena in June 2021 and it was all a unique emotion. I will be in the Arena again this year in June and the enchantment will repeat itself. I can’t wait for the time to come.

So, are you ready?
Do you already have your tickets?

Let me know what concert you are going to, so we will make an update list, it will be fun.

A hug to everyone: Daniela

On April 25, 2009, Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero sang together for the first time, today they celebrate 13 years of career and success together.

Great result, full speed ahead!!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

156 thoughts on “THE TOUR IS ABOUT TO BEGIN by Daniela”

  1. Kirsten, I’m just making a list of who goes to all concerts.
    I will be in Verona on June 3rd so we have to meet.
    For the soundcheck you will be notified by email from the fan club. Your husband will not be able to enter the Arena for the soundcheck, and you will not be able to leave the Arena once you enter. At the end of the soundcheck, the doors open for everyone and your husband can join you.

    1. Hi Daniela
      I’m happy to hear your tests are negative now. With regards to the Australian concert, there is some information on the Fan Club site. It shows the Sydney concert is Monday 24th October, but Ticketmaster says “ tickets no longer available” “ we were unable to find tickets”and please try later”

      Maybe it’s because they are sold out right now? Previously there was a similar message for the Melbourne concert.

      It’s safe to give you a hug now, right 🤔


      1. Jill, you are too funny, yes now you can hug me, no danger of contagion.

        I haven’t read anything about Australian dates yet, now I’m better informed, thanks.

        I am euphoric, because Il Volo has just announced on the news that they will sing on May 12 during the Eurovision Song Contest !!!!

    2. Sounds great Daniela👍 I/we would love to meet up with you i Verona. I’m really getting excited now😋 And Thanks for the info on the soundcheck. It sounds complicated that one cannot get out of the Atena once you have entered… so guess no chance of getting back to the hotel for changing of clothes and Pick up of blankets, umbrellas or whatever. Guess I Can place my husband in a bar across the arena and He Can bring the stuff… Oh Daniella I have a million questions about the concert in the arena, do hope you Will have the time to answer some of them in the near future😋. And I look so much forward to meeting you and/or other fans. Love Kirsten 🇩🇰

      1. No, Kirsten, there is no way out of the Arena once you enter and the soundcheck is usually at 5pm and the concert much later. These were the rules until 2020, then I don’t know if something has changed, however when you get the communication from the fanclub, you can ask. For these reasons, and also because there will be a friend with me who is not registered in the fanclub, this time I will not enter the soundcheck.
        It will still be very nice to meet us, I can’t wait.

  2. I am a retired teacher, and the World’s Biggest Il Volo fan. After seeing them on PBS, I immediately ordered the DVD of the show. I have all the DVD’s and CD’s, and my phone is on the “Il Volo Sings Morricone” album. so it is picked up by my car, and starts playing, every time I enter it. I care for my older sister and she just calls it “my opera music.” My husband, who is sadly in a nursing home now, is also a big fan. My next door neighbors lived in Italy for some time (and are rabid fans), and will be taking me along to the Concert on Oct. 7 in Clearwater, Florida. It is only a little over an hour drive from our homes on the Gulf Coast of Florida. We are all over 75, so Il Volo is for every age!

  3. Dear Daniela,
    I purchased my tickets for Sunrise, FL originally for April 10th but it’s rescheduled for October 9th. Do I use these same tickets even though they have the April date on them? And, my tickets were printed off the computer and have the bar codes in two places. But it doesn’t specify Meet and Greet just the seat numbers etc. Is the Meet and Greet info imbedded in the bar code? I can’t find anyone to ask and I got them through Ticketmaster. I do have a receipt that says Meet and Greet but that’s all.

    1. Hi Nina, I try to help you, the tickets are valid the ones you already have, I read this piece that I copied from the official VOLOMUSIC website, and that I am attaching to you and I hope you will be able to read. As for Meet & Greet I don’t know much, but if you have a receipt for Meet & Greet, as you say, I think that’s enough.

    2. Thank you, Daniela! You have been most helpful! I am so ready to see and hear them perform in person and my husband is a big fan, as well!

  4. Daniela
    My first concert will be June 3rd in Verona. I am very excited and hoping to get all the information for attending the sound check especially what time to be there. I’ll be coming from Garda. Hope to connect with like fans!

    1. Hi Gale, so, if I understand correctly you are here on Lake Garda, you are very close to Verona. Your first concert, a wonder to be at the Arena. If you are registered in the fanclub you will have an email with the times to attend. Without registration to the fanclub it is not possible to attend the soundcheck. We will be many to meet!

  5. Hello Daniela, warmest regards and thinking of your health and safety.
    My husband and I are on our CHASING IL VOLO TOUR 2022! Schedule is Verona June 4,2022 Gold Tx in Italian give info please…
    Taromina June 11
    Indianapolis September 15
    Ft. Myers October 4
    Clearwater October7
    Sunrise October 9
    Would love to meet you and other fans to share the excitement of all things IL VOLO!
    Sally McConnell

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