LAST CALL!! For Piero’s Birthday Wishes!!

Hi there!

Time is flying by quickly and before we know it, the guys will be back in North America and the US in September!  🙂

This is last call for Piero’s birthday wishes.

Please send your wishes to, ASAP/NO LATER THAN by the END OF TODAY, June 22, 2022!  If not received, they may not be included in the initial birthday card, as I may be out of commission for a few days.


Jana and Kelly…

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      1. Sally, here is the translation of the video posted by Janine. Enjoy the reading!!

        GILETTI = It’s nice that dreams come true in life, and you did. (he talks to Piero)
        If you look to your right, there is your grandfather with your grandmother.

        PIERO = (very amazed) No, I don’t believe it !!

        GILETTI = Nonno Pietro, let’s go there. (Piero hugs his grandparents). So this is a moment that you live alone. Welcome.
        Here it is, the embrace with the grandfather who passed on to him the passion of his life, which is music.

        PIERO = I’m speechless.

        GILETTI = (to grandfather) We gave you a gift too. You have never experienced the thrill of a live concert, and we are giving it to you today.
        When you heard him (Piero) sing, and he was little, did you understand that he had something more?

        GRANDFATHER = Yes, I believed it and I always believe it.

        GILETTI = Always?

        GRANDFATHER = Always, but I always tell him that it is difficult to go high, but it is easy to go to the ground. Be careful what you do and always walk in your footsteps. Face it all. (applause)

        GILETTI = You also said: “With the family I have, I will always maintain balance”

        GRANDFATHER = Yes, because the tree has been cultivated since it was small.

        GILETTI = And you have cultivated it well.

        GRANDFATHER = We have cultivated it well, but I always tell my grandchildren:
        “Be careful, because in front of the door, coming out of the house, there is the stepmother and this sometimes rings with anyone and makes you lose your life.”

        GILETTI = But we are strong and he (Piero) is young, he will hold high the honor of the family. Thank you. (Piero kisses his grandfather on the head).
        Now they dedicate this song to you. (to grandfather)

        PIERO = I’m speechless.

        GILETTI = (He presents the song). E’ la mia vita: Il Volo

  1. Happy Happy Birthday Piero!! I am anxiously anticipating coming to the concert in Indy (Indianapolis, IN) in September! Celebrate and enjoy your special day!!!

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