One Hundred and Fifty Seasons of Emotions by Susan

Many of you have asked what the event was that the guys participated in at Villa d’Este.

This past week, Villa d’Este celebrated their 150th Anniversary or as they called it, “One Hundred and Fifty Seasons of Emotions.”

Known for its Elegance, Murder and Intrigue, Villa d’Este overlooks one of the most romantic lakes in the world, Lake Como. Every window and terrace has an exceptional view of the lake. In the evening, you can watch the boats quietly return to shore. It’s as if time has stood still in this little corner of Italy.

Villa d’Este is a place where dream scenarios are created. If you’re ever in Lake Como visit Villa d’Este to immerse yourself in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world but, be sure to bring the Black Card because the price tag is quite high $$$$! It is a luxury Five-Star Hotel. The most beautiful hotel in Italy and many say in the world.

Once a Jesuit center for spiritual exercises, in 1784, the property passed to the Milanese Calderari family, who undertook a major restoration project and created a new park all’Italiana, with an impressive nymphaeum and a temple displaying a 17th century statue of Hercules hurling Lichas into the sea.

After the death of the Marquis Calderari, his wife Vittoria Peluso, a former ballerina at La Scala and known as la Pelusina, married a Napoleonic general, Count Domenico Pino, and a mock fortress was erected in the park in his honor.

In 1815, it became the residence of Caroline of Brunswick, estranged wife of future King George IV. In a diary, Caroline wrote, “It’s Garden seems almost suspended in the air and it forms a scene of complete enchantment.” She gave it the name Nuova Villa d’Este and had the park landscaped in the English style.

The original building was converted into a deluxe hotel for the nobility and the high bourgeoisie in 1873 and kept the name Villa d’Este to take advantage of the apparent link with the famous Villa d’Este in Tivoli, near Rome.

A gala dinner held at the Villa d’Este in 1948 was the scene of the celebrated murder of wealthy silk merchant Carlo Sacchi. His lover Countess Pia Bellentani shot Sacchi dead with her husband’s automatic pistol.

Countless famous couples have lived their great love stories at Villa d’Este. Among them are Elizabeth Taylor and Nicky Hilton, Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles, Clark Gable and Carol Lombard, Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra, Aristotle Onassis and Maria Callas and Woody Allen and Mia Farrow.

Well let’s move on to our guys!

The guys arrived at Villa d’Este straight from their concert in Dusseldorf, Germany. They had a bit of a break. They walked around the property and took some videos and then they enjoyed the rest of the day before the event of June 29th.

Well, I’ve looked high and low and the only other video I could find besides “My Way,” was the video below which someone took bits and pieces of video clips and put them together in a video. In the end I am grateful for it because there are no other videos.

Where are the fans when you need them?

Most of my story is played out in photos because there were no fans to record the usual videos and create spectacular events on YouTube.

As you can see the guys sang and had fun along with the guests.

Perhaps there were no fans to take videos for this article, but I can assure you that many of the guests at Villa d’Este went home fans!

A good time was enjoyed by all including the guys!

Come back tomorrow for Daniela Perani’s article on the events of June 2022 and to read more about the event at Villa d’Este!

Credit to the owners of videos and photos

27 thoughts on “One Hundred and Fifty Seasons of Emotions by Susan”

  1. Susan
    This story is magnificent the hotel is gorgeous I want to go there love you
    Cousin Jenny

    1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful day and performance of ILVOLO. They are always awesome. Do you know why the guys are in Canada?

  2. Thanks, Susan, for all the information on this stunning hotel. A few years ago, I stayed in Cernobbio at a very nice hotel only steps away from Villa D’Este. But you couldn’t even get a peak at the grounds if you weren’t a guest or authorized somehow. Anyway, I was busy trying (unsucessfully) to find George Clooney!

  3. Do you notice that when there is an important event in Italy, one of honor and prestige, the music chosen is that of our boys? They exemplify class, sincerity, humility, classic talent…..the very best of Italy.

  4. A question for you, Susan, regarding 3 Beautiful Families column: Was the girl sitting beside Gianluca’s mother his girlfriend, Eleanora??? She certainly looked a lot like her and wasn’t among the people who were introduced to the Pope by Gian. Thanks, Dol.

    1. I’m going to break my rule about not talking about the girlfriends this one time. That was Elenora and she was introduced to the Pope by Gianluca. Also, her mother and grandfather were sitting in the audience.

      1. Thank you, Susan. I thought it was her and he did say he had a lot of people to introduce! Sorry, won’t ask you to break your rule again! Dol BTW, do you like my new icon??

    2. Gianluca did introduce his girlfriend to Pope Francis. She was also included in the photo of the Pope and Gianluca’s family.

      1. I tried to watch the introductions again but the video was not available to my part of the country (Canada) any longer. Too bad, i would have liked to see them all meet the Pope, including Eleanora.

      2. Don’t you have a VPN installed on your computer/tablet? Get one and geolocation restrictions will be no more.

  5. Oh, if I had a bucket of money, wouldn’t I love to stay at this remarkable hotel??? Thanks for this article, Susan, even though the songs were a bit patchy, we were lucky to get even that!

  6. Thank You Susan for sharing the storied history of Villa d’Este. It is indeed a magnificent hotel!!
    Do you know w event/concert ‘The Boys’ performed at in Montreal on Friday?
    They are certainly logging frequent flyer miles! They have a series of Concerts in Europe starting on July 7th.

      1. Not sure, but it might have something to do with our Canada Day celebrations on Friday, July 1st ???

  7. Thank you so much, Susan for this info. It is always nice to know some of the details. Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend. 🤗

  8. Thank you Susan. Very interesting to know about this beautiful hotel and the history; and to know what’s going on with our guys.

  9. My thanks as well. Only in my dreams could I ever see a location so beautiful.I am happy to see Il Volo in such a classy place! They fit right in, and deserve all the best.

  10. Years ago I read a wonderful book (I think it was “A Woman of Independent Means”) which partly took place in this marvelous hotel. I vowed to stay there one day. I got the chance in 1983 when we traveled there. Silly me asked to see the room first before committing to stay (no reservation needed in those days!). It was a nice room but not extravagant. I decided the $100 price was way too much and declined. Instead we stayed at a very nice, nearby waterfront hotel for half the price. At least I got to see the Villa d’Este and it’s beautiful grounds. I’ve kicked myself ever since for cheaping out and not staying there when I had the chance! A simple room like that would cost at least ten times that amount now! Maybe twenty times!

  11. Oh, if we could only live by hindsight!! I’m sure a lot of us would like to rewind the clock and do things over and better!

    1. I have a whole list of what I call my “shoulda dones” and “shoulda boughts”! They used to bother me; now I just laugh about them!

  12. Thanks so much Susan for yet a Great and informative article. Our guts for sure know how to find the right venues for their singing. What a fantastic hotel! Old School architecture and elegance! I would love every minute staying there. In fact I must have passed by it just a few weeks ago – without knowing it – as my husband and I had an overnight at Lake Como in the small town of Menaggio on our Way back home from Italy. We stayed at a small 3-star hotel with view of a small courtyard though😜 But Geez if only we could have afforded a drink I would have loved to sneakvpeak into Villa d’este… Well next time when we have won the lottery.
    I wonder how the guys get these awsome gigs? Singing for the President of Italy, invitation by the Pope to s World Congress, singing at this 150 years jubilee, representing Italy at Expo in Dubai, Chosen to sing in the caves and the documentary on Morricone, singing at a nobel Price concert in Oslo etc etc. Are they chosen or is Michel Torpedine working his as.. behind ogf to get them squeezed in everywhere? RAI1 seems likewise to feature and interview them very often. They have for sure done something right – and they have most certainly deserved it❤️
    Warm regards – Kirsten🇩🇰

    1. Kirsten, they probably are chosen because they are such exceptional singers and entertainers. They have everything, talent, poise, good looks, sense of humor, and everything else that makes them so SPECIAL!!!

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