And let’s go back to following in the footsteps of the concerts of the Il Volo tour, in the second half of July 2022.July 16, Bucharest, Romania, beautiful concert, many videos to choose from, here they are:

Ecstasy Of Gold


A video that introduces a song, get ready to laugh !!

La donna è mobile!

Grande Amore

Let’s enjoy these beautiful shots.
July 18 Cluj-Napoca.
Another great concert and a lot of success.
You will appreciate this mix of songs from the concert.

And other beautiful photos !!
On July 21 there was the concert in Palmanova but I will talk about this concert in another post, because I want to conclude with the last concert in Eastern Europe.On 22 July the concert by Zaprešić, Croatia, which had to be postponed earlier due to bad weather.
Very few videos, but the photos document that the evening was beautiful and full of emotion, no problem with the weather, which this time perhaps, it stopped to listen to these beautiful voices!
And here are the beautiful photos accompanied by these beautiful words.
There is something special about that moment when the beautiful atmosphere of the New Palace of Ban Jelačić and the great music that enriches this historical treasure in the heart of our city in a unique way.  
Just like that of yesterday at the great concert of the Italian trio IL VOLO with which we enjoyed a magical atmosphere and a unique musical experience! 🎶🎶
An evening to remember!   
 Il Volo 
Sometimes, simple gestures fill the heart!
There was also this nice interview in Croatia. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca answer in English, so it is also easy to understand the questions that have been asked.
With these events the concerts of Il Volo in Eastern Europe concluded. Sure there would be more concerts in Russia and Ukraine, but due to the war, unfortunately, they couldn’t be scheduled.
It seems to me that the tour, so far is going very well and now there will be some concerts in Italy, and then leave for Japan!
Come on guys, the road is long !!
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.



31 thoughts on “VOLO TOUR 2022: ROMANIA , CROATIA by Daniela”

  1. Daniela and Pat, Thank you both, I need to check in and say
    I see they are having SO MUCH FUN, I am working through
    the summer and will enjoy the FUN here in October
    Great pictures and videos.

  2. Was just wondering if it is true or not that Igna and Ana broke up? Read this on Instagram.🤷🏼‍♀️

      1. Maureen, you don’t have to think about it, if something doesn’t work out in a couple, I think it’s better to know right away.

        But first we still have to figure out if the separation is true!

  3. Daniela and Pat, you two outdid yourselves. That was a great interview too. And in English. This has been a SUPER tour so far and we are all getting excited for the USA leg of the tour. The guys seem to be very happy to seeing their fans again as we will be happy to see them. I hope they come down into the audience and hope one of them sits in this old ladies lap. 😊

    1. I liked that interview too, RoseMarie, and I immediately thought of all of you.
      I noticed that during the song “Here’s to you” Piero, Ignazio and Gian go down among the people (if this is possible) so you need to have a ticket placed next to one of the corridors ……………and finger crossed!!

  4. Grazie mille, Daniela – and Pat too, of course, for all those terrific photos and videos. My favorite is La Donna e Mobile with the fan–give Ignazio a prop and he’s off and running! And Igna with the adorable little girl–don’t think he wanted to let her go. And she was perfectly content too–hey, who wouldn’t be?!

  5. Thank you so much, Pat and Daniela for this wonderful posting!! Such great videos and that interview, which they gave in English, was such a treat! Gianluca actually laughed out loud!! I noticed quite a few rings on his fingers at the beginning of the videos, but none by the time of the interview. What is going on????

    You, or whoever posted it, was right that that particular rendition of Hallelujah was the best ever. I completely agree.

    And can Piero and Igna ever hold the notes in La Donne Immobile! Such lung capacity they must have, proof they are not smokers!

    Tickets are bought, hotel room booked and train reservations made for the concert in Toronto, Canada on September 7, 2022. My step-daughter, Susie and I will be the lucky ladies attending, and we can’t wait.

    It is an extra special event to bring joy to her life as her husband passed away from a massive stroke on June 7th. It is something wonderful to look forward to for both of us.

    1. Dolores, I am very sorry for your stepdaughter mourning, I really hope that the concert will give you a little relaxation and serenity. Your concert will be very close to mine, in Brescia they are on September 2nd.

  6. Thank you Pat and Daniela, these videos and photos help me to get over the fact that one more year is going by and I won’t be attending a concert😢. It’s a long story but I’ll try again next year! They make my day everyday, I love their music and who they are, very special young men with enormous talent and hearts. I can’t wait for the day when I can enjoy them in person. So thank you again, you make this older woman very happy. God Bless you both and our Guys❤️🤗😘🥰🎼, Carol

    1. You’re most welcome, Carol! I, like you, will be unable to attend any concerts this year because of my back surgery. 😥 I just don’t feel that I have enough strength yet to be tromping around airports or train stations and concert halls. I was supposed to see the guys in Las Vegas in 2020 and then the last three concerts were cancelled. The first and only time I saw the guys was in Chicago in 2016. I’m glad our posts can help tide you over until you can go again. 😘

      1. Pat, what a sweet and supportive reply. May your
        concert date soon.

      2. My sympathies Pat….. I had back surgery 12 yrs ago, it took 6 mo. To get out of the brace and a year to fully heal…..it’s tough. Good luck I hope you’re on your feet fully and fully healed very soon. God Bless you gals, I look forward to meeting all of you at a concert some day soon.🎼🥰Carol

    2. I’m sorry Carol, but our intent is precisely to bring the beauty of concerts closer to those who can’t be there. We will keep you informed about each of their events and also about things that you might not have known. Stay with us!

  7. Martha, since becoming a follower of the Flight Crew, I’ve found Pat to be a very kind, supportive person and wish her strength in her challenge with her back surgery. And, like you, hope for an early concert date for her.

  8. Thanks Daniela for yet another fine report on the guys’s summer concerts. They are definitely doing great and I feel they get more and more relaxed and comfortable on stage. Guess they are back on top :-). And I have noted that they seem happier and more smiling on stage than ever – even Gianluca presents a huge genuine smile most of the time and seems to have put the more melancholic look behind him. And so fantastic to observe how they constantly hug each other, put a hand on the shoulders of each other and just communicate so happily to each other. They spread their internal love across the stage and into our hearts. Thanks so much Daniela for finding these great videos, photos and interiews – so much appreciated.

    And to all of you American people: You do really have something to look forward to – you will love their show :-). They will soon come over and it will be your turn. Have fun!

    Greetings from sunny Copenhagen and Denmark. Kirsten

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