While the Italian summer tour was in progress and then the one in Canada-North America-Australia, I received some concert reviews you attended.
I could not publish them before, because I was busy following all the various stages of the Il Volo tour, but now that Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca are at home, I intend to publish them.
I start by publishing the Ostuni concert review that came to me from Leena.
Leena is a Finnish woman, married to an Italian and they have two children. They live in Finland and in the summer they come to Italy on vacation.
I have known Leena thanks to the publication of the Ostuni concert. You remember that in the comment of a video, I explained that a woman had raised a sign that read:

 “I come from Finland and I love you.”

Well, Leena read our post published on the Facebook page and understood that we were talking about her, she wrote me a message: “It was me with the sign, thank you, because I didn’t understand that Piero had read and commented on it”.
So we got in touch and exchanged many messages.
Leena, in Finland teaches Italian to a class of nearly 50 adults. She also talks about Il Volo and sometimes she uses their book “An Extraordinary Adventure” to give lessons, isn’t it fantastic???
But here’s her review:

The concert in Ostuni on July 26, 2022

I could not believe my luck, that of having the opportunity to attend a concert of Il Volo, only because this year they had decided to stop over in Ostuni and only because at that time we were already in the neighboring region for the holidays. Even now, after three months, I still can’t believe it. It seems something detached from my everyday life.
I would say that the one in Ostuni was a routine concert for the boys of Il Volo. It was still too hot when the concert started, if I remember correctly thermometer in the center of Ostuni showed 34 degrees (93 degrees Fahrenheit) and the heat there of Puglia is a humid heat that suffocates.
I had already noticed on the streets of Ostuni that there was very little publicity for the concert, practically  I only saw some billboards hanging near the town villa but that billboard also advertised all the other concerts of the “Soundtrack festival” of that one week, not just theirs. I was sorry about this because I couldn’t understand why there was so little publicity given their talent and international fame.
On the evening of the 25th, while walking in Ostuni, I heard an American tourist say to their phone, “Tomorrow they will sing there,” so maybe this person too was there in Ostuni for the concert.
About a week before the concert they sent us the message in which they said it would be possible to attend the soundcheck in Ostuni. I was overjoyed because I had hoped so much since I didn’t intend to attend the M&G after the concert. On the day of the concert they called us for 6:20pm at the main entrance of the Foro Boario, the place of the concert.
The Foro Boario is a former market square for the cattle, in the shape of a stadium where they now hold concerts, and is surrounded by high walls.

When they let us in we all lined up, maybe there were 8-9 people. They sang three songs: Grande Amore, Nessun Dorma, and No Puede Ser.
I could notice many interesting things: Gianluca had a little sore throat or was it mildly cooled and seemed very suffering from the heat, Ignatius seemed the most relaxed of the three while Piero was the one who entertained us talking into the microphone throughout the soundcheck. After trying No puede ser, Piero was not happy with the performance by the musicians . After that song, it was clear that it was all over and I think they were leaving without getting off the stage to talk to us, therefore, I took courage and I am rushed to Ignazio and I asked him if they accepted gifts, so I delivered him the gifts I had bought in Finland, he seemed to me extremely kind and good.
If I had had more courage I would have asked him for the autograph for their book “An Extraordinary Adventure” that I had with me at the soundcheck but since they hadn’t gone down, I didn’t want to disturb them.
Now I regret it bitterly, if only I had had the courage to ask for that autograph, I am sure he would have done it to me. Maybe there will be another occasion.
After the soundcheck I went back to our accommodation, ate and then, I am back to the Forum again. I immediately noticed that the audience was composed mostly by people older than me, people aged 50 upwards, mostly by ladies but also by their husbands. This thing surprised me a little bit because I was expecting a slightly younger audience but I was pleased see that Il Volo attracts this type of people (perhaps people a little like me). The audience was very calm and polite, the atmosphere was very familiar and in the air there was this great expectation and enthusiasm among all of us to see and listen to the boys.
The concert started almost on time, at around 9:37pm and lasted exactly two hours. They sang 24 songs.
Here is the lineup in exact order (I wrote them down during the concert):
1. The Ecstasy of Gold
2. Nessun dorma (short version, only the first verse and the first chorus)
3. Il Mondo
4. Se telefonando
5. Se
6. Granada
7. Your Love
8. All by myself (Ignazio)
9. Your Ssong (Gianluca)
10. Un amore così grande
11. Delilah
12. My Way (Gianluca and Piero)
13. Hallelujah (Gianluca and Ignazio)
14. La donna è mobile (Ignazio and Piero)
15. Io che non vivo senza te
16. Here’s to You
17. Medley from:  L’ amore si muove – Musica che resta
18. Can’t Help Falling in Love (Gianluca)
19. Caruso
20. Volare
21. Surrender
22. O ‘sole mio
23. Libiam de lieti calici
24. Grande Amore
When they got on stage and started singing, I heard right away that Gianluca’s voice no longer seemed as cold as it had been at sound check. Really very good !! I don’t know how he could fix it in a short time. We had the fourth row seats on the left so I was a lot focused on him during the concert. I noticed he had put on, or a makeup artist had put on him, a lot of black eyeliner on his eyes, this thing stood out immediately. Instead Piero and Ignazio seemed without makeup either, at least I didn’t notice anything. They started by singing the first three songs and only after the third did they start talking.  When they finished “The Ecstasy of Gold” or “Nessun dorma”, I don’t remember exactly which one, Gianluca  turned towards us, and with a little bow and with his hand over his heart he told us : “Good evening everyone”. You couldn’t hear it but I read the lips. After having sung “ Il Mondo”, they welcomed us and gave some compliments on the beauty of Ostuni, Gianluca said : ”How wonderful!”looking at the old part of Ostuni on the hill (I laughed because Gianluca says always “how wonderful”).
Ignazio immediately started joking saying that those people who had gathered at the foot of the city walls were tax evaders because from there it was possible to follow the whole concert without paying the ticket. Then they continued to sing. I remember that after “Your Love” Piero and Ignazio were terribly serious and also sad, they remained in silence in front of the microphone for a while. I know they think of Vito when they sing this song and I know that too little time has passed since his death but in Ostuni they didn’t mention it in any way.
My heart breaks too every time I hear Ignazio sing this song (I presume to say that I know exactly how it feels because I too lost my father at 25 and in my opinion at 25 is too young to lose a parent). Perhaps others in the audience have also heard this because even if we were sitting scattered in the stalls and in different rows, far from each other, it occurred to us to raise the billboards at the same time to lighten the atmosphere a little. I had made a big billboard, sticking together with tape cartons made from four packs of brioches and pasting on some sheets of paper on which I had written:

 “I come from Finland and I love you.”

It had taken me hours to make it. When I raised it I was so excited that Piero’s immediate reaction escaped me. I only heard his question, “How do you say I LOVE YOU in Finnish?” But I absolutely didn’t want to shout it at him among the nice ladies who were sitting around me, and then also because in Finnish it is long, there are eight syllables (MINÄ RAKASTAN SINUA), I don’t think they would have remembered it.
They sang several songs without introducing them. This got me thinking that they were in a hurry to finish because they were really tired. I could also be wrong, but I had the feeling that Piero was looking forward to reaching Agrigento for the long-awaited concert in his native land, and Gianluca was just really exhausted by the heat and the frantic rhythm of the tour (Ostuni was their fifth concert in seven days, the tenth in the whole month). I wanted to hear a lot of their speeches, too about their career , but they talked little about it. They only said that they three who had met on that program and who had put them together and since then they sing and go around. I think they were almost too modest !!! Maybe their modesty is something that goes away with the years … but this is their still being very young, they are all less than 30 years old, it is another thing that I only understood attending this concert. Just watching them on TV I didn’t realize. You almost want to protect them the way you protect a child.
(Leena at the concert)
Before “Your Song” Gianluca did a slightly longer monologue on the importance of parents during adolescence, he was very sweet.
When he speaks, an enormous wisdom transpires, it makes me think that perhaps he reads a lot or that he spent a lot of time with older people when he was little. Personally he is my favorite of the trio when it comes to vocality, I’ve never heard anyone sing so well. It opens completely to the public, sometimes when he sings in certain songs it seems to me that he cries, with his voice. In my opinion he is the foundation of the group. Also as a physical presence, he looks like a god of Antiquity or a man of Renaissance. I looked at him there in Ostuni from my place and thought: “Now I look at this singing god. “ There are no words. I have seen many of their performances on YouTube and you don’t understand it when you only see it on your computer screen, but now that I’ve seen it live, I immediately noticed that it has a lot of dramatic presence.
This was my first impression during the soundcheck when I saw him and thought that this man was born to be an actor. And he would also be good … But let’s hope not because we still want him for a long time singer. Or if he wants to, he has to keep singing too.
Piero is the one who on stage keeps the rhythm with the speeches with the audience, has a way of speaking a little “professor” while Ignazio knows how to be both, very playful and very serious.
Perhaps Ignazio is the one who is more in the hands of the three. His interpretation of the song “All By Myself” was wonderful. He has such a clear voice and crystalline voice that when he sings loudly, I sometimes think it’s as if he were screaming his despair to the world, and it’s beautiful. Immediately after “Delilah” he entertained the audience by saying that his pants were broken, perhaps he said it in all the concerts, but the joke was so well done it seemed improvised.
A lady sitting not far from me said to him: “Come here, we sew it for you!” And the other ladies around us agreed. Piero commented: “Here we have many expert seamstresses.”
Compared to previous years, in my opinion they have become a little more serious, they do not joke more, as well as before. In Ostuni Piero and Ignazio teased a little Gianluca and Gianluca defended himself but never belittling them or in a vindictive way.
However towards the end of the concert they appeared very worn by the heat. Gianluca’s hair had become full of small curls due to the humidity and because of the heat, he must have sweated a lot. During the last song “Grande Amore” I raised my billboard for the second time, which I had done with so much love and dedication. Piero was positioned exactly in front of me on the stage and had it revised. He smiled shyly and nodded his head. I did not think that even Piero was so shy … I knew of Gianluca, that he had been at least as a child but now after the concert in Ostuni I know that Piero is a bit too. When I think about it again and I get excited … Piero gave me an excellent impression during the whole soundcheck and the concert even if in Ostuni he has not sung his solo. He took us very seriously and wanted us to be well and kept a good memory of it.
After they finished the concert, they still had to welcome the people with a smile because they had purchased access to Meet &  Greet. I felt bad for the boys because they were exhausted. There were maybe 20 people waiting for this meeting. I did not take the ticket because in my opinion the price is exaggerated and I had already paid a lot for the tickets for all of my family.
I was very lucky to be able to attend this concert because the next day we still had to go to another concert, that of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Puglia, in the same place, but they decided to cancel it shortly before due to strong wind.
My big dream is one day be able to attend one of their concerts in Finland. Here they are still little known but at least in my small way I try to spread the word thanks to my work.
They are the best trio in the world right now and it’s impossible not to love them. Besides, if they never come here in the North, I’m sure they will other occasions to see them again in Italy.
Now, my sign is here, hanging in my home, reminding me of a beautiful concert.

Thanks Leena for the wonderful review.
It is truly remarkable that you try to make Il Volo known in Finland by teaching Italian.
See you soon with more reviews:
Daniela 🤗


A new book has been released and written by Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.
It goes on sale November 8, but you can pre-ordered it on Amazon.

The title is:Il Volo, WHAT I CARRY IN THE HEART

I’ll translate the presentation for you.Il Volo is the Italian music trio that today more than anyone else represents Italy in the world.
Since the success of Sanremo in 2015, it has had an unparalleled escalation of notoriety, which has led Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio to perform in front of millions of spectators, during the various intercontinental tours, due to which they are often far away from home.
But it is not for this, indeed perhaps by virtue of this, the bond that the three artists have with their lands of origin, with their roots and their families and traditions, remains very strong, and always represents an emotional and sentimental comfort. .
In this book the three boys talk about themselves, precisely in the light of that indissoluble bond that characterizes their artistic expression: an intimate, personal and extremely intense story of their past, their present and their future.
………… I can’t wait to read it !!!!  


Credit to owners of all photos.

62 thoughts on “OSTUNI REVIEW FROM FINLAND by Leena”

  1. What a great report by Leena, she had me living every moment with her. Many thanks to her for taking the time to do this for those of us who never get concerts.

    1. You are welcome, Kate! I hope you’ll be able to go to a concert of theirs one day. I also used to think it would have been impossible.

  2. Thank you Leena! I’m from Finland also and attended Il Volo concert Oct 15 in Los Angeles where I live. Also saw them in Torre Del Lago July 24th this year. I love their music. My husband and I had meet&greet picture taken in LA. I would definitely come to their concert if they ever would have one in Finland (Helsinki). Terveisia Porista, jossa olen juuri nyt talvi lomalla!

    1. You are welcome, Ellen! How nice to be able to go to two Il Volo concerts in a short period of time. Did Piero sing his solo in Torre del Lago? I bet the concert in Los Angeles was wonderful, their last one in the US. How was your M&G experience? It is a pity that the guys are still not so well-known in Finland. Terveisiä täältä Turusta ja hyvää talvilomaa.

  3. Lena did a great job with her article and I very much enjoy it. I was a bit surprised by Gianluca letting his hair grow when they returned from Covid shut down! I knew he had curly hair but he adhered to the same hair style of the other two for a long time. Also his clean shaven face took his looks back to his very early days.
    I have attended only one concert with a meet and great that only consisted of quick pictures with them as it was just before they had to quickly fly back to Italy because of the Covid outbreak. This year, much to my sorrow the skipped San Diego, Ca.

    So I am so glad to have joined your group where you girls keep us informed so beautifully on our boys and their concerts.
    My thanks for all the time and effort you all put in to bring us these lovely post!

    1. Hi Eleanor,
      you are welcome! I also thought that the M&G would not have been worth it as I feel it may be quite a superficial meeting with the boys. Yes, Gianluca has a wilder look now 🙂 Sorry to hear you were not able to attend their concert due to a cancellation.

  4. Hi Leena, I’m so sorry that you haven’t had a chance to do the M&G with them. I’ve done two with them. I have no children so like most of their fans, I think of them as my children. My first M&G, Igna stared into my eyes for such a long time that everyone in the room were commenting how lucky I was and the second M&G Igna had his arms around my neck hugging me and his arm slipped and hit my jaw. He said, are you ok and I said I bit my tongue so he said he was so sorry and kissed the side of my head. All three gave me a hug but Piero held my hands and asked me my name and then asked where I came from. They have always been very attentive to me so, if you do get a chance to do the M&G, PLEASE do it. You won’t be sorry.

    1. Hi Joanne, where did you do the M&G’s with them? I am waiting they would lower the price a little bit. I am glad you have good memories from yours. Some people say, or what I have seen in some videos, that it is quite a rapid meeting with them. I am sure there will be an occasion to have a chat with them some day. Thank you for your advice!

      1. Leena, both M&G’s were in Sunrise, Florida. I believe the 1st was in 2019 right before the Covid pandemic and 2nd was 10/9/22. It’s true that the time is sometimes short but you still get to say something to them and enjoy their kindness in return. They are very gracious to everyone.

      2. Leena, I forgot to tell you that I am 75 years old. The picture I saw of you, you look a lot younger than me. So they are gracious to young and old. Hopefully you will get a chance to see them in person some day and don’t be afraid to talk to them. I know it’s hard to believe but they are human. LOL

    2. Dear Joanne,
      I am half younger than you! This is so nice, the fact that Il Volo unites generations and brings people closer to each other. I am dreaming of one day being able to go to a CD or book signing event of theirs in Italy or somewhere else. Of course this does not have to happen soon but I hope that one day it will. If not, then I will consider taking part in M&G.

  5. I loved your story! It was lovely and I followed you moment by moment! I can imagine your excitement at the concert, having them smile at you! Wow! Good luck to you. IL Volo forever!😘💐

    1. Dear Maryann, I almost got shocked when Piero smiled at me in the end:) Oh my, oh my!! Thank you for your comment. Take care you too!

  6. Leena, thank you for the detailed report of your wonderful lL Volo experience. After following their careers for 13 years, I was finally able to attend a live lL Volo concert and Sound Check in September in Maryland. It was thrilling! It is an evening I will always remember.
    I hope you will have an opportunity to attend one of their concerts in Finland.
    If there is an Italian group in Finland, perhaps they could be instrumental in promoting lL Volo among the residents and yhe local media. Good luck.☘️🎶

    Daniela, thank you for sharing Leen’s review.

    1. Dear Mary,
      how was the soundcheck inMaryland? Did they come down to chat with you? In Ostuni they let us stay there just for 5-10 minutes and they did not come down. Gianluca was exhausted and he went backstage immediately after Nessun dorma without saying anything to us. The only one who really talked to us from the stage was Piero. I am so happy for you having been able to finally attend a Il Volo concert. You waited a long time.
      There is no famous Italian group in Finland who could promote Il Volo. I remember that when Andrea Bocelli was a raising star, he came immediately to perform in Finland and sang “Con te partirò” at the final of “Miss Finland” in 1996. After that he has returned here a few times. I don’t know who was his manager back then.

      1. Leena, we received the notice to meet at the front entrance of the theatre at 4:45 p.m. We actually entered the theatre around 5:30 p.m. The Sound Check lasted approximately 30-35 minutes. There were 28 fans in the audience. The night before their concert in Maryland, the guys attended the Elton John Concert in DC. When the guys came out on stage they each welcomed us by saying “Ciao” and Ignazio, wearing an Elton John shirt, waved. They immediately started rehearsing with Giampiero and the orchestra. (I should note that while we were waiting in the lobby to be escorted into the theatre, we could hear them rehearsing. They were not on stage when we entered.) They sang a total of about 6/7 songs including each of their solos.
        They did not come down from the stage to speak with us. After Ignazio finished his solo he said “Ciao” and threw a few kisses. Piero stepped forward on the stage and thanked us for coming and said they would see us in a few hours at the show. He was very personable. Gian was standing by the piano and thanked us for coming and said “See you at the show.”
        Just seeing them up close and hearing their voices fill the 3,000 seat theatre was thrilling, and of course, the concert was spectacular.

      2. It is OK, Mary Jane. I appreciate you thinking of me. It is always my pleasure to help get these fabulous stories to everyone! 😊

    2. Dear Mary Jane, well 30-35 minutes is an acceptable duration for the soundcheck. Ours last less than 10 minutes!!! Fortunately I got to give my presents (and love letters, written in Italian of course) to Ignazio who promised me to give them to Piero and Gianluca.

  7. I did the MnG in Clearwater FL and still feel guilty. After delivering a marvelous concert they had to stand for hours for pics with all of us. I love my pic but at what cost to the guys? My thanks to Gianluca, Ignacio, and Piero.

    1. Dear Barbara,
      I thought that the M&G would be exactly the way you described it and that’s the other reason why I did not go there. If we think of it from the boys’ point of view, it must be extremely tiring for them having to stay up late after a concert and be friendly, hug and take pictures with people they practically do not know. As an event, it feels too superficial and commercial to me. The boys are not a commercial object!! After all, what do you do with a picture? It’s just a picture. You can feel love and closeness to them in so many other ways. I also think that the pace at which they are touring is too frenetic. In Ostuni it was obvious that they were too worn out from the summer tour. Is it really worth it? They would do well if they lowered the pace a little bit. Piero did not sing a solo in Ostuni maybe because he had problems with the higher notes, his voice seemed thicker and less vibrant compared to what it was in the beginning of the tour. I have also been thinking if they really are happy with this kind of life. They are making huge sacrifices at personal level.

    2. I agree with you, Barbara! When my step-daughter, Susie, and I attended the Meet & Greet in Toronto in early September this year, there must have been about 100 people waiting to have their picture taken with our boys. This was after the concert! When my turn came, i told Gianluca it was my 90th birthday present to me and he wished me a Happy Birthday, then turned to Igazio to tell him it was my birthday.

      Too bad that Piero was talking to someone in the line when I first got to meet them, but when the picture was taken he was looking at that “someone”, i guess, so his handsome smile isn’t evident in the photo.

      They were so kind and thoughtful to an old lady (in years only) and I’ll cherish that picture until the next time I see them. (if ever). Dol

  8. Is the new book only in Italian? Also I only see it for.Kindle. Are books available in English?

  9. THANKYOU for that insight into your concert experience. I was lucky enough to go to the Sydney concert which was the very last of their tour. It was unbelievably fantastic. Everything was perfect. I loved every minute. Hugely expensive for me beacuse I had to travel from NZ but I’d do it again in a flash.

  10. Woops I forgot to say that after the concert I was walking back to my hotel and who was coming towards me….. the pianist. I can never get his name but it’s got Piero on the middle of it. I stopped him, and he graciously listened to me gabbling on about the brilliance of the concert!!! I’ve always admired the way he controls the performance and any naughty nonsense from Ignasio

    1. Dear Jocelyn,
      wow! What an effort to fly from NZ to Australia! Was the set list in Sydney similar to the one in Ostuni? I think that the pianist is called Giampiero. In my opinion Ignazio’s jokes are only fun. He always lifts up the atmosphere when there is a risk that it may get too heavy.

  11. Thank you Pat and Leena thank you for this personal and heartwarming story of your experience at the concert. You expressed so beautifully what so many of us experience when we get to see them perform in person. This is why we go again and again. It is such a personal experience even though we are in a crowd.

    1. You’re most welcome, Kay! Leena did a great job on this post. I felt like I was right there with her! 😀

      1. Thank you Leena for sharing your experience of the concert. It was fun to hear your thoughts and emotions. An Il Volo concert is a unique and wonderful time. We can never get enough of the guys.

      2. Your blog is awesome. I have learnt so much about them following your stories. Thank you for everything, Pat. Cannot wait to read the new book. We are so lucky to get it soon in our hands.

      1. Thank you Cathy! You are right, you never get enough of them. They are a constant source of joy and happiness to us who love them.

  12. You are correct! You only think they are wonderful until you see them in person. They are absolutely phenomenal!! I have been to 3 concerts, every day I dream of seeing them again!❤️❤️🎶🇮🇹🥰❤️❤️

    1. They are like angels fallen from heaven to cheer up and confort people. They are almost too good to be real but they are real. Thank you Kathy!

      1. Leena, thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences seeing the boys in concert! They truly are Angels from Heaven, definitely sent to us by our higher Power! I attended my first concert in NYC in September….it’s really hard to put all my emotions into words! Gian is also my favorite, his voice brings me back to beautiful times when music was Really Music not a lot of noise! Same with Piero and Ignazio, may they always be part of your life, they will be mine, I’m 78 years young and look forward to enjoying them and their concerts for the rest of my life. I’m looking forward to a trip to Italy (my happy place, my husband was Italian and we had many trips there) to see them in concert and have an m&g…I have not done that yet either. I thought about them being exhausted but look at them with their sweet personalities and loving ways, I think they usually enjoy m&g. I did go to soundcheck and was wonderful, they sang 6 songs, I took some great pictures…..Gian loves hanging on that piano!😂, he also was late and appeared to have just awaken from a nap! Piero and Ignazio are always friendly but no body came off the stage….that was a bit disappointing but the concert was beyond amazing and I cannot wait to go again!❤️
        May you enjoy many more moments with them, Carol

      2. Dear Carol,
        thank you for your comment! You are right, the boys bring us back to the times when music was real music, not a loud mess. Since I fell in love with Il Volo, I have not been able to listen to any other music except from classical music and some other artists but they are very rare. I am happy that you had the possibility to attend a concert of theirs in NYC. It is interesting to know that after the soundcheck they did not come down to chat with, maybe it’s what they did in all the concerts of their US tours. Maybe they don’t come down to have a chat because they think that people will come to the M&G. I think that the price of M&G is too high, and sometimes I wonder how on earth they can have accepted to ask that high a price from the fans for a simple meeting and a photo if we take into consideration their very humble origins. Well, maybe it is a thing of the music business.
        Today the new book will be released, and I cannot wait to read it! It will still take some weeks until they deliver it to Finland.
        Wishing you too many more wonderful moments with our boys!

  13. Thank you Leena for your review of your first concert. I always love reading about the experience of first seeing them live. Always so much better in person than a recorded video. The review was so personal and detailed. I felt like I was there with you. It certainly took me back to some of the concerts where I have seen them live. I have been lucky enough to see them 4 times in Italy and 7 times in the US.
    I hope you get a chance to see them again. Thanks Pat for posting this nice review.

  14. I notice that the song list Leena has posted for Finland seems to be much longer than what they sang in Toronto. Maybe Penina or someone else who attended that concert could say if this is correct?? Dol.

    1. You are right Dolores. There are several on that list they did not sing in Toronto. I remember at the concert I was disappointed that they did not sing Volare, because at previous concerts they had everyone stand up for Volare and dance to the music. At that point I could have used a 7th inning stretch! They did not sing Se Telefonado, nor the medley mentioned about or Lo chi non vevo senza te either.
      Maybe I missed another one they didn’t sing. Quite possible! Its been two months…

      1. Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t imagining things, Penina. They also didn’t sing Granada, Delilah, Caruso and Your Song and possibly more. Maybe it was because it was the first concert of the Tour, but I can’t see Il Volo short-changing any of their fans purposely. Dol

      2. It might also have to do with jet lag. And working things out. I always feel Toronto–as one of the first–if not the first–stops of the tour, gets a bit shortchanged. Years ago (2014?–I can’t remember) Toronto was the first stop. The concert that year was at a casino–a horrible venue, cement floor, lousy acoustics, folding chairs, way out in the sticks and hard to get to, but the kicker was the band hadn’t arrived yet and as a result the whole thing was canned music. The guys were lovely and they had an interesting M & G–everyone together in a big room with the guys circulating and talking to everyone. That was when Piero told me they were planning the tribute to the 3 tenors. So that gives you an idea of when it was. Afterwards they took pictures. I’ve never been to a M& G like that before or since.

  15. Dziękuję za tak piękny opis.Dla mnie jest to dużym przeżyciem.Byłam na chłopaków koncercie w Łodzi w Polsce w lipcu.Ogromne przeżycie,tego nie da się opisać bo to trzeba przeżyć.M&G trwało kilka sekund-wręczyłam chłopcom kosze kwiatów no a Ignasiowi największy z 30 róż i zaliczyłam buziaka.Mam zdjęcia.Patrzę na nie ze wzruszeniem i oczyma pełnymi łez.Jeśli w przyszłym roku w Polsce nie będzie w planach koncertu lecę do Włoch.Czytam Wasze wspomnienia i proszę,piszcie dalej bo mam wrażenie jakbym z Wami byłą na koncercie.Dziękuję Daniele i Susan a teraz i Leene.

    1. Dear Stefania,
      your are welcome! How nice that you gave them flowers. That is very thoughtful and a beautiful gesture.

    2. What a nice comment Stefania! As always we encourage anyone to write stories of their experiences at the concerts and we will gladly share them here. You can email the Flight Crew at ilvoloflightcrew@gmail.com and even include photos to insert into your story. I would love to visit Poland one day as I am almost half Polish from my mother’s side. My Polish family is from the Bochnia district (Kobyle and Bytomsko), just south and east of Krakow.

  16. Patti, both you and Daniela mention what lovely words Stefania has said, but not being able to read Polish (as I’m sure is the case with many Ilvolovers) her beautiful words have been missed. Maybe a translation by someone??? Dol.

    1. Translation by Google Translate:

      “Thank you for such a beautiful description. For me it is a great experience. I was at the guys concert in Łódź in Poland in July. A huge experience, it cannot be described because you have to experience it. M & G lasted a few seconds – I gave the boys baskets of flowers and Ignazio the biggest I had 30 roses and I had a kiss. I have photos. I look at them with emotion and eyes full of tears. If next year in Poland is not planned for the concert, I’m going to Italy. I read your memories and please, keep writing, because I have the impression that I am with you at the concert. Thank you Daniela and Susan and now Leena.”

  17. Witam Was serdecznie.Dziękuję za zauważenie mego wpisu.Kiedy wspominam koncert chłopców-tak ich nazywam bo mam synów o wiele starszych-łzy płyną mi do oczu.Postanowiłam zaoszczędzić na koncert w przyszłym roku.Jeśli nie nędzie w Polsce postanowiłam lecieć do Włoch.Poza językiem polskim nie znam innego.Myślę,że dam radę.Tak bardzo chciałabym ich jeszcze usłyszeć.Są tak bardzo kochani.

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