As promised, here is the first of two reviews sent to me.
This is written by Alessandra Composto, and concerns the concert in Milan on December 17th.
Alessandra, who lives in France, had warned me, via Flight Crew, that she would be coming to Milan and we were able to exchange a few words at the signing of the book, we hope to meet more calmly next time, it’s so nice to meet Il Volo-friends!!
Enjoy this review of the first concert seen by Alessandra.
Good viewing:
Daniela. 🤗
Hello Daniela and all IL Volo Flights Crew and Happy New Year to all!!
I wanted just to share all I have from the book signing at the instore on December 16 in Mondadori Milan and the concert of December 17 of Milano Forum Assago.
I am Italian (Sicilian), but I don’t live in Italy, my work has taken me to various places, now I live in lower France and will soon move to Paris.
I started to follow Il VOLO thanks to my uncle, since “Ti lascio una canzone” in Italy, but I never saw Il VOLO in concert before.
Their voices are really fantastic. Being brought up in Italy in a family that listened and read opera books, I knew right away that their voices were special.
I’m subscribed to several fan pages, as I believe all of you too, and also on this site, and it’s in this crew that I wanted to share my experiences.
I came from France to attend the concert and when I read that the day before there would be a book signing I was happy, so I could also do that event at the Feltrinelli bookshop.

I had the chance to see them from very close at the Mondadori Library. Gianluca and Piero looked really tired, no wonder after such a tour of the world in less than 80days 🤣!!!!
Must say that Ignazio was the most kind, fun, talkative, open and welcoming one that day.
While I was in line I took some photos.

I saw and called to Daniela, we exchanged a few words, but we didn’t take a picture.
Hi Daniela, it was nice to meet you in Milan!
And here it is my photo, posted on the library page!!

The day after, at  the sound check, I could approach Gianluca, who has been very kind indeed,  to ask him when they would perform in France, country where I live, he was really kind and took the time to answer me I could also see his father Mr. Ercole Ginoble and his brother Ernesto sitting not so far from  us, but I did not dare to go and talk to them ….I didn’t want to bother them.
Apart from the unfortunate and poor staff organisation of both events,
 -Fans put away by security for a photos after queuing 1 and 1/2 hour the first day……..and
 – standing in the cold for 2 hours to enter in the sound check without microphone for a Q&A , the second day, pity, because Il Volo certainly deserves an organization of a higher level………but the most important thing is that:


–  I went home with my eyes and ears full of magic ready to repeat this experience, very soon I hope, and over and over again thinking that this was not just a concert it was a true Experience that will grow intellectually and culturally old with them as time will go by… I truly can feel it.
– And  the three of them are not just singers they could be much, much more together and also by themselves …. I also bet that the fans have not yet seen a quarter of what they will and are able to do in the future.
Il Volo strives for the importance of the family. I wonder if they really know that they put together families and different generations  thanks to their concerts, their music and their art!!!
Here is my sister and brother-in-law whom I brought with me to the concert. They loved it!!!

Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero, have different personalities that we know and I could witness that is true now!
Ignazio is a real showman. ❤
Piero is a very good and handsome show supporter of Ignazio and his voice is just amazing especially when he sings opera…..❤
Gianluca has a fantastic scene presence. ❤
The three of them make ONE and complete each other leaving the audience with a breathtaking envy to have a listen to them once more.
Ignazio is unforgettable in his solo “All by Myself “ and unbelievably touchy together with Gianluca in the Alleluia duos with the magic and extra professional orchestra that plays what the three magically arrange.
Unfortunately I was too far away to take nice photos of our beloved boys, but I also wanted to enjoy the show.
I made two or three videos with my cell phone, but I don’t have Facebook and I don’t know how to share them with you, I hope Pat is able to attach at least the “Hallelujah” one, even if I turned my cell phone upside down. But the sights, sounds and beautiful voices of that evening remain etched in my mind.

When you are a fan, it is a serious thing and fans are forever. ❤️💕🌸

Wonderful seasons greetings to all!!!



  1. Thank you so much for your very interesting observations. You are extremely lucky to be able to go to a concert and see live the wonderful three singers. They are absolutely wonderful. I am lucky to be able to watch on my iPad.

    1. Thank you Maureen in You tube videos you can see many concert I suggest you the one in Taormina of 2017…their first one in Italy magical ….and emotional…and Hope you will see them in concert one day!🌸

  2. Grazie, Alessandra!
    You are absolutely on point on all observations,
    So glad you shared with us and met a new friend in Milan. Magnifique!
    Blessed New Year to all!

  3. I enjoyed your review very much, Alessandra, and was very happy for you to see them in person. May you see them again many times! Dol.

    1. Than you Dear Dol I have Ben waiting 5years for this concert !!!!!I had lost one I in Taormina because of work and waited 3 year for this one for Pandemic but I MADE IT and so glad I did was worth waiting 🌸

  4. Thank you Allesandra, my granddaughter was working in Milan and was also at the signing and concert. She was also able to attend the sound check. She told me all about her adventure. (Many times) 😊. Gianluca remembered her from New York. I introduced her to their music when she was 13 and she is a big fan now. I’m so glad you got to see them too.

    1. Glad your grandaughter could interact with them Rose Marie ! I think I saw your granddaughter (is she blind long hair??)I was just some meters ahead of her when Gian Luca asked her if she was coming from New York while she was waiting on line, we were most Italians and there and few fan from abroad…. It’s really a small world ….!

    1. Thank you Pat for all you doing for this page and for all Il Volo Fans together with Mrs Daniela…… it means a lot to me and I am sure for many of us Fans
      Deep Thanks 🙏 Kindest regards 🌸💕much 💕 love!!!

  5. Thank you for your review Alessandra. It really highlights that Il Volo’s sucess and our love of them rests with the talents (not just musically) each member brings to the group. While many of us favor one of the guys in particular, there would no magic without each one joining together to make a wondrous whole. I have been fortunate to see them live here twice in the U.S., but so envy those who get to see them in Italy where they appear more relaxed. Ah maybe someday! I hope you and Daniela get to have a more relaxed meeting in the future!

    1. Thank you !!!!hope you’ll visit Italy soon for a concert, if you will have the choice for a concert in Italy I suggest you Verona or Taormina!!!!!🌸

  6. Merci beaucoup Alessandra pour ce beau résumé j’espere toujours les voir un jour en France ,on a de belles salles des arènes de grands stades ou ils pourraient se produire Comme on dit l’espoir fait vivre Merci encore

    1. Mais Bonjour Paule!!
      They were in L’ Olympia theatre long time ago for their first concert
      They should have performed to Salle Playel in Paris back in 2001 they cancelled for Pandemic and they did not renewed I am sure we will see them in France 🇫🇷 Soon hope this year…..keep in touch !!!!🌸

  7. Thank you for sharing! Yes, we Il Volo fans love them with all of our hearts!! ❤️🎶🥰🇮🇹❤️❤️❤️

    1. Yes it’s soooooo true Kathy like we say in France”when you love…you do not count…”..Thank You🌸🙏

  8. THANKYOU for that review. I saw il Volo in Sydney australia. This was last October/November and im still reeling at the joy of that evening. Highlight for me was ‘banging’ into the pianist who I think holds the entire performance of il Volo together. I stopped him in the street and exchanged my views of how he manages those lads plus his amazing ability with the piano! Very special and very gracious of him to stop and chat. Thanks again.

    1. Orchestra is fundamental’s and Il Volo have chosen the best ! You are200% right Jocelyn …..not only the pianist which is a master himself of course, but in the concert and in the sound-checks you can see that they are all a family together ….you can feel the support ,the respect ,the empathy , the laughter, the complicity, the concert is not made just by Piero Ignazio and Gianluca is made by all of a group that’s why I called it an “experience “through a concert you discover a soul of a group 🌸

  9. Alessandra, I loved hearing about your experiences
    @signing and @concert. We have all felt the concert
    long after the night of the performance.
    Next time, may you have have a quick train ride
    from Paris. I also heard that there might be a
    London concert in the future as well.
    Thank you Daniela and Pat for this fun posting.

    1. Thank you Martha
      hope I will see them in France now and will hopefully tell you all about again than your🙏🌸

  10. I agree with you wholeheartedly about our boys .. When they came to Sydney Australia.. Ignazio was not only the showman .. he was alive & interactive with the audience .. the other 2 not so much … at Meet & Greet it was the same .. Gianluca & Piero seemed so tired & bored … Ignazio was the vibrant one .. he’s adorable ♥️♥️
    A fantastic concert though .. we all loved it from row 2 … so close it was wonderful 👏👏👏

    1. Yes Trudy such a nice concert stunning performances Thank you!
      ….Our National Ignazio just a Big big ❤️!!!

  11. Thanks s million Alessandra for sharing your Il Volo experience with us. I love to learn of how fans from around the workd see and receive these guys that we in this fan community love and appreciate so much. Same emotions whether you are American, Japanese or European – they capture a bit of our hearts no matter our backgrounds. I am truly happy on your behalf that both your book signing event and the concert were successful and you went back to France with great memories. And, yes, your observations are pretty much like mine – each guy has a special personality and fills in a certain position in the group hence making the final collage colorful and rich. They could easily make it individually – but together they create magic.
    One thing that worries me a bit to read is, however, that you found Piero and Gianluca looking very tired and not up to par at the book signing in Milan. I think Daniela said something similar about her experience of Piero when she was at the Milan signing? Coupled with my own experience in Rome where they didn’t even turn up to the scheduled post meeting to answer questions about their new book and greet the Fanclub members… I don’t really know what to think. They are not good signs to me. They ought to be too pro to let possible fatigue or private matters show in such situations. I know – the majority of us here could be their mothers or even grannies – so we are easy to give them allowances and just want to hug and protect them and wish them time to sleep and unwind, but showbiz is cruel and fame fickle, so I do hope sincerely that the management pick up these signs as well and react in due time.
    Warm greetings from Kirsten 🇩🇰

    1. Kirsten, when I saw them in Toronto it was their first concert of the North American tour. Gianluca and Piero seemed jet lagged at that time. Maybe they just aren’t good travelers but, with all their flights from here to Heaven knows where, you would think they would become accustomed to the pace.

      I just pray that they keep their wits about them and do not go the way of pick-me-up drugs of many entertainers. I’m sure they are too level headed to go that route, but we can just hope their upbringing and common sense will prevail. Dol (another concerned “granny”). ,

      1. Hello Dol don’t worry about them our guys have “their head on their shoulders “ like we say in Italy.

        they are surrounded by families and professional Management they will still surprise us with wonderful thing and they will be healthy sportif an fine they are too good !!!🙏🙏🌸😍

      2. Hi Dol. I wouldn’t worry about them going down the drains with drugs etc. – which, unfortunately, happens to many artists (A young very talented 24 years old Danish singer, Hugo Helmig, did just kill himself a few weeks ago… drugs and fear, so sad), but this would have happened long ago,to our guys if it was to happen. They are way too level headed and having family close to them all the times plus not the least – they have each other. I think the latter has been very important in many aspects.
        Fatigue from travelling… to a certain degree – but yet at their young age it is so much easier to cope with jet lag and many hours in the air plus I trust they are enjoying comfortable lie-falt business class seats on long haul and hence sleep like little babies when airborne. But it coould have had some impact on i.e. the first Toronto Concert I believe, but in fact as to most of their US Tour they seemed to have many free days to unwind, so I am not so sure that looking/acting tired can be labeled jetlag and long flights entirely. My son is a pilot and has done a lot of longhaul and admittedly he was never, ever feeling on top of his game when one day flying 10-14 hrs towards East and two days later ditto towards west. It burns even young men out.
        But, sincerely, I do hope that their now and then somewhat tired and less energetic appearance lately do come from jetlag or similar, however, I am not totally convinced… I hope they will prove my worries completely wrong in the coming year.
        Nice “talking” to you Dol. And greetings from another “granny”. Love – Kirsten, Denmark.

    2. Hello Kirsten so sorry for Rome wonder what happened……

      Hope they will rest an that they will be better no simple fall asleep in Australia and wake up in Brazil…..kind of think… for 4 month in a row

      I think won’t happen again ….there was much delay for the tours…..for pandemic they cancelled 3 time Milan and many other concerts

      I think that they had to put up and run for a very tight and stressful schedule !!

      Next time will be more relaxed and wonderful I am sure
      Have a nice day🌸

  12. Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca are most amazing young men!! – they are always polite & very respectful to their fans – they say ‘We are Love’ & they certainly are – I love the Italian culture because of the beautiful arias that have originated from this Country & of course their love of family – the rest of the World can learn much from the Italian culture – I worry about the boys though because they are vulnerable to all sorts of awful things that can go on behind the scenes – I especially worry about the girls’ they meet too because of their fame – they have brought much happiness to all of us – all I want to do – is to protect them – I – like all of you genuinely care for their safety – the boys’ have some very loyal fans – much love to you all for sharing.

  13. Alessandra, it is very gracious of you to reply to each person leaving a comment. Thank you for being so thoughtful. Dol

    1. Dear Dol,
      It’s been a real pleasure and a true honor to write post and share with and for all of you !

      thank again Daniela and Pat for the immense support on this!

      Is the minimum I can do to answer and thank each one of you for taking your precious time to read me.

      Kindest regards Dol, it was very nice @ meet you 🌸💕


      1. Alessandra it was a pleasure to help you post this nice review and I read that you are doing very well with the responses to the comments. Good!!

  14. Muito obrigado pour suis elogios Dalva!!….

    I Hope you can see the 3 magnificent in you nice and sunny country in March

    That 2023 be sweet an tender for you and your family


  15. Thank you Alessandra for another wonderful update. I saw my first show in Sept at Radio City Music Hall, NYC, it was everything I hoped for and so much more! I agree that there is so much more in the future together and by themselves, they are so amazing….they’re just starting to blossom and find their stride as men and not boys. We will all be friends and fans for life!❤️ I cannot wait to see a concert in Italy!
    Love from another grannie, Carol Orlando🙏❤️🤗🥰😘☮️🎼

    1. Dear Carol so happy you could see them and love the concert … as they say it’s a small world after all…. I would looooove to see them in Radio City NY one day….so if you will travel to Italy let me know I will give you some good hints…. Thank you for reading me
      All the best ….
      Ps. Love grannies and miss mine very much!!!!!🌸💕Alessandra

  16. Thank you Alessandra for sharing your experience at the book signing and the wonderful concert. I have only seen our guys once in Dallas, Texas in February 2020 right before Covid hit. I feel the same. They leave you wanting more. These young men are amazing and so much potential for their futures. I love how they love their families and are so kind to their audiences. Their voices are truly a gift from above. Thanks again! ❤️🇺🇸

    1. Hi Jude is always a pleasure to share and write for fans that share the same love and interest for the “3 magnificent “ glad you enjoyed the post!

      Whenever you have a chance I suggest you to go and see another concert, after the pandemic their voices changed,grow, transformed, you will see and hear the difference …and yes we will see much more from them
      Until then and on ether post …all the best

      Warmest regards

  17. I am no longer a member the American IL Volo We are Love, because ofThe Administor, so you do not have to send me anymore notices. I still Love IL Volo and listen to them on You Tube. Thank you.

    1. Hi MaryAnn, I don’t know what happened between you and the administrator of Il Volo We Are Love, but we are Il Volo Flight Crew and we are two separate fanpages, so I don’t understand why you say that we don’t have to send you any more notices, our notices they belong to Il Volo Flight Crew and have nothing to do with Il Volo We Are Love.

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