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Before I begin, I want to say Ignazio holds a special place in my heart because of stories like this that show how kind and compassionate he is! And now I am finding a place in my heart for Stefano too!

Where do I begin to tell you about Bosky TV! I could say it’s Ignazio’s fun TV and that would be true. Or I can say it’s about open discussions on any topic whether suggested by Ignazio, Stefano or one of the listeners. Or a guest speaker! It’s about asking questions and having people answer live and surveying the answers. It’s about agreeing and disagreeing. It’s an open forum for whatever you may be feeling! Some place to bring that question to and possibly find an answer for! Is it a show about Il Volo? No! But every now and then, questions do come up about the guys and Ignazio will answer them if he can.

                                             Bosky TV

What I can truly say about Bosky TV is, it’s about having fun in the afternoon, for people in America, or at night for those in other parts of the world.
All this being said, the real truth is, it’s about one of Ignazio’s greatest ideas, and he has had many, but this one goes to the heart of who Ignazio is! I’ve been talking about Bosky TV for weeks and now we are seeing the fruits of its labors.

For those of us who follow Ignazio everywhere, we know that Bosky is Ignazio’s pen name, nom de plume, his literary double, it is his pseudonym. It’s not a name he uses to hide who he is but, in fact, it is a name he uses in different social media like videos games. It gives him the opportunity to live a normal life under a name other than Ignazio Boschetto, which is known worldwide! Bosky like our well-known Ignazio is a fun guy!

A few weeks ago, Ignazio introduced us to Bosky TV and what we learned from it is for as easily as Ignazio can make you laugh he can equally make you cry. They are tears of joy, for the work he does! And, sometimes, they are tears for children who suffer every day of their lives!

One thing I want to mention, you will notice in the video, that Stefano refers to Ignazio as The Grove! For those of you who don’t know the English word for Boschetto, it is Grove! Thus, when Ignazio’s name comes up in the subtitles, it will come up as Grove not Boschetto!
I also want you to pay special attention to a particular part of the video where Ignazio is drawn to a young boy who he jokes with.
He says, “You mostly write messages on Instagram (to girls)?”  
He continues to say to the young boy, “you too could help me. He’s (Stefano) already enough for me, watching and doing nothing.”
Now I want you to take a good look at this young boy!  Does he remind you of anyone?

This is what Ignazio had to say about this young boy!
Ignazio: When I was younger, I was like you, in fact you’re like me.
Someone interrupts and says, “He likes to sing and play.”
Ignazio replies: Then I will bring you a guitar, I didn’t know.
Ignazio asks: What genre do you like?
Young boy: Rock!
Ignazio: I love you!
At this point, I want you to stop and look at the face of the young boy when Ignazio hugs him. It’s almost like looking at Ignazio’s face at that age!

I think what I love best about this particular part of the video is that the young boy is very much like Ignazio at his age. He kind of resembles him, he is a little shy like him, and he loves his music! This may be a special moment in this young boy’s life that will lead him on a special path in life!


That’s what, BIMBO TU, this organization, is all about. The struggles of young people today and a promise for a better future. These wonderful young people have many problems mental and physical. And BIMBO TU is an organization to help them. It is free to everyone.
Enjoy the video and I will talk more after you watch it!
Don’t forget to go into Settings in YouTube and Click on subtitles and select your language. If your language is English click on English for the English translation. If you don’t know where this is, it’s at the bottom of the video. Go to the bottom and a selection will pop up that includes Settings.
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This is one of the most beautiful videos you will see this year, and this is only, January! Make sure you have tissues when you watch it! Tears flow easily! Ignazio said he watched the video a number of times and he cried. I did too and so will you!

Before I go on, I want you to know that Daniela Perani will translate this video for those who don’t know how to use YouTube or don’t quite understand how to work certain parts of it. Daniela’s translation will be out next week! Look for it on Flight Crew!
There were some very emotional moments in this video. I can tell Ignazio is holding back tears when he is speaking about the children in the wards!

Near the end of the video, Ignazio talks about Bulimia. He says a person close to him had it.  He talks about how serious it is and, if you have it, you need support. He advises that you talk to someone! This is a very important issue. And a very serious disease.

Then Ignazio, Stefano and Giulia end by discussing ways to support BIMBO TU.
Ignazio says, “it isn’t always about money.” They suggest, if you live in the Bologna area or in Emilia Romagna or near Bologna, you can contact BIMBO TU and discuss how you can volunteer. Of course, cash donations are always acceptable.  
Giulia says: “Volunteering is a great way to help because giving can be done in so many ways. To donate your time, make a cash donation that always helps because we have so many activities and all the services are offered free of charge, so it is also very important in terms of financial support.
We have the operational headquarters of our offices which is San Lazzaro and in addition there are also other ways to donate and support this very important project.
I’ll give you an example. Follow us on social networks with BIMBO TU. Because we have a lot of new projects to present. We ask that you follow on social networks or subscribe to the newsletter in order to stay up to date and see what we are doing, for example, we have now opened a fundraising campaign to be able to buy neonatal ventilators for the ward of pediatrics at the Ospedale Maggiore which have a pretty important cost, so anyone who wants to lend a hand, here’s an opportunity.”
Ignazio: So, for those who live in Bologna or in Emilia Romagna or near Bologna, come and spend your time helping someone and volunteering for BIMBO TU!
Thank you, Giulia, for hosting Ignazio and Stefano! BIMBO TU is a great organization that has great people like you volunteering and supporting it!
To learn more, go online to BIMBO TU that is It’s in Italian so for our Italian friends, go online to find out how to volunteer or donate!
Or follow    on: 
For our English-speaking audience, you can also donate on that site. Go to the top right-hand corner and you will see the donate button. Donations are in EURO.
The best way to donate is on Bosky TV. This is how Ignazio explained it in English.  If you are already on Twitch at
 Or at
This is what you do!  To just donate go to Gift a Subscription below the video in the purple box and donate!
To donate in Attack go to the Red Tomato or Purple Character on the bottom right side of the video and donate! To donate at Sound Alert and send a BIT donation, do the same!
I will also ask Ignazio to explain it again on Bosky TV in English for those who will join now.
What did Ignazio say in conclusion about the video, “The beautiful thing is we are going to make more!”
So, we have more of these videos to look forward to.
Also remember every time you go on Bosky TV and subscribe or donate, you are also helping other causes besides BIMBO TU!  Ignazio will keep us informed about what organizations he will help in the future.
So again, I give you all the information to follow Ignazio on Bosky TV.
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Sign up today on one of the social media channels I mentioned!
So, I leave you with a song from a young Ignazio and also the Concert at Verona because no article should end without important music! Enjoy!

Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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19 thoughts on “BOSKY TV by Susan”

  1. What wonderful work you are doing to encourage the next generation to cope with life”s difficulties,physical or mental health.Music is such a good medicine for everyone.BimbOTu is such a brilliant idea.
    I shall donate in my country to a similar charity as I don’t do internet banking. Bravo young man,xx

  2. Susan
    This is such a wonderful article there are so many children and young adults that need help
    Ignazio is such a caring person I hope both cites will help young adults
    Love Jenny

  3. Thank you so much! I could listen to Ignazio sing Ti Voglio Tanto Bene every day!❤️🎶🥰🇮🇹❤️

  4. Thank you Susan. I was impressed with everything about the video of the visit to the children. I loved how Ignazio and Stephano interacted with the children and they had fun! I loved the little girl who couldn’t eat the candy but was thinking of how sister would love some 💕 The guys were also able to talk seriously, gently, to help viewers be more aware of these kinds of associations and how we can help, and encouraging people who need help to talk to someone. He’s just so sweet 🥲 Can you tell me if i subscribe to Bosky TV channel on Twitch, there is a monthly fee that goes to support whatever causes Igna and Pelle choose to support, right? I didn’t quite understand that part so if you can please explain 🙏 I’m thinking for me this might be simpler than trying to donate to several different places, in various ways. Appreciate it!

    1. The best way is to go on Twitch when Ignazio is on Bosky TV and donate. I will ask him to explain how to do this again. In answer to your question, yes, you understand it right!

  5. Thank you Susan for a wonderful story about Ignacio. He is a wonderful caring person and clearly loves children. His heart is enormous….love the whole idea, mental illlness and problems associated with these are so prevalent in these times. I have a niece who struggled with anorixia and Bulimia when she was a teen (now 59) it’s a life long struggle for them. Body image needs to be down played so young people don’t feel the pressure to look “perfect” and to love themselves as they are. Bravo Ignacio!❤️🥰💖
    With love, Carol

      1. thank you Susan ,that was a lovely video to watch,i new Ignazio had a good heart when you see him in concerts when he interacts with children ,i think what he is doing is fantastic and idea to help these young people by being near and talking to them ,he should be very proud of what he is doing ,i have a stepson who is mentaly handicapped so i know of the problems ,Ignazio you are a man with a heart as big as the world ,Susan i would like to donate to his charity but i am not tech savy ,please could you help me ,i am from Wales ,regards for that beautiful video ,Pam

  6. Ignazio said he is going to put a link on so people can donate with a credit card. I will post the link and give you instructions when it is up! Thank you for your kindness!

  7. I watched the video on your tube. I was so impressed how he interacted with the children. He is such a kind and compassionate young man. The one boy remineded me of Ignazio at that age. The one thing i hoped for was to see Il Volo and I had the wish fulfilled,In September when I saw them in concert in Chicago.It was a fabulous concert.

  8. Thank you for sharing.
    I am not surprised by his compassion.
    So appreciate and enjoy his creativity and versatility. Sharing all of his gifts.

    Look forward to viewing in English.

  9. Merci Susan c’est aussi pour toutes les raisons que tu as invoquées que j’ai une tendresse particuliere pour Ignazio ! Il faut s’inscrire et prendre les abonnements de cette façons on aidera Igna et Stefano dans leur demarches pour des associations ,Ignazio a dit aussi qu’on peut ecrire par mail pour donner nos idées des conseils et il nous a fait rire il a dit pas pour me dire je t’aime tu es beau ce qui est evident pour nous mais pas pour tout le monde ,je suis sure qu’ils vont faire de grandes et belles choses pour les autres et on va etre tous et toutes avec eux ! Il se dévoile beaucoup dans les lives je le savais adorable mais pas aussi proche de sa communauté comme il dit ! Merci encore pour toutes les belles choses que tu as dîtes sur eux !

  10. Thank you so much Susan for introducing us to this new activity of Ignazio. In spite of your thorough explanation I am, however, not sure I truly understand what it is about and how it works… but I can see that Ignazio seems to enjoy this new project very much. I guess that the age gap does have a huge impact here… I haven’t the slightest idea of what Twitch is and I am still struggling how to use the facilities of Instagram, so I guess I have my palate full. I neither think that this media and activity is aimed at the 70+ segment, but I wish him fun and good luck with it.

    I have always commended celebrities who put their heart and money where their mouth speaks – and no doubt that Ignazio has a heart of gold when it comes to children and young people struggling with difficulties in life. I have several times noticed how he jumps down from the stage to hug, dance and sing with them in the most natural way and making their day, I truly commend him for that and wishes him good luck with this project.

    PS Susan – did you see my comment and question in your previous article? If you have the time I shall appreciate to have you verify my query – thanks a million.

    Warm regards, Kirsten🇩🇰

    1. Hi Kirsten, I’ve been checking it out for you! As far as I know, you can only get individual songs not the whole movie.

      1. Thanks a lot Susan. I have likewise gotten some info from Carole and I understand by now, that I have had an incorrect idea as to what this documentary, that Mr. Storaro did on the caves,was all about. I thought it would be an i.e. 30 min. long documentary on either the caves, or Maestro Morricone or something completely different, and that the song IL VOLO did was “only” a small part of the project. If I understand Carol correctly, I do now understand that the full music video in fact is the ENTIRE documentary/film and that Mr. Storaros thoughts and visions are all encapsulated in same. It makes sense to me now – and explains why the documentary hasn’t been shown in movie theatres world wide. And it makes sense to me, that Mr. Storaro and the guys won a prize for same – and not only Mr. Storaro for the scrip/photo and not only IL VOLO for the score.

        But, having said so, I am still puzzled that this prize is neither displayed in Mr Storaro’s biogtaphies nor at the web-site of The Venice Film Festival. After all it must have been a prize of notable importance… Well, maybe I’ll find out one day. But at least I am now a lot more enlightened and I enjoyed watching the full music video. Thank you for helping out and all the best.

        Warm greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark. Kirsten.

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