There’s a lot of news, new and good news every day, but there’s also a nice phone call between Red Ronnie and Piero Barone, which I’ve translated for you!

The video begins with Red Ronnie reading a fan’s request:
FAN= When do you invite Piero Barone from IL VOLO, to bless your show? (Then Red Ronnie takes the cell phone and calls Piero.)
RED RONNIE= Let’s hear from Piero Barone, if he answers me.
Piero Barone (he repeats Piero’s name several times), let’s hear if he answers me, let’s hear from Piero Barone of Il Volo.
Carmen Rosa (that’s the fan’s name), I try to find Piero Barone.
PIERO (Piero replies to Red) Hello Red.
RED RONNIE= So Piero, you’re live on line!
PIERO= What happened? Who are we on line with?
RED RONNIE= I don’t know, there is a Carme Rosa who writes:  “Ronnie, when are you inviting Piero Barone from Il Volo?”
PIERO= (he laughs) Say hello to everyone, right now.
RED RONNIE=Where are you? (He means Il Volo)
PIERO= We are now in Italy, we are preparing for the tour in South America.
RED RONNIE= And when are you leaving?
PIERO= We leave in less than two weeks (this video was made more than a week ago).
RED RONNIE= Ah, wow guys!!
PIERO= We will be away (abroad) for a couple of months.
RED RONNIE= Damn, but things are going well for you, I see you from all sides, you’ve been to America…..
PIERO= This year we are working hard, we had a good tour, now South America is missing, and since it is a fairly demanding tour, we have decided to dedicate the first part of the year to all of South America.
You’ve been there, I guess?
RED RONNIE= Yes, in South America, I’ve been to some countries, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile … oh yes, even Colombia.
PIERO= This year we’re going to all these places you mentioned.
RED RONNIE= Wow, that’s cool guys!
PIERO= Yes, yes. Are you okay Red?
RED RONNIE= I’m fine. Listen Piero, a curiosity, ok, you travel the world, but do you have time to enjoy the cities you go to or not?
PIERO= But, it depends. Luckily, I personally have a passion for running, you know I like running marathons, so I take this opportunity to try to combine the two, visiting cities and running. So when I arrive in a city, I go down to the hotel lobby, to the concierge, and I get the itinerary, the route to visit a little, clearly not everything, but in 10 – 15 km you can visit a lot in a city. Then, when you’re on tour, you always have to preserve your voice, and it also depends on the climatic conditions you find in the places. But when we can, we all take the opportunity to visit the cities. This year I have to tell you that I was fascinated by Sydney, Australia, we spent three days there and we got to visit it, it was amazing. Then in South America we already know most of the countries, but clearly they are missing, for example I have never been to the pyramids in Mexico (Machu Picchu), that is one thing I miss, one day I will be able to go, but we have to organize the voyage. When you’re on tour, yes, we can see, but not like real tourists.
RED RONNIE= Well, the pyramids are beautiful, I’ve been there starting from Tolon and I went up, you know, there’s a lot of magic.
Do you know what? I have yet to edit the interview, but I hosted a friend of mine, a Unesco executive, with the director of Machu Picchu.
PIERO= But did you see what happened this year there in Machu Picchu? They had to close and some tourists were locked inside, a very particular thing happened, now I have to look into the matter, but a tour that I would love to do is Machu Picchu, Bolivia, all those strange places … the sea or the lake of salt? There’s that place there, help me…..(he means IL SALAR DE UYUNI  in Bolivia).
RED RONNIE= Look Piero, if we organize… apart from that, finding one of Il Volo free is impossible……..but if we organize, we go to Machu Picchu with Unesco and with the director and then we can stay the night where no one can stay.
PIERO= But maybe!!
RED RONNIE= Then there are other sites where tourists cannot go, such as Abiseo (Rio Abiseo- Peru), there are the curanderos (natives of Peru) and we can take a tour like this.
PIERO= Yes, but we have to document them, because ok, tourists can’t go, but we have to show these places.
RED RONNIE= But listen, have you ever seen me without a camera?
PIERO= But, in fact. I was looking at your images these days, when you went to Ireland with Pavarotti to interview U2, you were wearing a yellow jacket, if I’m not mistaken….
RED RONNIE= Exactly!
PIERO= I saw those images, a couple of days ago, and I thought:  “But look Red what a great experience, what a great honor he had to be among those people, I remember Pavarotti on your left, by the way you had made the trip with him, and then U2, I shiver just thinking back and imagining what did you try.
RED RONNIE= But think Piero that I had in my program, to tell you the important things…I had an international group that was messing around, they are called Il Volo, I don’t know if you know them.😁😁😁
You think I had them in my program screwing around.
PIERO= (he laughs) But in reality we are like that, you know us. First we went to dinner, then we remembered that we had a program to do….(laughter)
RED RONNIE= Yeah, and think there was some asshole in that group who broke my juke box, and look it’s still broken. 😁 (Red says it with nice and playful irony and laughs, he refers to Ignazio) .
PIERO= Ignazio, Ignazio. I ask you to point this out!!
RED RONNIE= Ok!, but where are you right now? Italy, but where?
PIERO= Right now I’m in Sicily, I’ve come to visit my family.
RED RONNIE= Ah, nice!
PIERO= Because you know, I move according to the climatic conditions, now in Sicily there is an incredible climate, I must tell you that today I also went to the beach, I didn’t swim, but I went to the beach to get some color, some vitamin D.
RED RONNIE= Well look, maybe one day we’ll make a connection since you’re always on the go now.
PIERO= When you want, indeed, I’ll send you some videos from South America.
RED RONNIE= Good, but have you already made the videos, or do you have to?
PIERO= No, now that we go on tour.
RED RONNIE= Well, then make some videos, then maybe I connect with you one evening for me, afternoon for you in South America.
PIERO= Gladly, it’s fine.
PIERO= Write to me whenever you want. Red a big hug, greet me all, indeed I greet all the listeners.
RED RONNIE= Look, everyone here says hello. (Red reads some messages from the PC).
There is a question, “Have you ever seen the Northern Lights?”
PIERO= No, we lack that. Because that is a particular trip that you have to organize in time, there is a period of the year, you have to go with local people, so you know very well how our calendars work, it’s all really complex, it’s complicated to be able to plan this trip. But there are two trips that I would really like to do: one is going to see the Northern Lights, but above all, the trip of my life will be Vietnam-Tibet.
PIERO= This is something that sooner or later I will do in my life.
RED RONNIE= Well, in Vietnam I have no connections, but in Tibet yes.
PIERO= That is, after me, do you call a Tibetan monk?
RED RONNIE= (He laughs) No, but I have connections with the house of Tibet in Italy, and therefore, maybe we can……let’s see, let’s see….come on, we promise to go on a trip together, I would start from Machu Picchu and Peru, those places there.
PIERO= And go and see the salt lake on the internet…..
RED RONNIE= The salt lake, they wrote it to me first, let me see where they wrote it to me…gosh how many messages….
PIERO= I think it’s in Bolivia.
RED RONNIE= His name is Salar de Uyuni.
PIERO= And where is it?
RED RONNIE= And what do I know, I found out from you.
PIERO= (he laughs) I can’t believe it, I’m sending you images on video because a dear friend of mine went on that trip and sent me photographs, they look like surreal realities.
RED RONNIE= Ok, the Earth is beautiful, we have to defend it, Ok? (Red is a convinced green)
PIERO= Absolutely!!  Red big hug.
RED RONNIE= Bye, bye Piero.
PIERO= Good night everyone, bye.


Today, February 17th, as announced by Il Volo, a particular EP of ten songs is being released, completely intended for the public of Spain, Latin America and the United States.
Ten beautiful songs by Latin artists, sung in an excellent way by our Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

Here are the titles of the 10 songs:
3 TAN ENAMORADOS (feat Ricardo Montaner)
For those who want to listen to them on Spotify, this is the link:

Spotify Link – CLICK HERE

Furthermore, a new television program on Canale 5 hosted by Michelle Hunziker (she also presented House Party) was announced. The new program is titled: MICHELLE IMPOSSIBLE, Il Volo should be a guest in the episode of Wednesday 22 February, but we will keep you updated.

In addition, new dates continue to be added to the next tour. Yesterday two dates were added in Bulgaria also, and soon our loved ones will leave for the long South American tour.
A really busy schedule, our young men don’t get a moment’s break, and soon, very soon the concerts will start. Who knows which of you will be lucky enough to be able to go and see them…..but don’t forget, whoever goes, let us know your impressions!!
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Ils sont trop loin pour moi. Je voudrais aller les voir en Europe mais ce n’est pas toujours facile et actuellement il n’y a pas beaucoup de dates et de lieux de prévus donc difficile de prévoir et de s’organiser. L’idéal serait qu’ils viennent enFrance

    1. Tu as raison Eliane, ils devraient faire au moins une escale en France, croisons les doigts !

      You’re right Eliane, they should make at least one stop in France, fingers crossed!

  2. As usual Grazie Mille to our dear Daniela and Pat. This sounds like a very vigorous tour. I hope they take care of themselves.

    1. Yes, RoseMarie, it’s going to be a really long tour, but hopefully it will include new places too, and you know what I mean. I hope you are better today. A hug.

  3. Thank you very much for the translation. I’m lucky enough to see them live at a concert in Krakow on May 27. I’m very happy and can’t wait. Greetings from Poland.

  4. What an incredible life the guys lead! Love the new album, listened to it over and over yesterday!! They are always amazing us and the world, thank you to Daniela and Pat for another great story about our IL VOLO! I do worry about them not having enough time to have a private life! Happy Day, Carol

      1. Pat I’m sorry I somehow missed problems with your back…my sympathies, I had back surgery 13 yrs ago and suffer periodically ( walking with trekking poles really helps to take the pressure off your back and knees and helps with my balance). I’ve had both knees done and the left one twice (1st was a partial)….never sorry.I’ve done something to my right ankle now and waiting for the X-ray report, they tell me it’s not my arthritis or RA! Oh joy! It’s seems to be a daily if not weekly occurrence! Getting older is a very mixed blessing!
        Good luck with your surgery, you’ll do fine just follow up with your rehab and you’ll be good as new! Also hope your back heals quickly. Hang in there, prayers are coming your way! God bless, Carol🙏🤗😘❤️❤️

      2. Oh Carol! I did not know you had surgery. Mine is still healing but is better. Wow, you had your left knee done twice! A friend of mine had both of her ankles replaced. Didn’t realize they could do that, but she can walk now! Thanks for your well wishes and prayers. I am actually doing prehab before my surgery which is good. Everything will be fine! 😊 💓 😘

    1. Carol, they have a really busy schedule, but I also think they know how to carve out time for their own private life, or so I hope. I’m glad you like the new songs.

  5. Thanks a lot, Daniela, for the translation of that nice phone call from Red to Piero. I got the new album from ITunes yesterday and love it all (of course)! Como Vai Voce is absolutely gorgeous. I’ll be looking forward to your post on the guys’ appearance on Michelle’s new program and anything available on the South American tour.
    Pat, hope your back is 100% well now, or nearly.

    1. Thanks Judi. Nearly well…….now it’s on to knee replacement (s) in late March! Just call me Bionic Pat! 🤣 I bought the IL VOLO EP yesterday. I have listened to a few and they were great! 💕

      1. Looks like quite a few of us couldn’t wait to hear that super surprise from the guys! Really good news that you’re almost well from the recent problem, but sorry to hear about the upcoming knee(s) surgery. My sister just had it 2 months ago and is golfing already, so hoping you’ll breeze through that also.

    2. Judi, I think Il Volo is a guest on the program with Michelle, already Wednesday, so I’ll send you the translation right away. They have already left today for Mexico.

  6. I knew they would love Sydney Australia.. and they had 3 days to see it .. it’s a magnificent harbour & I saw them at Sydney concert .. highlight of my life xxx

    1. Trudy, from Piero’s words, they really appreciated Sydney, and I think not only the city, but also the enthusiasm of the people, so I think they will come back soon.

  7. Just would love to express my appreciation for your email – really enjoyed reading about the exchange between Red & Piero – gosh the boys are so busy – I envy the way they are able to see places in this beautiful world that most of us would never see in a lifetime – much love Daniela& Pat for taking time out of your busy schedule to keep us informed on the happenings with our beloved boys.

    1. Thanks Jude, I’m glad you liked it. Yes, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca can see the whole world on their tours and they really appreciate what they see.

  8. Daniella, is the EP on sale anywhere? I went on iTunes and Amazon and it is not there–at leasst not yet.
    Do you know if it is only to be downloaded like Amane, or is there a physical CD like the EP San Remo Grande Amore?

    1. Penina, from the news I have, I don’t think there will be a real physical CD, unfortunately, but I could also be wrong, the news is not exhaustive on this.

  9. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the Piero and Red Ronnie phone call as well as the latest news. Best wishes to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca on their tour of Central and South America. Hope your back is better soon Pat and good luck with your knees in March!
    I too am wondering and hoping there will be a CD of Il Volo’s new music.

    1. It’s always interesting to find out new news, even through their phone calls, right Margaret, because we are interested in everything about them!
      The south america tour is about to start!!

  10. Thank you Daniela and Pat for the translation of the phone call with Red ,the boys have another busy tour ,when do they get time to have fun ,also how can Piero and Ignazio ever find true love they are away too long ,thier lives are not thier own i feel sorry for them on times ,hope true love finds them soon ,regards

  11. Daniela uwielbiam Twoje opowieści, czekam zawsze z utęsknieniem. Fanką jestem od niedawna, ale dzięki Wam i grupie z Polski dowiaduje się coraz więcej o chłopakach. Są cudowni, ale moje serce skradł Ignazio, w szczególności po spotkaniach na Twitch.

    1. Cześć Małgorzata, witaj w grupie. Dzięki za miłe komplementy.
      Ignazio skradł serca tak wielu fanów, że lepiej ustawcie się w kolejce!!

      Hi Malgorzata, welcome to the group. Thanks for the nice compliments.
      Ignazio has stolen the hearts of so many fans, you better get in line!!

  12. Thank you for the translation of Piero and Red Ronnie. I did not see the program with Michelle nor did I see anything on facebook after the show. I will see if it is on you tube. I can’t believe how busy the guys are and all the interviews, I am exhausted just trying to keep up with them. Just wish for a great and safe tour for them.

  13. I am sorry Pat that I forgot to wish you good luck with your surgery and hope everything goes well, which I am sure it will

    1. Thank you, Beverly, for your well wishes. I’m looking forward to better mobility and a speedy recovery! 😊

  14. A better place to listen to their new CD is you tube music. Spotify only let you listen a part of the song not the whole.

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