LAST CALL FOR WISHES! Tanti Auguri, Igna! Happy 29th

Hello everyone!

All song choices have been submitted, thank you!

This is last call for wishes for Igna.  Please send your wishes to, no later than October 2, 2023.  

Hello All!

It’s that time again…. just about a year ago now, we were all getting ready for their US tour!  Now, the folks in Milan are enjoying 6 concerts in a row!  How I wish I could have been at all 6, I’d even take one!  Oh well, maybe next time!

Our Ignazio is approaching that hill now and will be 29 soon!

So, it’s time to send in your wishes and SONG to go with the video.  Advice to follow:

`1. please do not submit songs that they already sing

2. limit your songs to 3 choices

3.  please do not suggest songs for them to sing – we have no direct contact with them

4. please send to:  I know it is easy to just reply to this posting, but it’s easier for me if everything is sent to the gmail account.

5.  please do not post any wishes on FaceBook, I will not see them

6. please send your wishes and song choices separately.  If together, I may accidentally delete it after the song choice.  Please put song or wish in the subject line.

7. apologies in advance if I miss anyone’s wishes – I try my best and it’s purely by accident if anyone gets missed!  Sometimes it is a cyber error, beyond my control…

A special thank you to Rose Marie P. for letting me use her photo above!  🙂

Thank you –

Jana and Kelly

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  1. Auguri my sunshine Ignazio enjoy your day special day with all your lovely family and friends see you soon in Brussel 😉😘🥳💙

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