The European tour continues with great success for IL Volo.
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca can be satisfied with the recognition for the large and affectionate public that follows them and acclaims them wherever they go.







Beautiful series of photos edited as videos and with Il Mondo background.

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Once the beautiful concert is over, they immediately head to Belgium where another concert awaits them in Brussels


7 October Belgium, Brussels

The concert will be held in the beautiful location FOREST NATIONAL.










A beautiful letter written by fans and published by Gianluca.

Here’s what GRACIA LIVE, concert organizer, wrote.
🎤Unforgettable weekend with Il Volo at the Rockhal in Luxembourg 🇱🇺 and Forest National – Vorst Nationaal in Brussels! 🇧🇪
From powerful vocals to mesmerising harmonies, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto & Gianluca Ginoble truly captivated every soul in the audience. ️ ️🎵 💙

My friend Albertine Waworuntu was present at the Brussels concert, she sent me this comment.
Good morning Daniela. Am now on my way back home. Last night I was with Marie-Jeanne Jans, from Belgium, enjoying the concert of Il Volo. Wow!!! We had a beautiful night with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. Ignazio has a new look, without beard. He looks like a boy. You can see his dimples on his cheek and he lost weight. A slim handsome Ignazio. I guess that the tickets were 90% sold. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, they experienced how their fans love them. I can’t tell how beautiful it is to see them on stage. I think you know that.

Surely you are all aware of the sad and tense moment that the people of Israel and Palestine are experiencing, to whom our thoughts and prayers fly. 🙏😱😢.
Il Volo was supposed to have a concert in Tel Aviv on October 14th and, due to this sad moment,  at first the concert was cancelled, then it was postponed to April 2024.

How sad to end with such bad news.
We raise prayers for all the people involved. 🙏🙏
Daniela  😢


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


22 thoughts on “EUROPEAN TOUR: LUXEMBURG, BELGIUM by Daniela”

  1. cara daniela, vivo a milano ma nata a luxembourg. ero perciò curiosa come era andato il concerto perchè penso non conoscono bene i gagazzi come me e te. io li adoro da sempre grazie di tutto un abbraccio

    1. I’m happy to update you on the concert in your hometown, Marie Louise, as you can see it was a success!

    2. No matter how you look at it they never seas to amaze our senses and love of wonderful music with a touch of fun and their humility!

  2. Thank you Daniela and Pat for another great recounting of two more concerts! It’s so wonderful to live vicariously through those that attend and send photos and videos and all the lovely extras you include!
    Grazie mille, Carol 💖💖💖🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻☮️🎤🎶🎼🦋
    With many prayers for people all over the Middle East and Ukraine for their children, homes and lives….no body should have to spend centuries worrying about and experiencing these traumas. May God be with them and protect them….Israel you are not alone🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💛🩵☮️

    1. Thanks Carol, I’m glad you like the concert updates, but we are at the end of the European tour, but there will definitely be some more surprises for us fans.

  3. Hello Daniela & Pat from Queensland – another outstanding editorial & the pics are so beautiful – with the summing up of the concerts – we are well-informed down here & you do the best job ever!! – we are missing out on nothing thanks to you two dedicated angels – I have to mention Ignazio – gosh he is so handsome!! – he looks very chic with a charm all of his own & I – like all the other fans love love love!! his dimples – have a great week – much love.

    1. So Jude, Ignazio’s charm strikes again, it’s so nice to see the affection he had for his birthday. Yes, his dimples are a sign of recognition for us fans.

    2. Thank you, Jude. I’m so glad we can do this for everyone! 😊 We love the guys and enjoy all their wonderful voices!

  4. Thank you for another chance to vicariously experience Il Volo and their concerts. We’d be in the dark without both of you 🙂
    Love the photos and of course, the songs! And your translations, although I’ve learned to use Google translate for some articles in Italian that I find. I’m in awe of all the sources you have and reports/pictures people send you – that’s a lot of organizing
    and work on your part, and I thank you for that.

    1. Maija, thanks for the compliments. Are you thinking of returning to Verona next year? In case we hope to be able to see each other, weather permitting!! And we also hope that the situation in the war zones will return to normality and peace, let’s pray for this!

      1. Daniela, I loved both concerts in Verona (yes, including the rainy one). And yes, I definitely want to meet you someday, most likely in Italy. My daughter and I want to go to Sicily next year, and we’d like it to be when Il Volo has a concert there, in Taormina or Agrigento, or ….. Japan is on the tour schedule already, but maybe local concerts are announced on shorter notice. I’m keeping my eyes and ears open about any new concerts coming up. Thanks for keeping in touch!

  5. Leave it to Gianluca to choose his wonderful rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in love With You”. I lost my wife a number of years ago and it was out wedding song. I have all I can do to get through his performance in one piece. I am so honored that he chose this one. Needless to say it’s very meaningful.

    1. Oh Mark, I am so sorry to hear you lost your wife. What a wonderful song to share with someone. I also lost my husband 10 years ago. I discovered IL VOLO in 2016 and they brought joy and music back into my life. 😊

    2. I agree with what Pat wrote to you, Mark, I’m very sorry for your loss and I understand the importance this beautiful song, which I also love so much, has for you.
      Enjoy this beautiful video shot in Plovdiv, Bulgaria!

  6. Such wonderful videos! Thanks so much, Pat and Daniela. Yes, that rendition of “Can’t help falling in love with you” by Gianluca is one that will never grow old. He has such control over his voice, it’s amazing. Hugs, Dol.

  7. It is so great that we have you guys to post all these wonderful videos, at least through all of you we get to see at least part of these wonderful concerts.

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