Immediately after returning from the European tour, our young men returned to their homes, but they certainly didn’t sit idle.  First there was Piero’s lecture at the University of Enna, immediately afterwards Gianluca was present at an event.
The “T. ACERBO” Technical Institute of Pescara turned 100 years old and promoted a special day dedicated to the ERASMUS + project in which Gianluca Ginoble was the guest of honor.
This newspaper reports a beautiful article of the event:

The tenor of Il Volo launches an appeal to the children of Pescara:
“You have to sacrifice to achieve great results.” 
“Parents must be able to believe in their children and support their passions, just as mine did with me and today I can say that music is and has been my salvation.”
Thus begins the speech by Gianluca Ginoble, singer of the famous group Il Volo, addressed to the students of the Acerbo Institute on the occasion of the centenary celebrated yesterday in the main hall in the presence of the school director Carlo di Michele, the president of the Province Ottavio de Martinis and the director for the regional school office Giuliano Bocchia.
On this occasion, the Erasmus project was presented which will allow students to grow through knowledge of different cultures and traditions.
“Travel the world, open your mind, try to learn about different cultures.” declares Ginoble, “and do not remain firm in your beliefs but always cultivate doubt which I believe is the most important element for growth both on a personal and professional level. We have all been young and have asked ourselves questions about who we are, who we want to be and what role we will play within society. We have all been struck by an anguish that is part of life itself, and it is precisely what will lead us to move forward with perseverance and ambition. We live in a society that completely deludes us that maximum results can be achieved with minimum efforts, but in reality”, underlines the singer, “this is not the case, because only through great sacrifices can we achieve great objectives and not be distracted by everything that surrounds, that is, by the aesthetic perfection that we see on social media. In reality, in order to improve ourselves we must learn to know ourselves. Knowing yourself has always been the backbone of my life. I’m 28 years old and I still have a lot to learn and giving advice to young people is always delicate for me, but the message I feel like giving is to never give up, because it’s the only way to feel alive.”
Then a passage about being famous:
“Fame is an ephemeral concept, I never looked for it, I simply wanted to do what made me happy. I sing for myself and above all to convey emotions to others because I feed on this. The only way to remain humble and not being overwhelmed by success is to never forget our roots and the education we have received, in particular for me it is the great relationship I have with my grandfather Ernesto which is always there for me. I bring all this to the stage, even if I’m in New York or Sydney and it’s something that helps me a lot to remain myself.”
“Gianluca is an example for our students”, declares Di Michele, “not only because he undertook an important path that allowed him to travel the world, thus becoming an international star, but also because he managed to do all this while maintaining its simplicity.”
The Erasmus project led by Professor Marilia De Dominicis, thanks to the support of the former head teacher Annateresa Rocchi, will allow the pursuit of teaching open to cultural diversity.
And the president of the Province De Martinis comments:
“The project aims to raise awareness of the various European realities and thus come into contact with important topics such as the environment, sustainability and above all active citizenship.
These are topics that will allow children to grow in an important way both from a personal and academic point of view. I too was a scholar in this school and was part of its hundred years, and today I am here to tell you students to commit to education to give us a better world.”

In this video 8 broadcast by TG8, you can see a short interview with Gianluca.
VOICE= Guest of honor Gianluca Ginoble from Il Volo, who told the kids about his personal relationship with the school.
GIANLUCA= For me it is wonderful to be among young people first and foremost. I’m young, but I’m no longer 17, I’m 11 years older than them, so time has passed for me too, but I still feel like that child who has the great dream of wanting to achieve that goal of being a singer, of having that ambition of being able to know oneself and one’s vocation and this I believe is the most important message for young people, to work for themselves on a personal level, but above all to try to build a future, to have a purpose to have a role in life.
Another video broadcast on TG Abruzzo.
PRESENTER= The celebrations for the 100 years of the ACERBO Institute, guest of honor this morning was the singer Gianluca Ginoble of the group Il Volo, who closed the meeting on the notes of enthusiasm. The students, in the external spaces of the school, were the protagonists of a themed choreography inspired by the new ERASMUS+ as a symbol of union and collaboration between the different European countries. Erasmus was the central topic of the morning with stories and testimonies from students and professors who have completed courses abroad.

The ERASMUS+ project involves and promotes studies abroad, students have already been present in Spain, Germany and France.
The event was titled: “L’ ACERBO VOLA”, a clear reference to Il Volo and the recently concluded European tour.
At the end, in the courtyard of the institute, the students carried the flags of Spain, Germany, France, England , as well as Italy, then they formed a big E (Erasmus) and they all sang Grande Amore.


GIANLUCA= I always tell guys not to stop working for their future.
Furthermore, on October 22nd, in Atri (the town where Gianluca was born) there will be the “ATRI AWARD” journalism event, and Gianluca will be awarded as better explained by the Instagram stories published by Ercole Ginoble and which I will translate for you.

During they awarded a special prize to the Abruzzo singer of IL VOLO, Gianluca Ginoble with the following motivation:
“A very successful artist in the musical field, with his unmistakable voice, his elegant features, he contributed to giving prestige to Abruzzo and to the people of Abruzzo in the world.”
The award was presented to the artist on Sunday 22 October 2023 at 6:00 pm in the municipal theater of Atri during the awards ceremony in the presence of the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano and leading names in Italian journalism, television and sport, including the President of the FIGC Gabriele Gavina.

And here is the moment of the awards ceremony.
PRESENTER= I ask the President of the Atri for Atri association, Andrea Spada, to join me here, for the delivery of a special recognition.
The Adranus award to a great artist in the musical field with his unmistakable voice and his elegant features has contributed to giving prestige to Abruzzo and to the people of Abruzzo in the world. Special recognition to the singer of Il Volo, but our ambassador in the world : Gianluca Ginoble.  
(Gianluca goes on stage, greets those present and hugs the presenter)
Sorry, but I’ve known him since he was like this (little one) and he has maintained the same humility, the same generosity, he has only become an international star, but he has remained himself and this is the most beautiful thing.
GIANLUCA= So you really move me. Thank you, I’m happy to be here, thanks to all of you, by the way, I was born in Atri, so (cheers). I want to thank you because it is never a given to receive an award, I am not a journalist, because like journalists I give voice to words, to emotions through my voice,and at my age being here among all of you is truly a great privilege and I don’t take it for granted.
I have always tried not to be overwhelmed by what fame and success can be, which is a truly ephemeral concept that can sometimes change the essence of a person, therefore simplicity and education, values, are the most important things to move forward, to remain who you are, appreciate the affection of the public which is never taken for granted and always move forward. What I am doing with my colleagues is to bring with humility, but with great ambition, our music which is the history of bel canto which is in our culture. We also try to bring it to the new generations because I believe it is really important to never forget the roots, without being too nostalgic, but always with an ambitious look towards the future, and that is what we are trying to do. (applause) 
PREFECT= As prefect I am trying to publicize the many excellences of the province of Teramo, now let’s pay homage to a person who is bringing the name of Italy to the world, with the historical Italian arts, that is, bel canto.
By a curious coincidence, he is a musician, more or less also like me, so congratulations indeed.
PRESENTER= The ATRI award for the show goes to Gianluca. (final greetings)

VOICE= Gianluca Ginoble, born in Adri, as you remembered, awarded in Adri, what satisfaction is it?
GIANLUCA= When Abruzzo calls I am always very happy to be able to somehow bring values higher and higher through music which is my greatest passion, around the world. I love my land and I am very happy to be here.
VOICE= This was a journalistic award, but there is a lot of communication in some way, let’s face it, even in music.
GIANLUCA= Well of course, music is also communication, it communicates emotions, so from this point of view we try to do our best to give people comfort, happiness and to accompany it as the soundtrack of their lives.
VOICE= You travel the world so successfully, but does your heart always stay here?
GIANLUCA= Obviously, never forget your roots which are the most important things and keeping them firmly helps you always remain yourself.

Many congratulations to Gianluca for this recognition. The people of Abruzzo adore you and recognize your merits.
We are very proud of the way you carry yourself in your private life as well as your public one!!
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


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  1. Such a beautiful article! Thank you Daniela…..and no he never disappoints! So proud of the men they have all become, fame can really skew our opinions and outlook on life, they have maintained their sweetness, humility and gratitude….and will always!
    Blessings and peace, Carol 💖💖💖🎼🎤🤍💙💛

    1. Carol, once again our young men are showing us that they have remained humble, that fame has not gone to their heads.

  2. Gianluca has, once again, proven to be a master of not only bel canto, but a master of expressing himself with words. He is an example to all young people who hope and who have achieved success. Such a lovely young man and a credit to his parents, as well as his background. Hugs, Dol.

    1. Certainly Dolores, Gianluca’s family sowed very well, but Gianluca himself continued with seriousness and maturity on this path.

  3. I enjoyed reading all about Gainluca and all the wonderful work he is doing for the children and trying to make there lives prosper as they go further into later in there lives to do the best that they can and never ever give up on there self and work as hard as they can meet their goals, I am sure that, that made a big impact in their lives and hopefully it has, thank you Gainluca for being the person you are, and please stay that way, God bless you!!

    1. In fact, Terry, I hope that Gianluca’s beautiful and mature words were heard by the boys and girls of that school, it would truly be a great recognition for a job well done.

      1. Thanks Daniel, I hope that learned a lot from Gianluca, can you amagine how that would touch their young lives right now! It would make such a difference in their lives as they grow and try real hard as Gianluca has done through his whole life and look where he is now and not just his career, but going to visit with all these children and giving them hope that if they are willing to work very very hard that they can become who or what they want to be and be as kind to their fellow man as Gianluca has been to them!! Wouldn’t that make Gianluca so happy and honored to have made that much difference in their lives!! All he can do now is when he has the time to be with them more and put it into God’s hands and pray, I know I will be right behind him with my prayers for him and the children.

  4. I wrote a message to Gainluca just a few minutes ago but I don’t think it went thru, was praising him for all his wonderful work with all the great work he has done with the children and in hopes that he made a great impression on them so that they will do there best through their lives as they grow older. Thank you Gainluca for being the person you are and don’t ever change! God bless you always!

    1. Sim, Dalva, o Gianluca pode ser um bom exemplo. Temos sorte de sermos fãs de cantores tão maduros e conscienciosos.

  5. A wonderful tribute to our Gianluca. He and “his brothers” are the best examples of who a young person should look up to and emulate. Thanks for the translation Daniela, and Pat for the layout.

    1. RosaMarie, I only hope that the example and way of being of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio is listened to, today’s young people need examples like this in a world that has few values.

  6. Gianluca is so talented and certainly knows how to express himself in such a classy way. His parents certainly deserve the credit for raising such a fine young man.

    1. Yes Jeanne, Gianluca often says that he misses not having studied for a long time, but certainly his culture is profound and the countless readings of books have profoundly educated and matured the young Gianluca.

  7. Oh Daniela. Thanks a million for having taken the time to translate and communicate to us these two beautiful events. What a lovely and well spoken young man Gianluca had grown into – you Italians must be so proud of him. And a huge congratulations to him for the Atri Award – so well deserved – and my biggest kudos to him for his very fine speech to the school children. So well formulated yet humble, wise and profound. I get more and more respect for him as a person. I truly hope that the teachers and those involved in the project and celebration realize how lucky they have been that Gianluca has taken the time off to be present and prepare some sound and heartfelt good pieces of advice for the young people to reflect on. PS I lack to understand the connection between Gianluca and this school/institute apart from being located in Abruzzo. Did Gianluca take lessons there? Or possibly spent some of his school years at same? I read somewhere that he had attended a private high school studying Greek and Latin for a year and a half – could this be the place? Do you know Daniela?
    Thanks again for this beautiful article that I have truly enjoyed reading.
    Lots of love – Kirsten🇩🇰

  8. Love the work you & Pat do for this website – you take us all to a higher place – you lift our souls – if it wasn’t for you & Pat we would not have the pleasure of knowing what our Boys are doing – these Boys are no ordinary humans – they – in all they do & say sets them apart from all others – Daniela thank you for taking us to a happier place & good luck to Piero for his marathon tomorrow – much love & appreciation.

    1. And I love doing this for you and the whole Flight Crew! 😊 Thank you for the kind words, Jude!

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