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“You can’t have Ignazio” Linda shouts!
“Can if I want,” Loretta pouts.
“Just leave Gianluca alone,” Kelly touts!

“Don’t put Piero in this poem,” Elizabeth pled.
“Oh, certainly you can,” Fran and Mary said!
Being Gian-ites Ann and Elaine share instead.

Panina and Stephanie think Ignazio’s grand.
Michele can’t make them understand.
She saw him first, weddings all planned.

Helen definately wants Gianluca too.
Now, what on earth, are Laia and Christine to do?
Teresa nor Allene have a clue.

Of course, LeeLee wants to steal them all away!
Sheridan and Marti where are you today?
You’ve got Jeanie and KittyKam to sway your way!

Josie loves them all but, Lynn’s lips are pursed.
Did you know that in voodoo Marie is well versed?
Sure, sites all fun and games until someone gets cursed!


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