“You can’t have Ignazio” Linda shouts!
“Can if I want,” Loretta pouts.
“Just leave Gianluca alone,” Kelly touts!

“Don’t put Piero in this poem,” Elizabeth pled.
“Oh, certainly you can,” Fran and Mary said!
Being Gian-ites Ann and Elaine share instead.

Panina and Stephanie think Ignazio’s grand.
Michele can’t make them understand.
She saw him first, weddings all planned.

Helen definately wants Gianluca too.
Now, what on earth, are Laia and Christine to do?
Teresa nor Allene have a clue.

Of course, LeeLee wants to steal them all away!
Sheridan and Marti where are you today?
You’ve got Jeanie and KittyKam to sway your way!

Josie loves them all but, Lynn’s lips are pursed.
Did you know that in voodoo Marie is well versed?
Sure, sites all fun and games until someone gets cursed!


Like Poetry? I’ll be asking for your’s soon!

51 thoughts on “CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?”

  1. What can I say Marie, How am I supposed to choose between them. All these poems have first prize on all of them. Its nice that you have Linda finally shouting. Hey I’m one of your BFF;s, send your curses elsewhere.

    I hope you are not expecting all of us to be quoting poetry. Sorry no gift for that. It will be nice to hear if others have the gift as well.

    1. What do you mean finally shouting? I’ve been shouting for months, you just chose not to hear me!! Everybody, in case you’re not aware, Ignazio is MY guy!!!

      1. And you have totally ignored me, too! I have loved Ignazio since 2008!!

  2. Here is my hasty offering:

    Gian has a smile that is hard to beat
    But Nazio knows how to make something to eat
    Piero’s a bit wild that is for sure
    The sickness we have hasn’t a cure!
    It is love for IL VOLO–you can keep all the rest
    “Cause IL VOLO–no kidding! they’re really the best!

  3. Linda, I feel a curse coming on!

    Hang on to that Penina, Ill be asking for it. Good one! Wish He’d cook for me! Oh wait, he does cook for me… And You.. and Linda and……

  4. Marie, your poems are the best! I have been reading them on the other site. I love them all. Here is my very lame contribute:

    Piero is handsome and sings super great!
    Haven’t heard from Ignazio much of late.
    Gianlucca is cute
    And sings really great
    But Piero, I wish, could be part of my fate!

    Of course, there is the matter of age difference, but in a daydream anything is possible!

  5. Allene, excellent! There is no age difference in a daydream or it would have another name! Hang on to that one too. We plan to gather these during the A.C. (after concert) Period. We don’t want them lost during the S.T.C.I.I.L.A.O.A. (saw the concert I’m in love all over again) Period.

  6. Here’s my fantasy!

    Gardening, shopping, doing chores
    all I know is I’m so boooored
    My fairy godmother appears
    I’ll help you dear, I’ll dry your tears
    Just think of what you want the most
    You’ll get it. That’s no idle boast!
    I click my fingers, wishing hard
    The boys appear in my backyard
    with a cappella serenades
    they follow me – I’ve got it made.
    Remember, it’s MY fantasy
    That’s how I end up with all three!


  7. Marie, thanks for include me in the poem. Yes, I love all of them, but Gianluca is by far my favorite since I saw him in the italian show Ti lascio una canzone. My grandparents were italians and I understand italian quite well, and I watch RAI tv by cable international to learn more about Italy, and since I saw him I watched the show until the end when he won the contest. His voice, smile and his shyness catched me. And now he is a handsome young man and always surprise me with his kindness and his powerfull voice.
    I like the Ignazio´s smile and he is so funny and of course his voice too. Piero is a little of enigmatic to me, sometimes I don´t understand his attitudes, but he has a great talent. So doesn´t matter who is our favorite, but we are here and always for them.

  8. Wow, some great poems here. You’re all so gifted. I was born with the total inability to write poetry, but I so enjoy others.
    Ahh, it all comes down to our love for “The Boys”, Marie is right there is no age limit in daydreams!!

  9. Oh Marie I’m not ignoring those ladies & I use the term loosely DO NOT have chance I Hades (notice I am being pure) because I have an in with Ignazio.
    Linda dear I just didn’t hear you & you are confused dear because you haven’t been in my closet because if you had the wall would have been cemented over & you would have never got out so consider youself lucky.
    .Penina lovely poem but also you don’t have an inkling of a chance, you see dear I met him & we have a bond, if you ever noticed the video of me meeting him at the Massey Hall in Toronto.
    Jen consider yourself lucky that you have all 3 boys for now in your dream because it won’t be for long because I’ll be taking Ignazio back. As I said I have you all beat in the age category & he happens to love more mature woman who sincere love is shown than the younger generation.
    Marie I don’t think we have to worry about those youngsters & also Marie I do hope you were going to include my name as to who HE cooks for, careful Marie.

  10. It’s OK Loretta–in dreamland he can do or say whatever I want him to do!
    Which doesn’t happen very often in reality! As long as I can SEE him and look at him and hear him sing, I am quite happy! And they all are, as mentioned above, HOT! HOT! HOT!

  11. MARIE, if I ever turn up missing, check out Loretta’s cemented over closet.I think she’s going to murder me to get to Ignazio. Be careful!!

      1. And mine, too. Where is Elizabeth? She must be too busy in school to notice we want to take Piero away from her.

  12. So Marie wants a poem.
    Now what is there to say
    About three young Italians
    Who haunt me every day?

    I was a normal person
    Until that fateful day,
    A song so sweet, voices so pure
    It took my breath away.

    Again, I cried, Please give me more
    I just can’t get enough.
    I can’t get through another day
    Without your tender touch.

    Don’t ever leave, I need you now
    As much as breathing air.
    To leave me all alone again
    Would surely be unfair.

    Sweet Nazio, Gian so dear,
    Piero so dramatic.
    My heart is touched, my life is changed
    Your songs make it ecstatic .


  13. Holy moly – where do I begin?
    First, thank you so much, Marie, for including me in your poem. You have it right, I don’t have a preference, I would like to steal them ALL away. Not only that, I think if I had a preference, no matter which one of the boys, I’d be afraid (especially if it was Ignazio). Don’t want to end up in cement either. So I’ll take all three.

    GREAT JOB to Penina, TJ, and Mary!!!!! I have no ounce of poetry creativity in my bones, so I won’t even try.

    Linda S – I’ve got your back. After all, they are spending 3 days here in Florida. I figure they would be driving from Tampa/Miami/Orlando. Therefore, they would need to pass through my county, then your county on the way to Miami, and then vice versa on the way back. What do you think about some detour signs? Get where I am going with this? Now of course they are going to be here AFTER Marie, Loretta and Mary get their hands on them, so there will probably be added security, so we would have to plan accordingly. Just a thought…

    1. LeeLee let me know where you want the detour signs. Wherever they lead I’ll meet you there. By the time they get here they’ll just be glad they survived Detroit and you know who. I think they’ll be glad to see us more refined ladies!

      1. Linda, I see you snuck in here! Weren’t you the refined Lady who, up above, was shouting “MY guy” and “Roaring out of the closet”? Hummm

      2. Linda – you’re right. After surviving Detroit (let’s hope), we’ll be a refreshing sight. As for the detour signs, you won’t have to travel far as I’m only a few miles from you. I’m thinking my house on the way down, and your house on the way up, this way we get two visits with the guys

  14. And, seriously, where did all this poetry come from, dang?! Very very awesome contributions. 🙂 Make sure you save them for when we start asking for poetry. Marie, I think you’re going to have a great time with all these poets. 🙂

  15. I’m not surprised Kelly. All of us here are smarter than average. Just look at what we’re smart enough to listening to. It’s going to be a blast!

    1. Mary, I loved your poem. And it looks like we Midwesterners may have a fight on our hands keeping our Piero out of Marie’s clutches. (See I’m willing to share – at least for a little while.)

      I love to ‘listen’ to all of you banter back and forth. Finally, I have found others who love Piero, Ignazio and Gianlucca as much as I do. And love isn’t too strong a word.

  16. What a wonderful treat to read all the poetic tributes to The Boys! I had no idea we had such talent in this super group of dedicated women. Wish I had your gift, but alas! no such luck.
    However, I can still say in prose that I adore our three boys and am so glad that all of you do,too! What a happy Band of Sisters and Brothers we are! (We must find a buddy for Myron so that Brothers really CAN be plural!)
    I wish that we could compile all these sweet, cute, clever rhymes and send them to The Boys. Wouldn’t they just love them?
    Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Marti,
      These ladies have made me chuckle each time I have read this blog. It so much fun to read and look forward to what they are posting. I agree with you, they are humorous. But like Marie just said, you had better Fess Up right now, she is not messing around. lol

    1. I have to add that there are a lot of talented ladies on this site that can write poetry. Throw some of that talent my way, please. I must have been absent the day the poetry gene was passed out. Wow, what a great job, Marie, Penia, Allene, Jen, and a big WOW Marie Bohling and Loretta, you did great. Ignazio will certainly love that from you.

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