Hi Everyone.

1) The time is near, the first concert of 2013 is August 25th in Vancouver! Rumor has it that Il Volo will be arriving in North America on 8/21/13, we all hope so!


Piero sends us a picture of his very colorful shoes, have you all seen them on Instagram?
He also sent a picture of himself on a Vespa, he tweeted “I’m Italian”.

Gianluca was the most prolific on Twitter this weekend. He tweeted “I love chocolate cookies” “I ate too much” “listening to JTimberlake” He asked his fans what suit he should wear at the first concert, his black suit is his favorite. he tweeted to his fans that he had 50,000 followers and is very grateful.. He said last night “It is time to go to sleep, you always fill my heart with joy everyday, I love you all” You fill our hearts with joy too, Gianluca!
Today he tweets “off to the beach”

Ignazio tweeted a picture of himself and said “sleepy”. He did indeed look as if he needed a nap. He also tweeted that he is excited for the new tour to begin!

3) Il Volo Mundial and Team Il Volo had announcements on the upcoming Christmas Special, “Buon Natale” It will be on PBS stations at the end of November. CDs and DVDs will be available at that time through PBS, in stores at a later date.

4) A reminder to watch “Home and Family” on 8/23/13 for the re-run of Il Volo’s appearance. Hallmark Channel @ 12 noon.

5) Thanks everyone for sending us your choices of your favorite songs. Many found it very difficult to choose just one!

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  1. Exciting news! The entry for today on Team Il Volo site claims that Disney is planning a movie about their careers, and they are going to play themselves. See, this is what happens when you are extremely talented, hard working and — total sweethearts!!!!

  2. Sheridan, thank you for your translation. I saw that posting and did not understand it. Any Disney association will be a big plus for our guys. I’m so glad for them. Can’t wait to see news of the new tour!

  3. Thanks Sheridan that is wonderful news, they must be trilled to pieces also just a while ago they got offered something else which I saw on Team Il Volo they were hold some red envelopes forget what it is. They must be on cloud 9 especially Gianluca because he said a while back he wanted to be an actor. I am so extremely happy & ecstatic for them. Also Disney is a good company to feature them in because there is no swearing & it is a clean environment for them also.

    Ignazio, Piero & Gianluca you are on your way, God bless you

    1. Loretta, the audience will consist of seniors AND screamers! And I hope they don’t scream throughout the whole thing!

  4. I am stunned. Disney!? I’m holding my breath until I hear it again. Then I’ll jump up and down and twirl! Oh Boys, I hope it’s so! What a career move! Movie close-ups? I could stand that!

    1. Loretta, Marie and Linda–I just hope it’s true. It is mentioned in a long and very posirtive article about them on Team Il Volo today, August 19. Apparently, the article had to be translated from Italian. Hopefully, this was not an error in translation. Fingers crossed everyone!!!

  5. I saw on Gianluca’s “Mundial” facebook that the US tour is being filmed for Disney? It says “tour americano e un film per La Disney” and shows the Disney logo. I couldn’t tell because the Spanish translation to English doesn’t quite spell it out. Do you know anything about this. Taylor Swift had a concert movie made as did Justin Bieber. Is this at all true, wouldn’t the boys have twittered about it? I haven’t looked on IL VOLO MUSIC site yet or the other 2’s mundial facebook, I’ll have to look. Oh we can only dream of seeing them on a 10 foot screen. Please tell us what you know about this, is it just fiction?

    1. I’m sorry I hadn’t written the other posts above first before posting my question to you and it doesn’t help that I don’t have my glasses on!. It doesn’t seem to me that it’s a movie they’ll act in, it seems as though it will be concert footage of their tour, isn’t that what the film will be?

  6. It seems like it will be a movie of their tour, we don’t have enough info yet, as soon as we do we’ll pass it on. If anyone hears anything new, let us know! It would be wonderful for them!

  7. I hope I don’t wear out my welcome by posting, but this has me on pins and needles. Can you just see if it were to be a movie, and they play themselves from probably 16-18 years old, they would need a casting call to play them at 14 when they were just discovered on the Italian TV show: Wanted, one 14 year old near sited boy with big glasses who can sing like Pavarotti, one boy with huge dimples in his cheeks and a smile as big as the ocean and one boy with curly thick hair who sounds like Andrea Bocelli and can sing or shed tears at the drop of a hat? OMG! I hope it is a film of their whole career and not just the tour footage, but I’ll take that too in a heartbeat!

  8. Christine, you can not wear out your welcome by loving the boys. Post to your hearts desire!
    Soooo very excited for them. They are big and getting bigger if Disney wants to do a movie of their tour! Awesome new for them! 🙂

    1. Thank you so muc kelquishe! I can’t wait to hear more about una film!. I thought they were going to do a version of the play Les Miserable in California in January. Can you just hear Ignazio sing “Bring him home” from Les Miserable? That song reduces me to a wet noodle. What will the movie title be? IL VOLO CONQUERS THE US. Yes, they came, they saw and they will surely conquer in their tour! Love em!

  9. Here goes nothing, I’m going to put this in because this is how I feel.

    I have never loved another man
    As much as I love you
    Your dimples & your smiles command
    Me to smile too.

    I look forward to the coming tour
    And the coming meet & greet
    You have my heart forever more
    Your songs are in my ears

    1. Loretta, It’s not nothing. Your feeling are understandable. What sweet homage you pay to Ignazio! He with the beautiful voice, pretty brown eyes. His dimples when he was chubby in the first O Solo Mio video get to me! During the El Triste song video that plays on you tube at the Latin Am. Billboard awards, there are 2 El Triste videos the first one that pops up doesnt show it, just abruptly ends after the song, but the second video does show at the end of tribute to Jose Jose, Ignazio was the first to go running down the steps to hug Jose Jose. He is such a sweetheart.

      1. Christine…… I think that Disney will film highlights of their tour because I can’t figure out how they can fit shooting a regular film into their busy schedule. It would have to be after the first of the year, don’t you think?

        Now…. About Ignazio…. I have noticed on several videos how thoughtful he is. He always makes sure that the girls who sing with them are properly acknowledged…and in Montreal, it was Nazio who was the first to turn around and thank the orchestra. He just has a heart as big as all outdoors. Not that the other boys don’t…It’s just that Ignazio is the first to see what needs to be done. He has impeccable manners as do all the boys. Their mamas raised them right!

  10. Ladies, I’m glad I’m on this blog with like members. If my 2 sons, grandson & daughter-in-law saw what I wrote, they would think I had gone round the bend & send me to the funny farm. The son I see the most says every times he sees me says “here comes the woman who is after an 18 years old”.

    1. Lorreta have your grandson locked in a room and have him listen to their CD’s and watch some of the Y-tube videos then he’ll become the young GUY that is after an 18 year old. I’ve seen a comment after a You Tube video that was written by a 65 year old man that said they have uplifted him up (he especially indicated Ignazio was his favorite). Age is irrelevant, at what age do you stop having feelings? They invoke feelings in us. I am no spring chicken, but watching their youthful exhuberance makes me feel younger Gianluca has sung snippets of the Sinatra and or Buble cover “you make me feel so young!” I love looking at their beautiful faces (not meaning to be cruel but they are not “pasty faced” kids like one direction), and their voices, well you already know!!!

      1. Isn’t it wonderful that we never stop having feelings? And that these lovely young men can bring out in us grandmas (I’m speaking for myself and a few others that I know) feelings that we may not have felt for some time, but thanks be that they are still there. Yay, Loretta….kudos for telling like it is. We may be advanced in age (not old) but we can still appreciate our wonderful guys in all their glory.

      2. You are so right Mary! We might be old in years but we are kids at heart. And I think most of the ladies here are grandmothers. I even know of one great grandmother! Which just goes to show love for our boys transcends
        the generation gap big time!

    2. Loretta, you are so funny!! You truly make me laugh each time I read this blog and that is good for me. You just tell you son, “That is right, I am after Ignazio!”

      I like Christine’s comment below. Lock you son in a room with their CD’s and Video’s.

  11. Loretta! A Poem? An honest, lovely poem! Thank you for that.

    These 3 Guys are wonderful Muses! You can pick up a pen, think of them and something beautiful will appear!

  12. Yes, Loretta, a lovely poem. Marie is right – the guys have an unbelievable effect on all of us! Keep on enjoying them – and we will enjoy your inspirations!

  13. It thrills me to pieces that Disney thinks enough of our boys to film some of their tour. I am so proud of them! Oh how I wish they were coming to Minneapolis! Sigh, sigh!

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